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Sky-High ‘Star Wars’ Wedges Are Out of This World

Star Wars Wedges

These sky-high Star Wars-themed wedges won’t let you do some actual skywalking but they’re awesome anyway. They’re made by Etsy seller DeckoFab and feature well-known elements and characters from George Lucas’s hit franchise. Each pair is made-to-order, so I think it’s safe to say that no two pairs will ever be alike.

The seller takes custom orders as well, so you can commission an all-Luke Skywalker or all-Darth Vader pair if you’re a good girl or bad girl, respectively. The wedges cost $115. They’re also available as high-heeled boots, which are priced at $110.

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Here’s A Chicken Handbag, Or A Clucktch Bag


It’s kitschy. It’s a hen. It’s a kitschy hen handbag. Or a clucktch bag… Get it? In any case, if you’ve got a thing for chicken, and a thing for handbags, you’re currently in heaven. It’ll cost you around $38 to get one, from Firebox.


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Vinylize Turns Old Records Into Hipster Eyewear


This isn’t the first time vinyl records have been recycled and used to make something awesome. From guitar picks and clocks to coasters and photo frames, it seems like others have thought of everything. Well, almost everything, because Vinylize has thought of one more thing that can be made from old records: hipster eyewear.

The concept came about from the idea of making fashionable eyewear using recycled materials. Before the records are cut, they are first bonded with cellulose acetate to frame it.

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Interactive Dress Moves and Glows When Someone’s Looking

Light Up Dresses

Some people just love it when the spotlight’s on them. Others, however, are not too keen on the extra attention. But if dresses had personalities, then these pieces by designer Ying Gao belong to the first category. They’re plain frocks at first glance, but they’ll literally light up and move once they feel your gaze upon them.

Gao worked with robotics designer Simon Laroche to create the two dresses collectively known as (No)where (Now)here. The dresses are equipped with eye-tracking sensors and motors; the former, to detect when someone’s looking at it, and the latter, to trigger the wave-like movement of the fabric. The glow is generated by the photoluminescent thread sown all over it.

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This Pretty White Dress is Made Entirely Out of LEGO

LEGO Dress

Designer Rie Hosokai‘s creations are unusual not because of the designs per se, but because of the material that she chooses to work with. Earlier this year, Rie created a white dress made from balloons that was exhibited at the “Piece for Peace” charity art exhibition held at the Parco Gallery in Tokyo.

The dress was simple enough with its puffy sleeves and balloon skirt made from “knitting” balloons together. Now Rie is back again with the same design but another material. This time, she chose to work with LEGO bricks.

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3D Printed Bow Tie Is Super Easy To Wear


If you want to showcase your love for an emerging segment of the consumer electronics industry, while also letting the world know that you’re somewhat of a proud geek, you could do a lot worse than to don the above 3D printed bow tie. It’s easy to wear because you don’t tie it, you don’t buckle it, you simply slot it over the top button of your shirt and it holds in place. It’s light, distinguished and arguably elegant. What’s less exciting is the fact that you’ll have to pay $115 to own it if you don’t have a 3D printer of your own along with some CAD skills.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

Raw Fashion: Meat Bags, Shoes, and Accessories

Meat Handbag

Raw doesn’t always translate into cutting edge. But that might be the case with this very unusual collection by artist Andrea Hasler that features meat handbags, accessories, and shoes. In case you’re wondering, she didn’t use real meat to come up with this series. She used a special type of wax instead that mimicked the look of raw meat.

Knowing that doesn’t really lessen the ick factor, does it?

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Clutch Bag Looks Like A Bloody Cleaver

bloody cleaver purse

You’re probably going to want to pick and choose when you wear the above Kreepsville 666 Bloody Cleaver Clutch Bag. Halloween or that banging goth club are probably better options than the airport, or you know, church. But regardless of where you decide to flaunt this thing around, we just had to let you know it exists. For some reason the original website that sold it no longer lists it, but you can find it on one eBay link we included below for the most reasonable sum of $42.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

These Shoes Are Literally Bad-Ass: Disney Villainess High Heels

Disney Villain High Heels

Think your heels are bad? Then you obviously haven’t seen designer Kobi Levi‘s series of handmade high heels featuring none other than the villains from some of Disney’s most popular franchises, starting with Snow White. I’m sure you’ve recognized the Evil Queen’s face painted on the peep-toe high heels in the image above by now.

Check out a side-view of the shoes after the jump to see just how fierce they are. We’ve also got Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Ursula from The Little Mermaid after that view to tickle your fancy further.

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