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Real Hugs for Virtual Wishes: Chair Gives Celebrant a Hug For Every Facebook Birthday Greeting

Facebook Birthday Hug Chair

The Outback Steakhouse in Brazil is giving birthday celebrants an extra treat on their special day by giving them a seat on the B-Day Chair. Created in collaboration with ad agency agency Lew’Lara\TBWA, the chair gives the celebrant a real-life hug for every virtual greeting they receive on their Facebook timeline.

All the celebrant has to do is log on to their Facebook account using the tablet attached to the chair. Mechanical arms with gloved hands pop out of the sides of the chair and hug the celebrant every time someone posts on their wall.

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Will Facebook Start Nagging You To Post Status Updates?


Sometime last week, Bijan Sabet, a general partner at Spark Capital discovered a new “feature” in Facebook’s iOS application: notifications meant to encourage you to post a new status update. No… nagging you to post an update. We’re not sure exactly how he found it, but he tweeted a screenshot, which you see above. So what’s the deal?

Mashable reached out to Facebook for comment and was told that it’s “a small test they’re running.” Facebook of course does this all the time, trying things out to see what works and what doesn’t, always looking for new ways to boost engagement. There’s no way to tell if this is something that’s going to be made into an official “feature”, but we’re thinking that backlash on this one could very likely top the frequent privacy kerfuffles Facebook is known for.

Any of you want something like this?

VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Teen Takes $200 From Her Dad To “Get Off Facebook”

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 12.50.43 AM

There’s a story being reported online about a teen in Wellesley, Massachussets, who allegedly accepted $200 from her father to get off Facebook. We… think the father just got conned. The narrative goes that Paul Baier’s 14 year old daughter was having trouble finding babysitting jobs and one day turned to her dad and said “Dad, would you pay me to get off Facebook?” After explaining to him that she was finding it distracting from her school work, and managing to convince the poor man that she was “being responsible”, Baier agreed to the deal, doling out the money in increments, with the final payment coinciding with the end of the school year. She is, after all, an honor student, and this would allow her to focus on her studies…

“She turns it on, she’ll have 30 to 40, [even] 50 little alerts things popping up,” Baier said.

“It’s a responsible thing for her to do. Moderation is very good and [Facebook] in extreme, can be dangerous,”

Of course no one ever said that honor students were stupid, and we’re firmly convinced that at best, all that Paul Baier’s daughter has succeeded in doing is blocking her father and all his friends and relatives, and gotten away with $200 for the effort. At worst, this is a pretty sad attempt at getting press attention from the both of them; someone, after all, had to contact the media to tell this story.

[ 7News WHDH ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Why Pay When You Can Do It For Free? Site Makes Fake Facebook Girlfriends for $10 Each

Namoro Fake

You might’ve heard all about how some people pranked footballer Manti Te’o into thinking that he had an online girlfriend. It was a pretty sick joke, made sicker by the fact that they ended the relationship with her fake death. The other side of the story to that is NamoroFake.

It’s a website that offers to create fake girlfriends for guys for whatever reason they may have: to make an ex-girlfriend jealous, to make their friends think they have a life, to make parents get off their case about finding a girl… At the very least, it’s a ridiculous idea and I can’t imagine anyone who’d be willing to pay top dollar for a fake profile of a girl. The fake girlfriend packages start at $10, which comes with only 3 comments and a measly 3-day validity. Cough up twice that amount and you’ll get a girlfriend for 7 days and 5 comments.

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Spam Your Network When the Ball Drops With Facebook’s Midnight Message Delivery

Midnight Delivery

If you’re guilty of spamming your friends with random messages and basically useless mail this year, then it might be time to make a new year’s resolution to stop doing that in 2013. But before you do so, it’s time to get your last hurrah–and Facebook is going to make things easy for you with their new Midnight Message Delivery feature.

Of course, the point isn’t to spam them but to send them well wishes for the coming new year. It can get hard to tap or type messages one by one to all of the people you want to greet, so this app is basically the solution. Just pin the Facebook Stories app to your account, create lists of people who you want to message, and then compose your greetings. Facebook will take care of the rest and send them off to be received by January 1st, 2013.

