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Eton Blackout Buddy Flashlight Runs On Nothing But Water

Eton Blackout Buddy H2O


When it rains, it pours. And when there’s a blackout, well, that’s seemingly the only time when you seem to have misplaced all of your batteries… batteries which you could have otherwise used to power up your flashlight. The good news is that there’s an alternative torch by Eton called the Blackout Buddy H2O.

Its name gives a clue when it comes to what it needs to power up, and it ain’t batteries. Yep, you got that right: this handy flashlight needs nothing but water to run. Just put the Blackout Buddy into a cup that’s filled with water and boom, you’ve got light. It can provide up to 72 hours of illumination, which should hopefully be more than enough. The best part? It retails for only $10.

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Wallet Ninja is a Sleep Multi-Tool for the Modern Ninja

Wallet Ninja

Now who doesn’t need a bottle opener, can opener, screw driver, or a ruler every once in a while? It’s no problem at all if you’re at home and have full access to your toolbox. It becomes a problem if you’re out and about and find yourself needing one or two or more of these tools. The solution? Keep one of these handy-dandy credit card-sized multi-tools in your wallet.

This particular one is the Wallet Ninja, and it’s one of the funner multi-tools out there that sports a fun design and a bevy of tools and features that the average ninja would need, including a slot where you’re supposed to insert a card to transform it into a phone stand. Made from heat-treated steal, the Wallet Ninja is all of the above and more: a bottle opener, a ruler, a letter opener, six different sized hex wrenches, a fruit peeler, a can opener,  and a Philips or flathead screw driver.

The Wallet Ninja retails for $15.

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GoTenna Keeps You Connected, Even Off The Grid

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 6.31.50 PM

There are times when cellular services just stop working. Whether it’s because we’re off the grid in the wilderness, or in the middle of a natural disaster, our lives have become dependant on being able to communicate with one another and when outages happen, we tend to freak out. GoTenna is a device that connects to a smartphone and allows it to communicate with another GoTenna-connected phone, even when you have no service. It uses low-frequency radio waves to transmit low-density data over long distances, which in ideal conditions can give you a 50.5 miles range. You can send texts to one another, or share locations so you can find your loved ones even when everyone around you is desperately trying to use their cellphones to do the same. You can even send encrypted messages to one another which aren’t stored anywhere.

It’s a powerful device with tons of features and we feel it completely warrants the $150/pair asking price. That’s the pre-order rate, which is expected to go up to $300 for a pair once it fully hits retail distribution. It ships in late Fall 2014.

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Fuel Emergency Charger Gives Your Phone Some Extra Power When You Need It the Most

Fuel Charger

There are a number of portable phone chargers currently available, but most of these are bulky and are pretty much a hassle to carry around–especially if you’re a guy (who doesn’t carry a bag) or a girl (who doesn’t carry a purse).

And then came the Fuel emergency charger. It’s creators claim that it’s ‘the world’s smallest cell phone charger’, and they might just be right. It’s the same size as your typical keyring–it measures 1.3 by 0.9 by half an inch–but don’t let it’s compact size fool you.

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Make Emergency Calls Anytime, Anywhere with the SpareOne Phone

SpareOne Emergency

The first thing most people do when disaster strikes is call 911 when they’re in trouble. When they’re not, they immediately bring out the phone book and check up on family, friends, and other relatives. You can’t get help or reach out to give help without a phone, obviously, and it’s unfortunate that most phones in the market today don’t really have the best battery lives that’ll let you do all this in times of great emergency.

There’s one, however, that’s been recently unveiled and upgraded, and that’s the SpareOne Emergency phone.Continue Reading

Panasonic Flashlight Can Be Powered With Any Size Battery

When you’re out of power and poking around in the dark, a flashlight is always useful. But you know what ends up happening half the time, right? The batteries are out, and then you have to fumble in the dark looking for new ones, and well, they’re never the right ones. Panasonic seems to have solved this issue by manufacturing a flashlight, called the Any Battery Light, that can not only accept batteries of any size, but also any number of them. So if all you have is a single AA battery, the light will still work, only for less time than if you’d loaded it up with a bunch. If you insert one of every type of supported battery (AA, AAA, D and C), the device would last for about 86h, which is plenty. Best of all, it’s expected to run about 2,000 yen (US$24), so there’s really no reason not to have one in a drawer somewhere.

It’s available starting January 24th, though we’re unsure on which markets. Probably Japan.

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Twitter Earthquake Detection is a Better Warning System Versus Traditional Sensors

Twitter Earthquake Detection

Earthquakes are scary. I was home and all alone when a 7.4 magnitude quake hit recently, so needless to say, I was a little freaked out. I tried calling my sisters and my mom, but it appeared that the phone lines were temporarily down. So instead, I went online and sure enough, a handful of my friends had already tweeted about the earthquake.

It’s probably similar situations like this that prompted seismologists to say that Twitter does a better job at ‘detecting’ earthquakes and tremors all around the world versus their own advanced equipment. This is because the tweets are posted in real-time to report the quakes as they happen, while their machines would probably still be working to pinpoint where and when the quakes had taken place.

It is for this reason that the US Geological Survey is using Twitter as an early-warning system so they can quickly gather and put together reports of earthquakes as they happen.

Paul Caruso, from the US Geological Survery, explained: “We do have sensors and it usually takes about five minutes before the sensors will see the earthquake. With this earthquake it was the case that Ted warnings that people were tweeting that they felt an earthquake actually came in before our seismometers actually registered it.”

Now this is definitely one use for Twitter that has the potential to save a whole lot of lives.

VIA [ Sky News ]

SpareOne Cellphone Runs On Single AA Battery

By David Ponce

Before they became pocket computing machines, cellphones had but one job: to make calls. That’s arguably still the most useful feature, at least when you’re in an emergency situation. The SpareOne cellphone is seeking to be your backup phone. Simple as that. It’s not fancy, there’s no touchscreen and is as dumb as a bat. But it does run on a single AA battery which, guess what, is a lot easier to find than your particular mobile’s Li-whatever powerpack. If the power’s out, or you’re stuck in the woods, you’ll be glad you kept this around. It’ll let you talk for 10 hours on that one battery but more importantly… will standby for 15 years! It takes SIM cards, so the idea is to take your dead phone’s SIM card out and insert it in this one. And even if you don’t have a SIM around, you can still call 911 with it.

At $50, you can even keep a few around, just in case. Available in March.

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