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Goal Zero Torch Uses Sun’s Energy to Charge Your Torch and Smartphones

Goal Zero Torch 250

If there’s one thing you’ll be happy to have during an emergency, it’s the Goal Zero Torch Solar Kit. It’s bigger than your average torch, but that’s because it includes a Nomad 7 Solar Panel that turns sunlight into usable energy. It powers up the torch and also charges up the Goal Zero’s internal lithium battery so you can charge your smartphone and other mobile devices when you’re on the go.

The best part? The Goal Zero Torch Solar Kit is both lightweight and weather-resistant so you can take it with you anywhere. It’s available for $160.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Holy Cool ]

EcoDrain Recycles The Heat From Your Used Up Hot Water


One of the things that uses up the most energy in a home is hot water. And all of that heat is wasted as it drains away into the sewage system. The EcoDrain device pictured above allows you to partially warm up incoming cold water with the heat from the outgoing hot. It’s a heat-exchange system, and isn’t exactly a new invention, although unlike most other solutions can be installed horizontally. This allows it to be placed “under the bathroom floor immediately adjacent to the drain, thus catching the waste water at its hottest.” It won’t be enough to get the incoming cold up to a good steamy temp, but it’ll help you use less hot water mixed in, thus saving you money. It requires no electricity, and has no moving parts; once installed you can just forget its there. “It’s priced at US$439.95, and is claimed to offer a return on investment ranging from 17 to 43 percent per year – based on the energy costs in various American cities.” Or in other words, you’ll be able to shower for about 33% longer while using the same amount of power you would have without the EcoDrain.


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Concept Urinals Aim to Harness the Power of Pee


What do people do a lot every day that’s generally considered as a waste-generating activity? Pee, that’s what. I remember seeing a show on TV where they featured a woman who’d pee in a jar so she could use it to water her plants (now that I think of it, it was an episode of Extreme Cheapskates where people were being, well, extreme cheapskates.)

Well, if this concept becomes a reality–and if it’s proven to actually work–then people could be getting more from pee than just compost or fertilizer for plants.Continue Reading

Clever Clock Design Tattles On Energy Usage

Energy Aware Clock (Image courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Energy Aware Clock provides a more visually appealing, and easier to understand display of the energy usage in a particular room throughout the day. Created by a small army of Swedish designers (Loove Broms, Karin Ehrnberger, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm, Erika Lundell and Jin Moen) the clock forgoes a traditional face in favor of a circular graph that makes it pretty obvious to tell when the energy usage in the room where it’s installed has noticeably increased. And the actual time is indicated by the brightest spikes on the graph.

The Energy Aware Clock is part of the Visual Voltage Exhibition at Design Vlaanderen in Brussels, which runs until October 2nd.

[ designboom – visual voltage exhibition at design vlaanderen, brussels ] VIA [ Unplggd ]

WindCube generates 60kW of rooftop power Kermit-style


By Shane McGlaun

In the words of the immortal Kermit the Frog, it ain’t easy being green. In sunny climates, you can use solar panels to capture free power and in windy locations, you can make electricity using wind. The catch is that neither of those methods are all that efficient at producing electricity and they make the area where they are installed look bad.

Green Energy Technologies has announced a new wind power generator called the WindCube that is smaller than the typical wind generator and designed to sit on the roof of a building in urban and rural areas.

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