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Not Just For Gaming: Smoking Out of a GameCube and the E-Cig Connection


What have you done with your GameCube aside from play games on it? Most people would say that’s all they did, but the dudes from the Nebula Vaping Lounge who were behind this awesome modded GameCube e-hookah can say that they at least smoked a few on theirs. E-hookahs and e-cigarettes are closely related, with the latter being such a hot topic these days.

In fact, my friends and I debated on the merits of e-cigs over our weekly Saturday brunch and things got heated pretty quickly (okay, enough with the puns!)

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‘Drop The Beat’ is a Vest With a Built-In Electronic Drum Kit

Drum Kit Vest

This isn’t the first time someone decided to create a wearable drum set, but this is the first time they actually did it right. Those so-called ‘drum’ shirts are usually novelty items that crank out drum-like sound effects that you usually hear from kids’ toys. Industrial design student Wesley Chau noticed this and set out to create a true musical piece of clothing in the form of ‘Drop the Beat.’

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The T-EM50 is the World’s Smartest Tape Dispenser

T-EM50 Tape

Tape dispensers. Can’t live with them (especially during those times where they just keep getting stuck), can’t live without them (because, really, what other choice do you have?) The design of these office staples hasn’t changed much over the years. Frankly, it would be pretty hard to come up with a modern version of the tape dispenser because what can you really do to improve or add to its features, when all it’s meant to do is dispense tape?

That’s a question the folks over at Kokuyo S&T in Japan have pondered on a lot, because they’ve come up with the T-EM50, which is the world’s smartest tape dispenser. Why? Because it’s an automatic dispenser that spits out tape of the exact length that you specified on its LED display.

Given all that it can do, the T-EM50 is pretty pricey at 15,750 yen (~$200). But if you’re OCD about your tape, then this might be a worthwhile investment. The dispenser runs on four AA batteries and will go on sale sometime this September.

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Waterproof Power Strip Can Survive Up To Two Hours In Water

By Chris Scott Barr

Water and electricity are two things that you don’t generally want to mix. Unless your goal is to kill someone (likely yourself), that is. Of course water is a tricky thing, which seems to find its way into places you don’t really want it. If you have a place that is particularly prone to getting wet, such as a basement, you might want to consider checking out this Wet Circuit Release Waterproof Power Strip.

This strip has been specially designed to minimize the flow of electricity when it comes in contact with water. This means that not only are the devices plugged into it going to remain safe, but you’re far less likely to get shocked if you’re standing in the water with the power strip. In fact, it works so well that the strip can survive being submerged in water for up to two hours before there is a danger. For $35 you might want to consider picking one up if you have areas that could potentially encounter water.

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Yamaha Teaching Trumpet

By Jonathan Kimak

I used to play the trumpet in high school, at least until I got braces and ended up shredding my lips anytime I tried to play. This would have been a good thing for me to keep the training for the few years before I took my braces off(I instead switched to the saxophone).

The Yamaha EZ-TP Electronic Teaching Trumpet, which is sadly, only available in Japan, is an electronic way to learn the trumpet. Instead of blowing into the trumpet, you just hum into the device while pressing the proper keys on the trumpet. The keys can light up to help you learn the proper fingerings.

The trumpet can play 22 different sounds in case you get bored of hearing the regular trumpet sound. But most importantly(especially for parents) the trumpet comes with a volume control. This means the trumpet has a far lower chance of being thrown into the lake.

The trumpet also comes with MIDI support and some pre-programmed songs to play along with.

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Let The Dog Out Without Ever Getting Up

By Jonathan Kimak

I love my dogs, I really do. But sometimes when it’s quite late and I’m tired I would much rather let the dogs go out themselves and come back on their own. Dog flaps in the door aren’t an ideal choice since any critter can come in through something like that.

But this electronic dog flap from Pet Doors USA looks interesting. The flap is made of shatter proof materials and an aluminum frame. You put a RFID tag on your dog’s collar that will send a digital code to the doggy door to open when they approach it. It will close once the dog is no longer near it. It won’t close if there is anything obstructing it which means no snagged tails or paws.

These go for $697 and additional RFID tags cost $30 per unit in case you need extras for multiple dogs. Just be sure your dog is trained to come back when it’s finished its business and not wander off through the neighborhood.

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