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Ahrend 750 Office Furniture With Electronic Height Adjustment

Ahrend 750 Office Furniture (Images courtesy Ahrend & designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

At one time working in a cubicle meant you weren’t exactly considered the most important employee in your office. But the Ahrend 750 series might make you feel a bit more appreciated since I don’t know too many executives who can adjust the height of their desks at the push of a button. (Unless that button is a hotline to their own private carpenter that is.)

Located in the corner of the 750 series desktops is a small panel with two buttons that can be used to automatically raise or lower the height of the desk. A simple LCD display also provides a numerical read out of the setting, so in the future it’s easy to reset the desk back to a height you prefer if someone else was using it. On top of it all the 750 series also has a pleasing, aesthetic design that just might make you glad you didn’t get that corner office.

[ Ahrend 750 Furniture ] VIA [ designboom ]

MS’ Natural Ergonomic Mouse 6000 Reviewed. Verdict: It Loves Your Wrist

By Ian Chiu

This mouse is truly extraordinary… not because of its shape, but the unique posture required to actually control the mouse properly. If you don’t follow what’s in the manual, you are in for pain. As with other ergonomic mice and keyboards, the Natural Ergonomic Mouse 6000 takes a while to get used to. In Scott’s case, it’s less than half an hour, after which your wrist will have a hella good time with the mouse. His review has an in-depth discussion of the usability of the Microsoft mouse. Other features include Magnifier and Instant Viewer; essentially rip-off from Apple’s Exposé.

Overall, I think the Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 is a great addition to any office user’s desktop. The comfort provided is extraordinary so long as posture is maintained, and the Instant Viewer and Magnifier provided within IntelliPoint help improve productivity. The laser engine and smooth (but close-range) wireless performance make for a smooth mousing experience. Your wrists will love you for it. But be warned, slouchers and gamers will feel the pain from using this mouse, both ergonomically and through the non-ratcheting scroll wheel.

[Full Review @ Everything USB]