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Light It Up: This Bluetooth Speaker Runs on Fire Power

Pelty Speaker

Pelty is literally the hottest thing to happen to speakers since, well, ever. We say “literally” because it runs purely on firepower provided by a lone candle burning from within. Its design is sleek and simple but eye-catching all the same. Pelty hooks up with your smartphone or music player via Bluetooth and uses absolutely no electricity to play your choice tunes.

Pelty has a built-in thermoelectric generator that converts the candle’s thermal energy into electricity. And in case you’re worried about the speaking catching fire, don’t be, because it’s made from a ceramic material (because its creators are smart enough to consider that angle, that’s for sure.)

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Solar Spark Lighter and Survival Tool


Stuck in the woods in need of fire? There’s a great big ball of it a few million miles away, and the Solar Spark Lighter and Survival Tool will let you harness some of it to get a flame going. It’s a stainless steel parabolic mirror with a vertical holder placed right at the focal point. Wedge a piece of wood, or some other tinder and point it at the sun and in no time you’ll have the beginnings of a fire; that spot can reach hundreds of degrees despite the tool’s small size. Measuring 4.5 inches across, it’s relatively portable and definitely on the “must-pack” list of any self-respecting outdoors enthusiast.

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Video Of Smoking iMac Surfaces In China

By David Ponce

After news reports that iPhone and iPod products have been exploding and injuring at least one, now comes a video from someone in China that purports to show an iMac smoking and nearly catching fire. From what I can understand, first the screen started to smoke, then went blank. The user unplugged it and captured the above video (fittingly) with with iPhone 3G S.

Other than that there aren’t more details.

[ Original Report (Translated) ] VIA [ Cloned In China ]