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CES 2014: Wellograph Fitness Watch is Perfect For Fitness Buffs


Wellograph takes fitness to a totally different level with their new fitness watch. Called the Wellograph, it’s an activity tracker, heart rate monitor, and running watch in one. It’s got a built-in accelerometer and sensor on the underside that does all the tracking while you’ve got it on. It looks fancy and better than most other smart watches, so you’ll actually want to wear it all the time (which is good, because you’ll be able to get the most out of it if you keep it on 24/7).

When you want to check out how you’re doing, the Wellograph brings up your stats and displays them in easy-to-process graphs on its 1.26-inch monochrome display.

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Kinetic Jump Rope Charges Your Phone While You Jump

Jump Rope Charger

Over the years, people have come up with all sorts of concepts and prototypes that can charge up your phone or mobile device without needing electricity. For example, take the onE Puck, which uses the heat from your cup of coffee to power up your device. Then there’s SolePower, which is a removable insole that generates energy in order to charge your phone, MP3 player, or tablet as you walk.

In the same category as these is the PULSE kinetic jump rope, which generated power for your device’s batteries with every jump that you make. It looks like a typical jump rope, except for the fact that its got a pair of dynamos built into the handles. These, in turn, are connected to a rechargeable battery, where the generated energy is stored.

PULSE is available in a limited beta test run at $129. Only 100 will be made available.

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Skulpt Aim is the Ultimate Workout Companion

Skulpt Aim

Now you can gauge and evaluate the effectiveness of your workouts without needing complicated or expensive equipment with Skulpt Aim. It’s makers boast that it’s the “world’s first device to measure muscle fitness with one touch”–and you know what? It probably is, because we definitely haven’t seen anything like it.

The device is just about the size of a smartphone. All the user has to do is press Aim against any major muscle to measure its fat percentage and muscle quality. The measurements are lightning quick (they apparently take less than a second!) and the measurements are displayed instantaneously.

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O2 Trainer Is Resistance Training For Your Lungs

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.09.02 PM

If you’re pretty serious about your fitness, you’ll know that resistance based training is essential in getting bigger muscles, which is often synonymous with better performance. But the lungs are almost always overlooked in a resistance training regimen, which is where the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer comes in. It’s a silicon/polymer device that fits in your mouth like a snorkel mouthpiece and features a variable diameter intake, and an exhaust on the side. The intake is covered by interchangeable adaptors of varying sizes, which get progressively smaller as you increase the resistance exerted to take a breath in. Unlike other similar products, only the intake of air is restricted, allowing you to completely empty your lungs with each breath and translating into a fuller range of motion for your diaphragm. The resistance your lungs encounter will make them stronger over time, giving you improved cardiovascular performance to match your increased muscle mass. The kit, which comes with adapters between 14mm and 1mm, and a carrying case, costs $49.

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Siva Cycle’s Atom Generator Lets Bikers Generate Power for Their Devices By Cycling

Sweat to Electricity

Gadgets or contraptions that charge up while you use them are fairly uncommon. For example, some treadmills have been hooked up so that they power a small television or radio while a person’s running on it. Another example is Siva Cycle’s Atom generator, which can charge your connected device while you’re pedaling around town.

What sets it apart, though, is that it also charges up an on-board battery which you can detach and then use to charge compatible devices while you’re on the go.

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Larklife Wristband Helps You Keep Track of Your Life


Most people nowadays are too busy to keep a journal or monitor what they’re eating or how much exercise they’re getting. Keeping track of all this stuff isn’t really necessary to having a healthy life, although it can help because you can make lifestyle changes based on your daily records. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work to jot down all that stuff. But fortunately, there’s something called the Larklife Wristband that can do all that for you.

It’s a splash-resistant (and, by association, sweat-resistant) band that works with an app to monitor your food consumption, sleep habits, and daily activity patterns. It’s also got a neat ‘Refresh’ feature that times productivity breaks for you and gives you productivity coaching to help you make the most of your day.

Hit the break to check out a video of the Larklife Wristband in action.

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Cardiio Application Measures Heartbeat, No Contact Required

Arthur C. Clarke once said that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” That’s certainly true of a mobile application that’s able to give you your heart rate simply by looking at you, with no physical contact required. No straps, nothing. Cardiio simply uses slight changes in your face’s reflectivity to calculate how fast your heart is beating. It seems the iPhone 4S’s camera is sensitive enough to detect the change in colour to the skin on your face related to an increase in blood flow, which occurs with every beat of your heart. It works with all skin tones and works best with an iPhone 4S, though other iDevices should still manage, albeit at a reduced performance.

It’s $5.

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I’m Writing For HP, And I Have A Post Up

So… I was contacted by HP. Turns out they have a website called InputCreatesOutput, which is mostly about enterprise IT. They asked me if I could contribute and I was like, “oh yeah!” So my first article on there is The Wonderful World Of Fitness Tech: How Gadgets Are Making It Easier To Stay In Shape, which is not about enterprise IT at all, but hey, it’s close enough. It’s a quick survey of the field of tech gadgets; it’s stuff many of our regulars have seen on here, but all in one place. Give it a look if you fancy, it’s got a serious tone to it (my contribution to the “enterprise” label, I suppose) that you don’t often see on OhGizmo.

[ Check out my article on HP’s website ]

[CES 2012] Basis Wristwatch One-Ups FitBit And Company

By David Ponce

Now that the technology is maturing (read: getting small enough), more and more gadgets are being conceived with the goal to track our health and make it more fun and interactive to stay fit. I reviewed the Fitbit Ultra and came away reasonably impressed. But at Digital Experience here in Vegas I saw something that could knock it out of the water. It’s a wristwatch and it’s called the Basis. The reason it’s cool is that it tracks more than elevantion and steps taken (the Fitbit’s two metrics). Being a wristwatch, it’s able to keep tabs on your heartrate, your temprature, your sleeping patterns and your galvanic skin response, as well as the number of steps taken. These five metrics are then fed into the company’s algorithm and spit out a more accurate, more granular picture of your overall health. We didn’t get down into the nitty gritty of what exactly they mean by “health”, but the fact that they track five metrics as opposed to two (three if you actually bother to put the Fitbit on your wrist to sleep), makes the Basis a more compelling product in my eyes.

It doesn’t currently connect to the cloud through Bluetooth, though that’s in the works. It’s a USB affair for now. And it’s $200 on pre-order, with shpping sometime in Q2.

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