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Cradle ‘n Swing Lets Parents Take Care Of Their Baby From Afar


Lazy parents everywhere, listen up: Fisher Price has released a baby cradle does all the rocking for you. That’s right, with the 4-in-1 Smart Connect™ Cradle ’n Swing, if you hear baby crying, instead of going over like a responsible adult, just whip out your smartphone and rock them from afar!

SmartSwing Technology offers 6 distinct swinging speeds from low to high so you can find the perfect rhythm to help soothe baby, whether swinging side-to-side (like a cradle) or head-to-toe. 16 songs, 3 nature sounds, and deluxe overhead mobile with light-up birdies (one with a mirrored belly) help keep baby entertained for hours!

Of course you can rationalize this $200 purchase by telling yourself you’re being “efficient” rather than lazy. And maybe you have a point. It’s not like bonding with your child is important or anything…


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Baby Seat With iPad Stand: Genius Idea Or Worst Baby Brainwashing Garbage Evar?


This is a baby seat by Fisher-Price called iPad Apptivity Seat. It features an articulated arm with a 7 inch mirror at the end, which can be removed and replaced with an iPad. Genius, right? The iPad will then hover right in front of your baby’s face, which apparently is enough of a bad idea to have some people’s heads explode. At least the people in the review section on Amazon. See, even though it states in the product description that the associated application (which you download off the App store and run on the iPad) limits the viewing time to 12-15 minutes, angry parents are screaming bloody murder anyway because it’s apparently super bad to have your baby stare at a screen for extended periods of time. But… it says right there on the description that the application was developed with child development experts, and it times out after a short while, so we’re not sure what the hubbub is about.

Once your toddler gets older, you can then introduce other age appropriate applications, with letters and numbers and sing-alongs and stuff that kids that age enjoy. So we’re thinking the iPad Apptivity Seat is just fine as long as you use it in the way it was designed. Should it be banned (as some reviewers suggest!) because it might encourage some parents to be irresponsible and just play Spongebob on repeat all day? We’re not sure, but if you’re mature enough to handle it, the seat is $75.

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Fisher-Price Introduces T.M.X. Elmo Extra Special Edition

T.M.X. Elmo Extra Special Edition (Image via Fisher-Price)By Shane McGlaun

Elmo toys have been a holiday staple and some of the hardest to find gifts for kids the last few years. To keep up that tradition Fisher-Price has announced a new T.M.X. Elmo Extra Special Edition that will be available on November 13. This new limited edition Elmo toy has new surprises that kids can discover by posing Elmo and tickling him in the correct sequence.

To distinguish the Extra Special Edition Elmo for the normal Elmo, the Extra Special version wears a gold badge. Fisher-Price includes a poetic hint with Elmo to help you and your kids figure out how to unlock the first surprise, which is a special song. Other hints will be provided via the Fisher-Price website in the coming weeks. The T.M.X. Elmo Extra Special Edition will retail for $39.99. If previous Elmo insanity teaches us anything, this will be one hard toy to find and will be selling on eBay for much more that retail.

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