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How To Make A Flashlight – Step by Step Guidelines

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If you like hiking, hunting or even camping, then you truly understand the importance of having a flashlight handy. A flashlight is a very essential equipment that can save you from stumbling or going the wrong way at night or when you are searching for something under your bed. There are various kinds, sizes, and models of flashlights on the market today. Some are durably made while others are just basic. Also, there are those that are very costly and come with advanced features. No matter the case, a flashlight’s sole purpose will remain to provide light. If you don’t want to break the bank to acquire this lighting device, then you can decide to make one by yourself. But, no offense, you have to buy any ready-mate powerful tactical flashlight to observer their functionality. Then, it will be easy for you to develop one!

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Tactical Self-Defense Flashlight Comes With Spikes


Flashlights are generally meant to help you find your way in the dark, but when they’re bright enough they can also help you ward off would-be attackers. You’re meant to shine the light straight in their eyes and use their temporary blindness to get away, however some determined miscreants might still rush at you even blinded. That’s when the spikes on the Tactical Flashlight Self Defense Torch would come in handy. It’s not the ultimate in self-protection but a few good spike hits to a soft spot somewhere might give you an edge if it ever comes down to it. It measures 6.8 inches in length and weighs 7 ounces. It’s $17.

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Worley Lightworx Flat Flashlight Could Fit In Your Wallet

The nice thing about most modern smartphones is that they can double as flashlights when you don’t have a bigger, brighter one around. But believe it or not, it’s not everybody that carries a smartphone around these days. Don’t you have a grandpa, or uncle that just swears by his old Nokia feature phone? We bet they would like this Worley Lightworx Flat Flashlight. It’s 3.5mm thin and barely bigger than a credit card, so it might fit it a standard wallet (or at the very least, unobtrusively in your back pocket), and it uses LED-based technology similar to the backlighting in a cellphone to illuminate continuously for up to 10 hours.

It’s the kind of present you buy someone for whom you care about, but just not that much. And if you want yours, it’s $25 on pre-order at Kickstarter.

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Panasonic Flashlight Can Be Powered With Any Size Battery

When you’re out of power and poking around in the dark, a flashlight is always useful. But you know what ends up happening half the time, right? The batteries are out, and then you have to fumble in the dark looking for new ones, and well, they’re never the right ones. Panasonic seems to have solved this issue by manufacturing a flashlight, called the Any Battery Light, that can not only accept batteries of any size, but also any number of them. So if all you have is a single AA battery, the light will still work, only for less time than if you’d loaded it up with a bunch. If you insert one of every type of supported battery (AA, AAA, D and C), the device would last for about 86h, which is plenty. Best of all, it’s expected to run about 2,000 yen (US$24), so there’s really no reason not to have one in a drawer somewhere.

It’s available starting January 24th, though we’re unsure on which markets. Probably Japan.

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