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Slap ‘Em and Wear ‘Em: Slap Band Sunglasses

Slap Band Sunglasses

Remember those slap bands of the nineties? They’re making a comeback– well, sort of — with the Slap Band Sunglasses. As the name implies, it’s unique because it has slap bands that serve as the temples of the frame. Aside from the novelty and nostalgic factor, having slap bands attached to your shades actually makes carrying them around more convenient. In fact, you won’t have to carry them around because you can just wear it.

The Slap Band Sunglasses are available for £19.99 (~about $31.)

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OhGizmo! Lightning Review: The Trioo Prescription Glasses


I was offered an opportunity to review some prescription glasses from a company called Trioo, and since I’m blind as a bat without my contacts, and since I’ve been wearing that exclusively for 17 years with no alternatives, I decided to finally give eyeglasses a try. The company offers a variety of models made from cool materials, like Titanium, aluminum-magnesium alloys, and carbon fiber. The frames I chose were called Coney Silver Night Prestige, and cost all of $97. These were of the carbon fiber variety, although they have a definite silver tint and aren’t like the traditional carbon fiber anthracite hue. They look good.

Ordering from them is simple; simply enter your prescription details, and place your order. I received my package within 10 days. And I have to say I’m completely satisfied with them. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sure, but I think they look cool. They’re lightweight. They’re comfortable and don’t feel flimsy. The lenses are crystal clear and don’t scratch easily. There might be an anti-reflective coating on them, but I have never worn glasses without such coatings so I can’t say how they compare. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product.

There isn’t really a whole lot to say about prescription eyeglasses. So the conclusion to this quick review is that if you’re not hung up on wanting expensive brands, you can get a good quality pair of glasses online for a fraction of the price you’d normally pay in store. They look good, don’t fall apart, ship quickly and get the job done.

[ Trioo Website ]

Wink Glasses Fog Up To Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Wink Glasses

A lot of people who use computers end up with dry eyes because they don’t blink as much as they should. Attempting to correct that and encourage users to blink at regular intervals are the Wink Glasses. The lenses fog up and become opaque for a tenth to two tenths of a second every ten seconds, forcing the wearer to blink or wink in the process.

The glasses prevent more than just the discomfort from dry eyes. It also prevents computer vision syndrome, which is caused by “focusing the eyes on a computer display for uninterrupted periods of time.” People with CVS report have reported headaches, eye redness, and even double vision, which makes the whole thing a complete pain to have.

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Vinylize Turns Old Records Into Hipster Eyewear


This isn’t the first time vinyl records have been recycled and used to make something awesome. From guitar picks and clocks to coasters and photo frames, it seems like others have thought of everything. Well, almost everything, because Vinylize has thought of one more thing that can be made from old records: hipster eyewear.

The concept came about from the idea of making fashionable eyewear using recycled materials. Before the records are cut, they are first bonded with cellulose acetate to frame it.

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Reversing Goggles Lets You See The World Upside Down, Even Sideways

By David Ponce

As some of you may know, the image that hits our retina is actually reversed upside down, but our brains compensate for this and we see the world properly. Still, there are those that wonder how things would be if you were to see things just the way they fall on the retina. That’s where these Reversing Googles come in. They serve no other purpose than to satisfy your curiosity. A special prism turns everything upside down, or if you adjust them accordingly, sideways. It goes without saying that this can lead to all kinds of hilarity, all the more so if alcohol is introduced. We’re not saying you should do this, we’re just saying. Also:

“Back in the 1890s the American scientist George Stratton conducted an experiment to see what would happen if he viewed the world through an inverting prism. He found that after 4 days, his brain started to compensate, and he could see the world the right way up again.”

So that’s another thing you can try. Keep them on for a few days and see what will happen; will your brain adjust?

It’s $87 to find out.

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Looking Rave-a-licious With One-Way Lighting GloSpex Shades

By David Ponce

So you get to the party and want to get noticed. Right? What better way than to be donning a pair of shades that light up? But of course, it would be annoying if the light would shine in your own eyes; no one wants that. But the GloSpex are different. The company’s developed a way for the entire lens area to light up and project the light only forward, leaving you to see clearly as if there was no light at all. They do this by trapping said light in clear plastic, using a principle called total internal reflection. The light is then bounced off of some light diffusing pixels which have a reflective backing, allowing for not only one way light emission, but for the display of images or logos. Think of this as the evolution of those light-up T-Shirts you’ve undoubtedly seen at clubs.

The best part is they’re only $20 for a set, if you pre-order right now on the Kickstarter page. They’re going to get funded as they’re at 50% of the $10,000 goal within a couple hours of re-launching. So go ahead and get yours now.

[ GloSpex Kickstarter Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]