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You Can Now Rent A Jet By The Hour To Look Rich On Instagram

If you ever wanted people to be incredibly envious of your life you could always make good friends, have a rewarding career, live a healthy lifestyle and keep good relationships with loved ones. For everyone else, you can now rent a jet to trick people into thinking you’re rich. Yep, that’ll do it.

Private Jet Studio, a company based in Moscow, does as the name suggests and lets customers rent a Gulfstream 650 for 2 hours at the low price of $244, which includes a professional photographer, because of course it does. You can then post those pictures online and show everyone that you have $244 and no shame a private jet.

Renting a private jet to convince strangers online that you are rich is the most 2017 story I think I’ve ever read. Soon we’ll have models quoting prices to be in pictures as your photogenic friend, and one day you’ll even be able to hire tech writers to write your Tinder bio.

My rates start at $19 plus $.10 a word and $4 for an up-to-date pop culture reference that’ll have people think you’re quirky. That’s the Lynx Effect.

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Facebook Launches Feature That Limits Past And Future Posts When You Break Up


So, things didn’t work out. It sucks, but it doesn’t mean you have to go all Scorched Earth and block the poor person from Facebook. But then again, maybe you don’t want them knowing what you’re up to now, and the idea of them still being able to view your past posts makes you uneasy. Well now there’s a simple solution to that, courtesy of Facebook. They’ve launched a feature where you can easily limit past and future posts when you change your status to Single. With just a few button presses, you can quickly decide how much or how little of you your past beau/belle will be able to see. Given Facebook’s spotty past on privacy, it’s nice to see these kinds of features being released.

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Facebook Like Shot Glasses


The idea is pretty clear: it’s all thumbs up and good times when the glass is full, and the other way around when it’s not. At $9 for a pair, they’ll make a great purchase for any Facebook junkies. That being said, do these people even exist? We’ve heard Facebook wasn’t cool amongst teens anymore… Well, teens shouldn’t be drinking anyway, so it’s all good. And it is an officially licensed product.

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Facebook Activism Meets Batman Superhero-ism


Oh yeah. That’s the world we live in. The key to happiness is but one click away, don’t you know?

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‘What Would I Say?’ Facebook App Generates Status Updates That You Might Say

What Would I Say

Too lazy to think about what to say on your next Facebook status? No worries, because there’s an app that will do the thinking for you. It’s called “What Would I Say?” and it’ll generate a status that you can post on your profile with the click of a button. The statuses are random, but they’ll all be tailored to your posting habits. That’s because the app works by going through your past post history and doing some mixing and matching to come up with a brand-spanking new status.

Technically speaking, it trains a Markov Bot based on mixture model of bigram and unigram probabilities derived from your past post history. All computations are done client side, so only your browser ever sees your post history.

The web app was created during the Hack Princeton 2013 Hackathon by Pawel, Vicky, Ugne, Daniel, Harvey, Edward, Alex, Max, and Baxter. Its popularity has skyrocketed and they’re putting it to good use, too, as they’ve added a link to donate to the Philippines’ typhoon relief fund on their website. Check out the app here.


The Faces of Facebook: Spot Your Profile Picture in a Sea of 1.2 Billion Faces

All Faces on Facebook

Facebook passed the 1 billion users mark close to a year ago and they’re still going strong. But when did you get on the Facebook train relative to the rest of the world? Well, there’s an awesome web app that will let you know and it’s called The Faces Of Facebook.

It displays the profile pictures of the 1.2 billion plus users on the social network. You can hover around the teeny tiny boxes and click to zoom in and see the profile picture of the nth user who joined Facebook. You can also find out what your face number is by giving the app access to your Facebook data (through its Facebook app.) I happen to be user number 47,728,103. Over 44 million slots ahead of me is Oh Gizmo! founder and editor in chief David Ponce at the 3,798,105 position.

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Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream: What’s Not to Like?

Facebook Ice Cream

What’s not to like…or what’s to like? Those are the questions when it comes to Facebook-flavored ice cream.

I don’t think it’s endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg but it actually exists. It was actually created by ice cream maker Admir Adili after he saw his 15-year-old daughter spending a lot of time on Facebook. So what does the social network taste like? Chewing gum and candy.

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The Pavlov Poke Gives You an Electric Shock If You Spend Too Much Time on Facebook

Pavlov Poke

How many hours do you spend on the Internet a day? I think it’s safe to say that you’ve got a problem–or more like an addiction, really–if it’s more than half the total time you’re awake. Why spend your time cooped up indoors, looking at pictures of people doing all sorts of fun things that you could otherwise be doing?

With this in mind, MIT PhD students Robert Morris and Dan McDuff came up with the Pavlov Poke.

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Facebook Bouncer? This Pub Won’t Let You In If You’re Not a Facebook Friend

Finnegan Pub Facebook

Talk about bring picky with potential customers. In most cases, it sounds pretty silly, but Tony Mannor, the owner of Finnegan’s Irish Pub, has a pretty good reason for being more selective with his clientele. He was apparently tired of having to deal with unwanted customers who messed up the mood in his bar and his interior decor. Instead of hiring more bouncers, he decided to add another requirement before patrons could enter his pub after 9PM: they have to be a friend of the bar’s Facebook account in order to gain admission.

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