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Use Sonar And Your Smartphone To Catch Fish

Assuming that going fishing isn’t just an excuse for you to go get drunk on a canoe, the Realsonar system pictured above might interest you. It’s an ultrasound device mounted on a buoy, which then communicates with your smartphone through Bluetooth. In this fashion, you get to see where the fish are up to a depth of 150ft. It works at about 4 frames per second, which should be plenty for you to cast your line in the direction and depth required.

But that’s not all the Realsonar does. There’s a Bite Alarm that lets you know when a fish is nearby, so you don’t even have to look at the screen (or even put your line in the water) while you wait. There’s also a mapping feature that lets you get an idea of the underwater topography, which is welcome to any boat owner that doesn’t want to run aground. Salinity and temperature sensors give you an idea of water conditions. And should you lose your buoy in the dark, you just press a button on the phone and it’ll light right up.

The Realsonar system is in the funding phase on IndieGogo. It’s $79 if you get in early, though there’s plenty of room right now.

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These Literal ‘Go Fish’ Cards Let You Play Go Fish and Then Some

Literal GoFish

You can play Go Fish with any standard deck of cards, but I reckon it’s going to be bit funner if you play it with these literal Go Fish cards. By literal, I mean that each card in the deck features the image of a fish or some other aquatic species. Not only does the text on each teach you how to identify the sea creature if you happen to come across it in the deep blue sea, but it also contains instructions on how you’re supposed to prepare and cook each one for a (hopefully) filling and satisfying meal.

Hit the break for a closer look at one of the cards.

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The Deeper Sonar Ball Helps You Find All The Fish

By David Ponce

This ball has a sonar in it. Toss it in the water when you go fishing, and it’ll connect to your Android/iOS smartphone and tell you where all the fish are. It’s brilliant. It’s able to relay the data from up to 150 ft. away, and works with bodies of water ranging in depths from 0.5m to 40m. To save you the trouble of having to fiddle with on/off buttons, the Deeper starts working only when in contact with water. And aside from relaying the position of the fish, you can also get data on water depth and temperature, as well as post pictures of what you catch to Facebook without quitting the app.

Currently on Kickstarter alternative site Indiegogo, a pre-order will set you back $149.

[ Project Page ]