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Help Save The Rainforest With A Geotagged Tree

By Evan Ackerman

Whenever I think of it, I like to click the button at The Rainforest Site, which somehow protects 11.4 square feet of rainforest thanks to revenue from sponsors. It’s free, and it’s kinda neat, but I’m never sure what’s in my little 11.4 square foot area, or even where in the world it is. The World Wildlife Fund has made saving the rainforest much more personal by allowing you to donate a specific tree (choose one of three) to the Sebangau National Park in Borneo, Indonesia. Your tree will grow up in a nursery, and when it’s planted somewhere in the park, you’ll be emailed a KML file with an exact latitude and longitude, so that you can check on your tree with Google Earth or Google Maps. $5.50 covers the entire cost of each tree, and you can check out the whole process at

VIA [ Google LatLong ]

New R/C Car Is Powered By Hydrogen Fuel Cells


By Luke Anderson

Are you one of the growing number of people that is becoming more conscious about your impact upon the environment? If so, it’s probably no surprise that your children’s (or other people’s kids’) toys demand a lot of power. From game consoles to R/C cars, their energy consumption is great. Wouldn’t it be nice to give them something that’s environmentally-friendly, but still fun?

What kid doesn’t like a remote controlled car? This H2GO car is about as green as toys come. It is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which needs only water and solar energy to power the car. The racer is also aerodynamically designed to make it as fast as possible, while using the least amount of power. There’s no word yet on pricing or availability.

[ Corgi ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Another Water Powered Calculator Surfaces

Water powered calculator

By Luke Anderson

Remember back in December when I showed you someone’s crazy idea for a water powered calculator? Well, while I’m still convinced that the person behind it must have either been crazy or making a point about alternative fuels, someone else must have thought it was brilliant

At least this water-powered adding machine is slightly more attractive looking than the one we first saw. There’s actually something that baffles me more than the use of fuel cells rather than a solar panel. What company in their right mind would name themselves ABBA? Seriously, the only thing that comes to mind is bad 70’s music.


FDA Gives Cloned Beef And Dairy The OK


By Luke Anderson

We don’t talk about food much here at OhGizmo, and for good reason. I’ve yet to find a piece of food that is considered a gadget (not counting those food-shaped USB drives, they aren’t actually food to begin with). However, I thought that I would bring up the topic somewhat briefly because there has been a recent development in the state of cloned meat.

The FDA has officially announced that cloned beef and dairy are completely safe for human consumption. There are plenty of activists out there that aren’t going to be pleased with this news, but I don’t really see any reason why we shouldn’t do this, so long as it has been deemed safe. I’d eat some cloned beef, what about you guys?

VIA [ Consumerist ]

Billboard Power: A Bright Idea From PG&E

Billboard Power Plant

By Evan Ackerman

Apparently, this billboard in San Francisco isn’t just hype: it is, in fact, a power plant, using 20 solar panels to generate more electricity during the day than it consumes lighting itself at night. On a sunny day, the billboard generates 3.4 kilowatts of energy, which is just about enough juice for a family of four during the day. If it’s cloudy, the output drops to 2.5 kilowatts. PG&E does not, of course, say how much the solar panels cost to buy, install, and maintain. My guess is that it’s in the “you’ll recoup the cost in a decade or so” range. Still, since we’ve got ugly billboards set up all over the place anyway, wouldn’t it be great if they could be put to some practical use besides annoying consumers out of purchasing whatever they happen to be advertising?

[ LiveScience ] VIA [ TreeHugger ]

HOMO AE4 Electric ATV – Offroading That’s Safer For The Environment

HOMO AE4 ATV (Images courtesy Hello ATV)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you thought electric cars have been slow to catch on, you might want to check out the market for electric ATVs. Unless you’re willing to settle for a mostly plastic ‘Power Wheels’ model, there’s not a wide selection out there. In fact the HOMO AE4 from the Hello-Motor Vehicle company (which I assume was shortened to ‘HOMO’) is the first electric ATV I’ve ever seen. And to be honest I think I know why they’re not so popular.

