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Tesla Model S 100D Focuses On Range, Not Power

The new Tesla Model S 100D has the same capacity battery as the better known P 100D (100kWh), but instead of being able to propel you through a 0-60 sprint in a ludicrous 2.4s, it does it in a still ridiculously fast 4.2s, faster than a base model Porsche 911. What you trade off for the loss of power is extra range: the S 100D can go a full 335 miles on a single charge. That’s more than any EV on the road, and should go a long way to satisfy even the most intrepid commuter. The best part is that you’ll save a whopping $39,500 over the P 100D, which might make you rethink why you needed to get to 60 in under three seconds anyway.

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KickStick Is An Electric Oar That Can Propel You Up To 30mph On A Skateboard

This is pretty cool, but you absolutely have to watch the video to get why. KickStick, by Rise Robotics, is a tool to help skateboard riders get speed. It’s a long stick with a wheel at the end; you put the wheel down and lean into the stick, which will then drive you forward at up to 30mph. It’s pressure sensitive, so the more you lean on the stick, the faster you go. The wheel can generate up to 2.75hp, which is more than enough power to get you going. And with swappable batteries, you can keep going as far as you want. The stick collapses for easy transport, too. There’s no range or price information, but the company plans to launch on IndieGogo in the coming weeks, and you can sign up to be notified.


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The Modobag Suitcase Will Help You Scoot Around The Terminal


You might’ve seen videos of this thing going viral online. For good reason too, since the Modobag looks like a good bit of fun. It’s a motorized, electric, carry-on suitcase that you can ride like a scooter, and that will take you around an airport terminal at up to 8 mph, for up to 6 miles. That should be more than enough to make it from one concourse to another and catch that connection with ease. The Modobag can carry riders weighing up to 260 lbs, and the lithium battery can charge up to 80% in only 15 minutes. Once you reach your gate, you can then use the integrated USB ports to charge your devices while you wait for your flight. Granted there are some drawbacks, like the fact that the bag alone weighs 19 lbs, and of course can carry a little less stuff to make room for the battery and electronics while still qualifying as a carry-on. But you still get 2,000 cubic inches, which should be enough. And of course, the price tag. Super Early Bird pricing will have you part with $995 to get your own Modobag, a price that then goes up to $1,199, so act fast if you just fell in love.


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The Only Thing Better Than A Fat Bike, Is A Fat Electric Trike


Fat bikes are all the rage these days, though we can’t quite comprehend why. Our limited understanding of trends doesn’t change anything to this reality however, so we’re not surprised to see manufacturer Standard Bearer Machines announcing a beefed up electric version of their Rengu line of fat bikes. The Rengu Juggernaut is a tadpole trike (with the single wheel at the back) that benefits from electric power assist, which is a more than welcome addition to a vehicle already notable for its inefficient locomotive properties.

What’s new with this model is a 2,000-watt 3-phase high torque rear hub motor. It’s powered by a 48-volt 12.5-Ah lithium-polymer battery, and linked to a 3-phase controller. In throttle mode, it’ll take the trike to an electronically-limited top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) for a distance of approximately 20 miles per charge.

These trikes are meant to be used on sandy beaches, where the lack of electric assist would mean a much harder pedal. But the convenience of electricity comes at a price: the renege Juggernaut is $5,300!


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Yes, The Electric Wakeboard Is Happening


The thing about electricity-powered vehicles is they have to reach a critical mass, a point at which their use doesn’t involve a dramatic sacrifice of convenience, for consumers to pay attention. Tesla cars, for instance, don’t compromise on range, performance, or safety, and are thus enjoying widespread adoption. Electric wakeboards, however, could have easily been ignored if they didn’t have the kinds of numbers the Radinn Wakejet Cruise has: 25 knot speeds, for 30 minutes, at full speed, with a 1 hour charge. That’s 28.8mph, or about 46.3kph, which is pretty darn fast for a floating board. It accomplishes this with a carbon fiber and kevlar construction, which keeps the weight down to 29kg (63.9lbs), and an electric brushless motor that’s “nearly silent”. You don’t need waves wherever the Radinn Wakejet Cruise goes, but… you do need a heck of a bank account. It’s a $19,375 purchase. Yeah, so, about that critical mass… it sort of goes like this: affordable – good range – fast, pick two.

