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Pizza Hut Is Working On A ‘Subconscious Menu’ That Knows What You Want, Even When You Don’t


Pizza Hut is working with eye-tracking firm Tobii Technology (of Eye Asteroids fame) to develop a menu that scans your eye movements and is able to determine what toppings you’re most likely to want on your pizza, often before you’ve had a chance to formulate the conscious idea yourself. They arrange their 20 most common toppings in a grid on a tablet-style device and watch your eyes as you scan the images; within a 2.5 second timespan the device is able to pick out your favourites out of a potential 5,000 combinations. At the moment the system is claimed to have a 98% accuracy rate, but even so the order won’t go through without your final approval.

Although it’s not available at any of their restaurants at the moment, the company appears to be considering using the system one day and actually calling it ‘Subconscious Menu’.

“We wanted to try a few ideas on the traditional menu format,” Pizza Hut Head of Marketing Kathryn Austin told the Telegraph, “and we’re delighted to have developed the world’s first Subconscious Menu, a unique way to reinvent the dining experience.”

There’s no word on when this might appear on the market.

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Eye Asteroids Lets You Save The Earth With Your Eyes

By David Ponce

You can add eye-tracking to the ever expanding list of ways in which you can control videogames, after wands, touchscreens, motion detectors and in some cases even brain waves. Tobii is a company that specializes in eye tracking technology and now they’ve put together an honest-to-goodness retro-style 617lbs arcade cabinet that showcases their technology. Powered by Windows 7 Pro 64bit and a Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66GHz processor, EyeAsteroids is a game that uses only one button: “Start”. The Earth stands in the middle of the scree and after a quick calibration, all you have to do is look at an incoming asteroid, pause slightly to shoot and move on to the next target. Avoid shooting power-ups and that’s about it. You can watch the video below to see it in action. Look awesome to us!

Of course, unless you take dives in pools of money daily, this is geared more towards an arcade parlor owner, as each machine costs a reported $15,000. And there will only be 50 made, so get your hands on one quick if you’re interested.

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