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Keecker Is A Remote Controlled Projector And Webcam On Wheels


The headline makes the product sound kind of weird, but it’s when you start looking at the usage scenarios that you realize it’s actually pretty cool. You’re looking at a self-contained home entertainment unit that can be moved around in your home. This means you can direct it to your living room, where it’ll project your movie onto your wall or screen, along with some sound from its built-in speakers. You can then direct it to your bedroom, where it’s able to project a 360° image (of the starry sky for instance). That’s something that could help put the kids to sleep, or at least provide you with some engaging educational material. At the same time, you can use the Keecker to check up on them and make sure everything is ok, since it has a built-in webcam as well.

Additionally, it syncs with your Android smartphone and not only lets you stream music to it, but also play games that are on your phone, projected onto your larger screen. There are sensors in the machine that monitor “temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and more” to provide you with remotely accessible home security. It does so much stuff, we’re surprised it doesn’t also make sandwiches. Especially since you’ll have to pay $4,000 to own it, it wouldn’t’ve hurt anyone to toss that extra feature in. Oh well, nothing is perfect.

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CataCoffin and CataTomb: Take Your Love for Music to the Grave

You only live once. So why not make the most of life and enjoy it while you’re still alive? After all, you can’t really take anything with you in the afterlife–not your money, not your house, and certainly not your fancy car. One thing you can take with you, though, is your love for music, all thanks (or no thanks?) to the CataCoffin and the CataTomb.

It’s got such a strange premise that it’s hard to believe that it’s an actual product. The CataCoffin is basically a coffin with a built-in 3-speaker sound system that’s controlled by the CataTomb tombstone on the surface. That way, the people who come visit you can dance on your grave and party while you lie ten feet beneath the ground, slowly decomposing away to the beats of their choice.

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Smell-O-Vision’s Coming Back. Maybe. We Hope. Not.

By David Ponce

It’s not really smell-o-vision as much as it’s smell-o-gaming. Seems there’s a French company called Olf-Action that already makes a smelly device for cinemas. That one is called “Odoravision” and movies are currently being retro-fitted to include a smell track. This is an idea that’s been tested and failed plenty of times through the years, but here’s a thumbs up for trying again. And now this company is talking about releasing a similar device for gaming (and home cinema too, it seems) and calling it SMELLIT. You can see it in the picture. God… that name is awful!

There’s very little information about this at the moment. The only reason it’s even being talked about is because the renderings look interesting and the company behind it already has a smell related product on the market. The device will be on display at the Lisbon Design Show, from 11 to 16 October 2011. Maybe then we’ll know more.

In the meantime, hit the jump for pictures, including one with all the scents they currently manufacture. Highlights? “Scent of good mood.” And “Smell of Calabria.”

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OhGizmo Preview: Pixar’s Up


By Evan Ackerman

I’m a big fan of Pixar movies, as you may have noticed. Even so, I was a little bit, um, let’s say, skeptical when I first saw the trailer:

It wasn’t the flying house that I was worried about. It was the crotchety old man versus the slightly chubby, irrepressibly annoying little kid. What a hilaaaarious juxtaposition, as proven by myriads of mediocre sitcoms!

All I can say now is, I should have had more faith in Pixar. Over the weekend, Disney invited us to meet with director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera, followed by a screening of the first half of the movie… And at this point, the only thing I’m worried about is how I’m going to survive until May 29th a whole 45 minutes short of the entire movie. More about Up (spoiler-free except for one little tidbit), after the jump.Continue Reading