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Photoshop Mega-Disaster: Because Women Are Now Stick-Thin and 7-Feet Tall

PS Bomb

If you’ve ever shopped for clothes online before, then you already know by now that pictures lie. What looked so good online (and on the model) looks pretty much like crap when it comes in the mail. And if you happened to shop at a site with an equally crappy return policy, then you’re stuck with an unwearable piece of clothing and a burning hole in your wallet.

Retailers know this. They’re well-aware of the fact that pictures sell, and that the more appealing the photos look, the better. Those product images might not look like they’ve been tinkered with, but most shots that do end up online have probably been processed and edited a number of times. Sometimes it works and sells more stuff; other times, it makes consumers and critics wonder what the heck they were thinking when they decided to publish awkward and badly-Photoshopped images like the one you see above. It’s an absolute disgrace.

But hey, if you happen to be 7-feet tall and need some red, low-waist pants, then you know where to go.

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