The AE4 uses a 450w electric motor which provides a top speed of about 25 km/h. When you factor in the lead-acid rechargeable battery has a range of 30km, you’ll get about an hour of riding at top speed before you need to recharge. So if you’re a fan of off-roading in the woods, you better hope you can find a tree with an AC outlet at some point. And even if you do, you might as well set up camp since the battery takes about 6-8 hours to recharge.

If anyone can find a price for this thing, I’m definitely curious.

[ HOMO AE4 Electric ATV ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

Easy To Install Integrated Solar Roofing

Sharp Solar Modules (Image courtesy Sharp Electronics)By Andrew Liszewski

As long as you don’t live far enough north to experience weeks without seeing the sun then solar cells can be a great way to reduce your monthly energy bills. But if aesthetics and complicated installations have always been your excuse not to look into solar energy you might want to reconsider. Sharp Electronics who has apparently been in the solar cell business since 1959 currently has a line of solar modules designed specifically for home use.

The modules blend in with your existing (or new) shingles and are resistant to impact, moisture and pretty much anything mother nature can throw at them. They even have a 25 year warranty when it comes to power output which is important since factoring in the long term savings they’ll provide is probably the biggest reason anyone would choose to install them.

A single 62W module will run about $8 per installed watt but modules with larger wattages are also available. And if you’re really curious about how much money solar panels can actually save you there’s an ‘EZ Calculator‘ on the Sharp website that will let you know your estimated savings based on your last energy bill and where you live.

[ Sharp Solar Modules ] VIA [ Home Improvement Ideas ]

E-V – Sunny Solar Powered Electric Bike

E-V Sunny Solar Electric Bicycle (Image courtesy Thera-P-Cushion Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

The E-V Sunny is supposedly the first all solar electric bike and it manages to harness enough of the sun’s rays by incorporating solar panels into the wheels. Well to be more specific the solar panels are more like hubcaps that cover the spokes but they apparently have enough surface area to maintain a constant charge to the batteries which in turn power a 500 watt motor on the front wheel.

The bike can reach a fairly impressive top speed of about 19 mph but the solar cells, battery and other electronics give it a combined weight of about 75 lbs which isn’t exactly light.

The E-V Sunny bike will also set you back about $1290 but there’s a slightly more affordable $795 kit for converting your existing bike. I also have to point out that the website is now taking orders “for delivery in September of 2006” so I’m curious if anyone knows someone who actually bought and received one?

[ E-V Sunny Solar Electric Bicycle ] VIA [ EcoGeek ]

db clay Introduces Version 3 Wallets

db clay Version 3 Wallets (Images courtesy db clay)
By Andrew Liszewski

A while back I wrote a review of the myDuctbills duct tape wallet kit from a company called db clay. While the silver finish of the DIY wallet probably isn’t for everyone’s tastes I also took a look at one of the company’s pre-made designer wallets which look and feel great even though they’re actually made from Gaffer’s tape.

Well today the company has unveiled 12 new designer wallets in their Version 3 line that are now made from a custom designed eco-friendly textile known as ‘Tope.’ The new material not only improves the sleek look and functionality of the wallets but also takes advantage of environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions. That’s not to say the company was functioning in an environmentally unfriendly manner with previous versions of their wallets, it’s just that they’ve now gone out of their way to reduce their ecological footprint. The wallets are a great alternative to leather for similarly minded persons and as far as I’m concerned just look way cooler than anything else currently on the market.

The Version 3 wallets will be available at select retailers around the world but also directly from the db clay website for $48 each.

And to celebrate the launch of the new wallets the company is providing OhGizmo! readers with an exclusive 15% discount when buying from their online store. Just enter the promo code: ohgizmo15 during checkout and you’ll be good to go!

[ db clay Version 3 Wallets ]