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Circular Tank Is Jellyfish Friendly

By David Ponce

Keeping jellyfish in a tank used to be risky business. Well, no. It was impossible. And that was simply because the little buggers kept getting sucked into the filter and got shredded to pieces. This Desktop Jellyfish Tank changes all that. It actually came out a couple months ago, was fully funded on Kickstarter, and somehow we missed reporting on it. Shame on us. But what this tank does differently is that it filters the water using a laminar flow, along the walls of the tank, creating controlled swirls which continuously nudge the jellyfish to the centre of the tank and away from danger. It hold 8 gallons of water and the kit comes with everything you need to get setup, including the jellyfish and some food (though these are shipped separately). But it’s far from cheap: $499. You have to admit though, this sure beats goldfish.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired ]

Qulio Fish Tank Allows You To Breed And Keep Clionidae (Sea Angels) At Home

Qulio Fish Tank (Images courtesy Genesys World & Wikipedia)
By Andrew Liszewski

I know this is probably better suited for a Friday here at OhGizmo!, but when it comes to Clionidae, I just can’t wait! If you’re like me, you’re probably tired of having to pay those exorbitant public aquarium fees just to have the chance to see a Clionidae, or ‘sea angel’, up close. But thanks to Tokyo-based Genesys World, you can now have the pleasure of viewing and even breeding Clionidae in the comfort of your own home.

Their Qulio fish tank recreates the conditions of the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic waters where the Clionidae are found, and even though it appears to automatically regulate the tank’s temperature, it also includes an emergency alarm should the water temperature rise above acceptable levels. And for your viewing pleasure, the Qulio tank also features a seven color LED interior lighting system which should make the sea angels easier to see. The tank has a price tag of 89,250 YEN, which works out to about $900 US dollars, and I assume it doesn’t come pre-inhabited with Clionidae.

[ Qulio Fish Tank ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Fishtank Friday: Refridgeaquarium

Local River Fish Tank

By Evan Ackerman

Unlike most home fish tanks, this “refrigerator-aquarium” is designed to produce food that you can eat. Yum. The bottom of the Local River fish tank contains freshwater fish, and the top has pods for growing veggies. The plants help filter the water for the fish, while the fish fertilize the water with their, uh, dookie. It’s a really cool idea, I’m just worried I’d get attached to the little fishies that I’m supposed to somehow catch, kill, fillet, and consume.

The Local River concept is based on the locavore philosophy, which advocates eating locally produced foods… Your living room is about as local as it gets, right? The fish tank will go on display at Artists Space Gallery in New York on April 25th. Two more pics, after the jump.Continue Reading

Fishtank Friday: Spacearium


By Evan Ackerman

The Spacearium fishtank is intended to “reinvent your indoor space,” as opposed to just being an accessory with some fish in it off in a corner somewhere. The huge acrylic tanks are shaped like gently curving ellipses, and range in size from 5 to 8 feet across, which is easily large enough to turn them into room dividers. Although you can get them with floor stands, it’s much cooler to mount them from your ceiling, since the mounting rails hide two tubes which circulate water (fresh or salt) through a filter system hidden away up to 15 feet away in a wall.

The 8 foot tank is about a foot think and holds 73 gallons. It’ll cost you $8400, installation not included.

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