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.45 Colt Nickel Bullet Cuff Links

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.09.25 PM

Some might say that to adorn yourself with gun related accessories these days could be in bad taste. But others would argue that it’s quite the opposite when you can look at a core aspect of American culture, neuter it in some way and wear it proudly; bullets that are keeping your shirt sleeves together aren’t hurting anyone, after all. And the .45 Colt Nickel Bullet Cuff Links certainly stand out next to your almost never ending supply of shiny, bling-y, somewhat gaudy cufflinks you see all over the place. Better yet, at $23, they’ll make you stand out in a subtle, understated way while hurting your wallet not at all.

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Ice Cream Heels Look Good Enough to Eat, But Look Pretty Silly When Worn

Ice Cream Heels

When it comes to Melissa footwear, it’s all about the plastic. So trust me when I say that while these ice cream heels look good enough to eat, they are clearly and obviously not edible. Melissa teamed up with Karl Lagerfeld to create a playful line of pumps that feature an ice cream cone on the heel.

It looks just any ordinary pair of pumps until you turn around and then BAM! It’s full-on ice cream exposure.

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Modern G.I. Joe Action Sunglasses in Blister Packs are Must-Haves for Die-Hard Fans

GI Joe Glasses

Have a look-see at Look/See’s newest line of limited edition Modern G.I. Joe Action Sunglasses. There are five different designs available, featuring one of the G.I. Joes and four supervillains from the franchise: Cobra Commander, Destro, Duke, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow. The first two come with silver mirror lenses, while the last two are dark grey. Of course, the Duke pair comes with gold mirror lenses; what else did you expect for a Joe?

When we say they’re limited edition, we do mean limited. Only 100 units of these sunglasses will be made ever, so get them while you can.

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Chalkboard Manicure Lets You Doodle On Your Nails With Chalk

Chalkboard Manicure

The sound of nails on a chalkboard is hair-raising. You can’t say the same for the opposite though, because before Ciaté’s Chalkboard Manicure came along, you wouldn’t even be able to imagine chalkboards on a person’s nails. This unusual nail kit features a black chalkboard base coat, a clear top coat, and four chalk pens that come in white, blue, green, and pink colors. It doesn’t come with an eraser though, so go light on the chalk because you can’t wipe your mistakes off as easily.

Ciaté’s Chalkboard Manicure kit will be released later this month.

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Can’t Stop Eating? Well, At Least These Gluttony Pants Won’t Stop Fitting

Gluttony Pants

You know it’s time to stop asking for second (or third) helpings when your pants are fit to burst. Over the years, people found a way to circumvent this discomfort by wearing their ‘fat pants’ when they know they’re about to eat more than they should, like when they’re attending a party or going to an eat-all-you-can buffet.

You probably have a pair in your closet, whether it’s sweatpants or a pair of jeans that’s two sizes bigger than your usual. Fat pants may be more forgiving on your waist, but not so much on the other parts of your body, making you look frumpy and short and just generally unattractive.

Then along came the Gluttony Pants.

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Viral Marketing Done Right: American Eagle Announces Paint-On Skinny Skinny Jeans


Yes, they’re trolling. But it’s a darn good one. The 30 second advertisement featured below is about a purported new range of skinny jeans from clothing retailer American Eagle. “It’s our skinniest fit yet and is so comfortable you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all,” boats the narrator. And that’s when you realize that the pants are quite literally painted on. The campaign doesn’t end with a simple video however, as they provide you with a link to a special page on their website where you can contemplate buying a can of the spray-on fabric. There is even an option to add the $50 “Limited Edition” set to your shopping cart; pressing the button brings up an “out of stock” warning. Right.

Let’s be clear, this is absolutely a tongue-in-cheek hoax, as confirmed by the company’s vice-president last friday on the Today Show. But it does show the company hitting one out of the park in the field of viral marketing. The video has racked up over a million views in three days and got the Interwebs chatting.

Check out the video, below.

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There’s Food In Your Hair: Would You Like Fries With Your ‘Do?

Food Hair

I can imagine a bunch of crazy scenarios where food would somehow end up being spread all over your head. I don’t know when it became fashionable to ‘wear’ food on your head, either, but I guess I’m a little late on the trend because these foodie hair accessories are popping up all over the place–and I just heard about them today.

Apparently, walking around and looking like you’ve got some pancakes or fries on your head is hot these days. What’s even hotter is when you’re wearing a strip of bacon on your hair instead.

You can hit the break to check out a couple more shots of the delicious accessories.

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For Your Soles Only: Weird and Wacky Shoes That Might Just Make You Break a Leg or Two

High Heels

It’s no secret that women often put their comfort on the line, all in the name of fashion. Whether it’s sporting too-heavy headpieces or wearing sky-high platforms, there’s little that fashion obsessed women won’t do if it means getting a leg up on their equally trend-hungry peers.

For years, doctors have been warning women about the dangers of high heels on their ligaments–and, for years, women have been ignoring them. Designers are coming up with kookier designs by the season, and we’re showcasing a bunch of the weirdest and wackiest shoes that look like they might just make the wearer break a leg or two. If you thought the Mojito shoe was the height of shoe insanity, then think again, because there’s more.

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Zip Tie: There’s No Need for Knots–Just Zip It Up!

Zip Tie

Ties. I’ve had the displeasure of having been asked to knot the ties of a few of my guy friends when we attended a wedding last week, and let me just say that it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Clearly, I should’ve paid more attention to the girl scouts who went around teaching people how to tie all sorts of knots when I was kid.

If you share the same hate relationship with ties, then zip it. I don’t mean that you should put a lid on your complaints; rather, I’m talking about getting the Zip Tie, which does away with knots since all you have to do is zip the tie into place. Quick, easy, painless–and I daresay, fashionable?

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