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Hydro Floors Disappearing Swimming Pool

By Evan Ackerman

There’s one reason I don’t have a hypothetical swimming pool in my apartment, and it’s this: it would take up all the room I need for my hypothetical badminton court. Hydro Floors has solved my hypothetical problem IRL with a swimming pool that completely disappears, giving you a solid floor to work with when you want one. The swimming pool (water and all) is still there, there’s just a floor (which is sometimes the floor of the swimming pool) on top of it. In addition to providing space for your badminton court, this also cuts down on heating costs by keeping the water insulated when you’re not in it.

Only problem is, I can’t buy one of these with all of the hypothetical money I have saved up. The website doesn’t say how much a Hydro Floor costs, but figure on absurdly expensive. So realistically, the only people who will likely buying these are evil geniuses looking for an absurdly slow death machine.

[ Hydro Floors ] VIA [ NotCot ]

Wii Cyberbike, Because The Wii Needs More Exercise Equipment


By Chris Scott Barr

The Wii has always secretly been a game console that likes for you to get off your lazy ass and exercise. Sure, you can get away with just sitting on your couch wagging the Wiimote, but it takes away half the fun. Well now there’s a new accessory that aims to keep you sitting down and exercising at the same time. Yes, I’m talking about a bike.

The Cyberbike is a full-size stationary bike for your Wii. It comes bundled with some cheesy game that lets you save the world by mopping up pollution with your bike. Apparently it works with Mario Kart Wii though, so that would make it a little more interesting. Though I doubt the pedals come into play much in that game. Look for this to be out in Europe starting January of next year. No word on pricing or a US launch.

[ BigBen ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Could The Playnetix Tumbler Get Tweens Off Their Butts?

Playnetix Tumbler 1.0 (Image courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by Clifford Couvillon, the Playnetix Tumbler 1.0 is a modern take on playground equipment, with some pretty lofty goals. You see, getting the younger set (like kids 6 and under) to go outside and play usually doesn’t take much more than a swingset and a slide. But those pesky tweens are a different story. Tearing them away from their video games and cellular phones for a little physical activity isn’t so easy. But Clifford is hoping the Tumbler 1.0 will do just that.

Playnetix Tumbler 1.0 (Image courtesy Yanko Design)

It’s a 3D triangular structure that constantly moves and pivots thanks to a special ball joint that’s anchored to the ground with a strong coil spring. As someone climbs on the Tumbler their added weight causes it to tip and sway which in theory encourages them to keep moving around and exploring the structure. At the least, it does look like a lot more fun than a set of monkey bars.

[ Yanko Design – New Play In The Playground ] VIA [ cribcandy ]

RealRyder ABF8 Is Like Riding For Real

RealRyder ABF8 (Image courtesy SportTechBlog)
By Andrew Liszewski

Stationary exercise bikes have definitely improved over the years, but a company called RealRyder is hoping to take things one step further with the ABF8. In addition to pedaling, which is where most exercise bikes draw the line, the ABF8 allows the rider to steer, lean and most importantly, balance, thanks to its unique articulating frame. So if you use a stationary bike for training purposes, not only will your legs, upper body and core muscle groups get a workout, but you’ll actually be improving your balance all from the comfort of your exercise room. The downside? The ABF8’s $1,995 price tag.

[ RealRyder ABF8 ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Riiflex Adds Weight Training to Wii Fit


By Shane McGlaun

The Nintendo Wii makes for a much more involved video game experience than competing consoles. Some games like boxing are as much of a workout as Wii Fit. The popularity of the console for people looking for a fun exercise platform is undeniable with the Wii fit game being at the top of many sales charts.

For Wii Fit fanatics looking to get more from their workouts a new product will be shipping soon called the Riiflex dumbbells. The dumbbells are cut out to hold the Wii remote and nunchuck while you play games.

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