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Apple Passes $500 Billion Market Cap

By David Ponce

It’s no secret that Apple is making money hand over fist. As a matter of fact, it’s arguable that Apple’s greatest product of late is their money printing machine. On the strength of these numbers, its stock has been doing more than well and just lately the company peeked above the $500 billion point in market capitalization. That, dear friends, is half a trillion dollars. It’s rarefied territory, so some perspective is in order. Only five companies ever climbed this high and only Exxon did it in the last 10 years. What’s even more encouraging for the company is that it managed to add $150 billion since Steve jobs died last October. Perhaps even more sobering is that we don’t really know just how high these numbers could go. An iPad 3 announcement is just a few days away, and of course there are more iPhones to be released as well as 5 years worth of products with Steve jobs prints on them.

How long until Apple tops the trillion dollar mark?

You should check out the link below for The Verge’s interesting timeline of Apple’s market cap over the years.

VIA [ The Verge ]

GOLD to go ATMs Are Coming To The US

GOLD to go ATMs (Images courtesy Ex Oriente Lux AG)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever been frustrated by an ATM that only distributes 20 or 50 dollar bills, be thankful you didn’t stumble across one of these GOLD to go machines in the middle of the night. First installed in Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace hotel earlier this year, the ingot shaped machines only distribute gold coins and bars in 1 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram and 1 ounce units. The ATMs accept cash or credit cards and are each connected to the internet allowing them to monitor and update gold prices every 10 minutes so they accurately reflect the international markets. The machines will first be rolled out in Florida and Las Vegas not surprisingly, and the company hopes to have many more installed next year in other markets where people like to make expensive impulse purchases.

[ CNBC – ATMs That Sell Gold Bars Are Coming Soon to America ] VIA [ Slashdot ]

Monthly Budget Calculator

Monthly Budget Calculator (Image courtesy TYNKE)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though I’m sure there are hundreds of iPhone, Android and WebOS apps that will let you keep track of your budget, if you’re completely lacking in a smartphone of any kind, you can always opt for this little masterpiece of industrial design. At the beginning of the month you can set your budget for six different categories including food, apparel, transportation, entertainment, personal care and miscellaneous, which is perfect for those of you still living at home who don’t have to worry about housing costs I guess.

As the month progresses you enter your purchases under each category, which allows you to track how much you’ve spent, and how much of your budget is left. The calculator is just $19.98 from Things You Never Knew Existed, which you’ll probably want to enter under the ‘misc.’ category since it really doesn’t seem that entertaining.

[ Monthly Budget Calculator ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Profit Margins: iPhone Vs. The Rest


By David Ponce

It’s no secret Apple fetches some healthy margins for its products. How healthy, exactly? Check out the above graphic, showing Apple averages 40%, with RIM far behind in second place at 20.7%. Of course, they don’t have the highest revenues since margins aren’t everything, Nokia still sells a lot of phones ($17billion in the first half of the year) but with an 11.3% margin they still managed a lower operating profit than Apple.

[ Ismashphone ] VIA [ BoingBoing Gadgets ]