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Bolt Electric Skateboard Is World’s Smallest


There are gaps in our transportation infrastructure, for trips that are too far away to walk comfortably, but too close to take the bus or car. For these instances, a device like the Bolt, the World’s Smallest Electric Skateboard, is awesome. Measuring only 23.5-inches long and 10-inches wide, and weighing in at a very reasonable 8.8lbs, the Bolt is extremely portable. But when it’s on the road, it’s able to carry a rider up to 6.5 miles on a charge, at up to 10mph, with a 1 hour recharge time. That’s just enough for a daily commute to school, or to get some groceries at that convenience store that’s just a couple of blocks too far for you to feel like actually walking to it. The battery can also be used to recharge your electronics, and can even be controlled remotely since it does connect to your smartphone. Control is achieved through a handheld remote, and a powerful 2,000 Watt motor should be able to handle riders of most sizes. To get your own you’ll have to pre-order it for $599. It was successfully funded on Indiegogo, but deliveries aren’t slated to start until October of this year.


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That Bike From The TRON Movie Will Soon Be Up For Auciton

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.23.19 PM

You’re looking at a fully functioning replica of the bike used in the 2010 movie TRON:Legacy. Even if the movie wasn’t exactly a stellar flick, it has spawned countless pop culture references in the half-decade since its release. This particular bike was built for “the Andrews Collection, one of America’s biggest and best car collections, most of which is currently being sold at auction.”

96 volt, direct-drive electric motor with lithium batteries and a computer-controlled throttle, rebound and compression damping with spring-preload front suspension and rigid rear suspension, and front and rear hydraulic brakes. This custom Tron tribute boasts a very low seat height of 28.5 inches, making it easy to ride even at low speeds. The motorcycle is finished in black with a white stripe and boasts an imposing stance to match its performance.

It was only ever ridden around the Andrews Collection’s facilities to ensure it’s still in working order, so it’s in an as-new state. The auction will be held on May 2nd at a Sotheby’s location, with a $25,000-$40,000 starting bid and no reserve. That means you could snatch it for even less… if it just so happens that no one else is interested in it, which seems unlikely.

Hit the jump for a bunch more pics.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 5.24.37 PM

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Want: Trefecta DRT Electric Bicycle


You’re looking an an electric bicycle that still allows you to power through things using your legs, or letting the electric motor take over when you’ve had enough. It’ll let you cruise at 55kph (34.2mph) for up to 100km (62miles) on a charge, but will go further if you don’t get lazy and pedal a bit; top speed is even higher at 70kph (43.5mph). Better yet, it’ll be juiced back up to 80% in one hour, making it possible to go long distances with a simple lunch break in the middle. Regenerative braking, integrated touchscreen controls, “fly-by-wire” handlebar controls, Tailtronic electronically controlled suspension, carbon fiber wheels, quick release interchangeable battery pack… and the list goes on. Matter of fact, this baller bike is just too cool for school, and we think that if you’ve got $25,000 burning a giant hole in your pocket, it’ll be well spent here. You can’t quite buy it now however, but you can request a pre-order and hope to be given a chance to plunk down the cash when the time comes… which is undetermined, apparently.

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QS2 Quadrofoil Will Have You Flying Above The Water, Pollution Free


Look at this watercraft and tell us it doesn’t scream: the future is here! It’s an electric quadrofoil craft that gets up to 21 knots (40 km/h or 25mph) and has a range of 100km (62 miles). Its all-electric operation means it’ll be relatively silent while floating above water, and not one drop of oil will ever enter the environment. It’s easily steered, is allegedly unsinkable (with a Titanic reference in their material, it’s hard to take it seriously), sits two, and features an anti-collision system that will reduce impact forces in case you run into something.

Of course the future isn’t cheap and the Limited Edition QS2 will set you back a cool 22,500 €, or roughly $28,144USD. But at that price you’ll have the coolest watercraft on the pond, bar none.

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