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The Top 3 Home Theater Projectors Money Can Buy

Epson PowerLite 5030UB

Ah, the mighty yet often underutilized home theater projector. Yes, even the top projectors of 2017 do need a certain amount of space, a clear line of sight, and a screen to project on – but you may be surprised by just how many problems they solve, especially when compared to traditional HDTVs.

If you’ve been hemming and hawing over the right setup for your entertainment system, and you definitely know that you want a bigger screen, we suggest you start with the best home theater projectors of 2016. Some of their benefits may surprise you – especially if you’ve been dreaming of a movie-theater experience in the comfort of your own home.

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Is Epson About To End Printer Ink Price Gouging With Its EcoTank Line?


Printer ink is one of the biggest rackets: you’re paying something like $70+ an ounce for that liquid, which is more than the most expensive scotch. But if Epson’s promise comes true, affordable printer ink is just around the corner. Its upcoming line of printers called EcoTank will have large, refillable cartridges that will last up to two years! Replacement ink will cost $13 per color, or $52 for all four, and that amount should last two years as well. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on how much you print, but these four bottles should be enough for 4,000 black pages, and 6,500 color pages. At current prices, you’d have to shell out $800 to print the same amount. That’s $750 in savings! The catch is that the printers themselves will be rather expensive, costing between $380 to $500 upfront. Still, if you’re using dead trees to communicate, you might want to look into this.


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Epson Announces New Ensemble HD Home Theater Kits


By Shane McGlaun

I really like home theater gear and have wanted a projector set up in my living room for a long time. The thought of a massive image in HD resolution for watching the UFC and playing games makes me giddy. The problem is that getting all the gear together to set up a projection system can be a pain and it’s expensive.

Epson has announced new Ensemble HD home theater kits using the latest 1080p HD projectors from Epson. The new Ensemble kits include the firm’s 3LCD 1080p front projectors, motorized 100-inch screen, integrated surround sound, AV controller with built-in DVD player, universal remote, and the components needed for installation.

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