You can check out the Midnight Message Delivery feature here.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Give Annoying Friends a Cyber Spanking with Defriendtion


People can be so annoying sometimes. Not just in real life, but also in the virtual world as well. Sometimes this annoyingness gets magnified to ridiculous proportions online, more often than not on their Facebook profiles because technically (and unfortunately), their pages happen to be their personal domains. Let’s go over a couple of examples for clarification’s sake:

Annoying case number one: the Braggart. This is the Facebook friend who can’t stop bragging about her recent trip to Dubai and the piles of Hermes bags that she’s got stacked in her closet. It’s annoying because, well, nobody likes a braggart.

Annoying case number two: the New Parent. These are the Facebook friends who can’t stop gushing about how cute their baby is and posting updates about the first burp, the first poop, the first tantrum, the first spit up, and so on and so forth. We get it, you have a baby and we have nothing against him or her. Just keep the TMI posts to yourself, please.

For these and all related annoyances that your friends regularly commit, there’s Defriendtion. Hit the break to check out a video that provides an overview of the app in the most hilarious way possible.

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Canoodle Dating Site Sets People Up Based on Their Mutual Facebook ‘Likes’

Match By Likes

Some people say opposites attract but I think couples with similar interests work just as well. After all, it takes a lot more than common (or uncommon) interests to keep a relationship going. But if you agree with the latter statement that similars attract, then you might be interested in Canoodle, which is the newest dating site on the block that hooks people up based on their Facebook likes.

The goal is to ease the pressure of coming up with a really good profile on users by making matches based on the things they’ve already ‘liked’ on Facebook instead. Communications manager for Cupid, the firm behind Canoodle, explained: “You’ve got your icebreakers there right away. Without having written anything about yourself, you’ve told a lot.”

While ‘liking’ a number of similar Facebook pages might not find you your perfect match straight away, it’s definitely a good start. What do you think?

VIA [ BuzzFeed ]

Google+ Has 100 Million Users. So What?

Google has been trying to get in the social game for a while now, but it’s not easy to unseat the behemoth Facebook. According to some research by law firm Morrison & Foerster’s Socially Aware Blog, Google+ now has about 100 million active users per month. Not a small number, to be sure. But here’s the catch: the users there spend a total of 3 minutes on the site each month. In contrast, Facebook’s 1 billion+ users clock in at 6.75 hours monthly. That’s an astounding difference, and one that makes it pretty clear why Facebook is still far and wide the leader of social.

The firm produced an infographic that’s chock full of data about how we spend our time online. For example, Americans have reduced their time watching regular TV from 71.1 hours in 2006, to 59.4 hours in 2011. Conversely, time spent watching TV online has gone up almost fourfold from 6.3hrs to 23.1hrs in the same period. It’s clear that the Internet has entered a coming-of-age period where the gee-whiz this-is-awesome feelgoodery of the early 2,000’s has given place to a more mature and entrenched recognition that online is where an increasing portion of society is choosing to spend their lives. Video may have killed the radio star, but the Internet is going to reshape our society in ways that are still hard to predict, but always exciting to monitor.

Hit the jump for the full infographic.

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Blogger Pays People to Slap Him Whenever He Goes on Facebook and Reddit–Say What?

Blogger Slap

It doesn’t matter whether they’re old or new. Habits are habits, and oftentimes, they die hard. A lot of people these days are hooked to social networks. Not a problem most of the time, but if you work from home or telecommute, then it could have an adverse effect on your productivity. Take Sethi’s case. He’s a blogger for Hack the System and he didn’t like the fact that he spent most of his time chatting on Facebook or reading stuff on Reddit.

So he hired someone off of Craigslist to sit beside him while he worked and slap him when he went off-page. I kid you not. This is what his ad actually said:

I’m looking for someone who can work next to me at a defined location (my house or a mission cafe) and will make sure to watch what is happening on my screen. When I am wasting time, you’ll have to yell at me or if need be, slap me.

He got a lot of slaps (hit the break to watch a video of him get a huge one across his face) but his productivity improved. In fact, it quadrupled. I guess despite its craziness, it actually worked.

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