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Retired Spanish Naval Mechanic Builds World’s Smallest W32 Engine


You’re looking at a fully functional, though air-powered, W32 engine. Yes, that’s 32 cylinders, 32 pistons, and who knows how many valves, springs and assorted pieces. Actually, we do know: it’s made up of 850 pieces, 632 screws/bolts, and took 2,520 hours to complete. Made by one José Manuel Hermo Barreiro (also known as Patelo), a retired Spanish naval mechanic known for his miniatures, the engine appears to measure less than 1ft. in length. When the power source is turned on, it’s a marvel to watch everything move in unison. His craftsmanship is so precise that even when the engine is running, the vibrations are kept to a minimum and it’s possible to balance some coins on it. Jose machined all the parts himself, and you should totally watch the below video to get a sense of the complexity involved.

VIA [ DamnGeeky ]

World’s Smallest Fully Functioning V8 Engine, With Electronic Injection


We’re not 100% sure of the “world’s smallest” claim, but the engine above sure is small. And it works just like its bigger sibling, internally combusting its fuel, albeit with a paltry 45cc displacement. Yes, 45cc. Despite the small size, there’s a good amount of tech in there.

Scratch built 45cc V8 with Megasquirt MS2 fuel injection.made in the shed with an old manual Bridgeport mill and a 95 year old lathe. Single fuel injector made from Punto injector internals. Pressurised oil system, drilled crank, alloy block, cast iron wet liners, vernier cam pulleys, Walbro fuel pump, tungsten alloy flywheel, bead blasted and anodised finish, throttle pos sensor on butterfly shaft, 24tooth trigger wheel for megasquirt.

Uh huh… we understand some of those words. And we fully understand that this is a one of a kind engine that might be up for purchase, direct from the man who made it. We’ll post links to his website where you might be able to reach him to inquire, if this really tickles your fancy.

[ DIY Engine Project Page ] VIA [ DamnGeeky ]

King of All Motorcycles: Red Baron Bike is Powered by an Airplane Engine

Red Baron Motorcycle

Now this is one roarin’ motorcycle!

The Red Baron is a souped up bike that had its engine pulled out and replaced with a Rotec Radial R3600, which is a 150-horsepower, nine-cylinder engine. This type of engine was most commonly used as a replacement engine during the World War I-era airplanes. The bike is Frank Ohle’s baby, who spent 18 months turning it from concept into reality.

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