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Awesome: We Are Handmade Little Groot Figurines

Groot Handmade Figurines

There’s no doubt about it: Groot made quite the impression as one of the leads in Guardians of the Galaxy, and he isn’t even human! He doesn’t say much, so he lets his actions do the talking instead–and if you saw the hit movie, then you’ll get what I mean. It was only a matter of time before little dancing Groots made their way to store shelves, both real and digital, and these particular figurines by by Kelsey Wailes are nothing short of awesome.

Her first batch features little Groot in 13 different poses, each one showcasing a particular dance pose and facial expression.

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My Little Storm Trooper Ponies

Perhaps one of the cool things about living in a planet populated with 7 billion individuals is that if you wait long enough, even the most far fetched things will likely come to be, sooner or later, in one form or another. Take for instance the above figurine, created by one Sheena Henderson (Roogna), on Etsy. It’s the body of a Little Pony with the head of a Storm Trooper, is made out of Apoxie Sculpt (a kind of synthetic sculpting compound), “and is entirely hand painted and sealed. He is named, signed, and dated on the bottom of his feet.” You can play around with it, and his head turns a bit, but it’s not meant to take much abuse.

We… kind of dig it, but we’re not sure why. That’s the thing about art, we suppose. You can buy this for $150, though visiting Roogna’s Etsy shop will reveal a few other models, like a Chewbacca My Little Pony.

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