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Walmart Offers Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Electronics Hounds


By Shane McGlaun

The other day my son learned a valuable life lesson, one of those lessons that every guy learns at one point in life — girls get nicer bathrooms. One day he will learn another valuable life lesson — dads have to act like they love what you give them for Father’s Day even if it sucks.

This year don’t give dad something that sucks, Walmart has a few specials for dad’s day that any dad would be glad to get. If dad doesn’t have a Blu-ray player he would love to get the Magnavox NB500MGX Blu-ray player Walmart is offering for only $128 and you can pick up some Blu-ray movies two for $20. Even if you aren’t a dad that is a cheap price on a Blu-ray player, even if it will lack some of the newer Blu-ray features that require Internet connectivity.

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gadget Gifts – The Good, The Bad And The Really Bad

By Jonathan Kimak

Once again Father’s Day is upon us. And while Mother’s Day has the honor of being the day with the highest phone traffic, Father’s Day has the less honorable distinction of being the day with the highest rate of collect phone calls.

It’s also safe to assume that most of you haven’t yet bought a gift for your dad yet, because here you are, one day (and depending on your time zone maybe just hours) away from father’s day and what are you doing? Browsing our site. But fear not, for you can look here and make your father happy or at least less grumpy if you follow some of these suggestions.

The traditional gifts…
You might be thinking that the standard presents of a tie, socks, tie rack, socks or different colored socks will always be the best gift for dad and will be the standard for many more millennia. Yet, just like the kid in the back of class who is twice the size and age of everyone else, those gifts are doomed to perpetual failure.

So you must move from the clothing section to the gadget section.

It will still be a delicate art to find the perfect gift for your dad. The gift giving process for father’s day is like a dance… well maybe something more manly. Let’s say the process is like a wrestling match between the heart, the mind and the wallet to find a gift that will stay out of the garbage bin for at least a month, evoke a good feeling in dad and leave us some money for our own gadgets (shame on you for smiling at this).

So I’ve made a list of the good and the bad to help you find a gift for your dad. Find them all, after the jump.

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