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Do You “Like” Porsche On Facebook? Your Face Might Be On This Special Edition Cayman S

By David Ponce

So, this is marketing done right. To celebrate their reaching 2 million Likes on Facebook, Porsche decided to make a special Cayman S with an intricate mosaic made up of the profile pictures of each one of those fans. That alone is pretty cool, but it’s what they’re doing with this car that’s smart. Aside from putting it on display at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart until January 27th 2012, they’ve made a special section on their website just for it. There, you can view the car from several angles, zoom in, and pan around until you spot yourself. It’s a game of Where’s Waldo with a sea of 2 million faces. You can bet a bunch of people are going to spend a truckload of hours poring over every inch of that car. Granted, these people are already fans of the brand, but it’s a safe bet that many of them will go and say to their friends “Hey, check this out, this is me on a Cayman S!”

[ Porsche’s 2M Fans ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Facebook’s White Hat Credit Card Rewards Responsible Hacking

By David Ponce

Following in the footsteps of Google and Mozilla, Facebook launched a program called “White Hat Bug Bounty Program” last July. The idea was to encourage hackers in the wild to find security holes in Facebook’s code and report it to the company for a reward. This reward takes the shape of the credit card you see above. As long as the vulnerability is disclosed to Facebook by following their Responsible Disclosure Policy and the hacker does not go public with the vulnerability information until the hole has been fixed, they are promised to get a reward of at least $500. There is no set maximum, though the highest amount paid so far is $5,000.

Possessing this card has become somewhat of a status symbol as only 81 of them have been doled out so far.

Ryan McGeehan, manager of Facebook’s security response team, told CNET in a recent interview. “Having this exclusive black card is another way to recognize them. They can show up at a conference and show this card and say ‘I did special work for Facebook.'”

As anyone who’s ever come across a hardcore hacker surely knows, it is respect and appreciation, almost as much as money, that can drive them. A token such as this is a smart move. Too bad the program was unable to prevent Zuckerberg’s personal photos from leaking into the wild.

How’s This For Karma, Mark? Facebook Bug Reveals Zuckerberg’s Private Photos

By David Ponce

Mark Zuckerberg’s progressive views on privacy have gotten Facebook in trouble with more than just its angry users: it recently had to agree to 20 years of privacy audits with the FTC. But in a fine example of karma, a recent bug with Facebook that made it possible to see other users’ private photos resulted in several pics of Mark being released into the wild. So here we present them to you, for a brief and somewhat harmless moment of zen.

VIA [ TechEBlog ]