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Zap Your Muscles Into Shape With The SmartMio


Remember those late night infomercials that sold gadgets to give you a six-pack without having to “do anything”? They’d just zap your muscles with current and these would contract and do all the work “by themselves.” The SmartMio is sort of like that, but there’s a smartphone involved. There’s also presumably a little more tech involved in order to make this more legit than the cheaper, older devices of the 90’s. The excessive quotation marks are there to denote that as much as the stimulation for muscle contraction is external, you will still feel tired after a while; you’re still doing the work, you just have less control over it. Anyway, with the SmartMio you can choose between 14 different muscle groups to work out, and isolate them exclusively, which is hard to do with traditional training.

As gimmicky as this sounds, there appears to be some scientific studies backing up the principle of ElectroMyoStimulation (EMS). You can read a few here and here. And if you want to get your own SmartMio, you’ll have to pledge $89.

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Forget How Many Calories You’re Eating; How About How Many Are You Actually Burning?


The fitness tech field is crowded with a bunch of devices like the FitBit or the Nike Fuel Band, which keep track of your daily activities and are able to tell you with great detail just how many calories you’ve burned and how active you are. However, all these devices make some assumptions about one pretty essential piece of information: your resting metabolic rate. Without knowing exactly how many calories your body burns before you even start exercising, you have to use approximations to get to your daily total. The Breezing Portable Metabolism Tracker hopes to change that.

Using indirect calorimetry, the device measures the levels of carbon dioxide and nitrogen in your breath and uses this information to determine your basic, resting metabolic rate (RMR). It then communicates the result to your smartphone, for easy tracking. Not only does it tell you how many calories you burn at rest, it can tell you whether your body is burning fat, carbohydrates or both. This is important information to people who would like to know if the special diets they’re following are working. It’s also useful for those who are practicing exercise routines meant to increase RMR, like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

Used in combination with devices like the Fitbit, it’s becoming possible to get a comprehensive picture of your body’s energy flow. For data nerds, this is heaven. The Breezing device is currently undergoing funding at IndieGogo, and a $250 will get you one.

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