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The Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle For $43

Look, I don’t even know what half of this stuff is for or what it even means. Looks like some pretty legit education here, and if going through all these hours and hours of courses doesn’t teach you any marketable, job-getting skills, then surely nothing will. The Ultimate DevOps Mastery Bundle gives your access to over 69 hours of education, so you can come to grips with AWS, Linux, Docker and other Enterprise Computing Systems. You get a total of 9 courses, normally worth north of $500 for $43.

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Deal Of The Day: 96% Off On OSTraining Developer Courses: Lifetime Subscription – And 20% Off On all Elearning Products


You’d be amazed at the amount of stuff you can learn online. We suspect you knew this, but you may not know the full breadth of the courses available. Take these OSTraining Developer Courses. You can get a lifetime subscription for something that would normally cost $2,000, for $69. That’s dirt cheap. And what do you get?

Become a pro web developer with a lifetime of guidance from OSTraining. With instruction from experts in their fields and unlimited access to an enormous library of trainings, you’ll learn to build and launch amazing websites using open source platforms like WordPress with languages like JavaScript, HTML, and more. These platforms allow you to build, launch, and manage professional looking website for pennies on the dollar. And guess what? You don’t even have to know a line of code to get your website up and running, but you’ll learn that too.

Organizations that trust in OSTraining include: Apple, George Washington University, U.S Department of Education & Pfizer

– Watch 3000+ videos on WordPress, JavaScript, Drupal, Joomla, SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP & more
– Gain access to 1 new additional class every week
– Receive printable certificates upon each course completion
– Learn from only the best & most experienced instructors
– Utilize Joomla’s 10,000+ extensions & templates to build fully functional websites
– Master WordPress, the most popular platform used on the Web today
– Build sites w/ Drupal, the intuitive software used by large organizations like, Sony & more

So yeah, as mentioned, this particular course is just $69 after a massive 96% rebate. But for today, if you use coupon code CYBERMONDAY20, you’ll get an additional 20% off on every eLearning product in our store!

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Deal Of the Day: 25% Off On Everything, Including This ‘Learn To Code By Making Games – Unity 5 Developer Course’


It’s Cyber Monday, which means deals and more deals. Today you can get 25% off on everything in the store by using the code CYBERMONDAY25. This of course includes the below ‘Learn To Code By Making Games – Unity 5 Developer Course’.

First things first: if you want to break into the world of gaming, it’s essential to master Unity 3D, the premier development tool for mobile and web-based games. This course will have you knee deep in Unity 3D and C#, as you build you own real indie games from scratch along with the instructor. As you move from lesson to lesson, you will continue to build upon your skills in order to complete production-ready games by course’s end. Tap into a lucrative market of game-hungry web surfers willing to pay for you trade with this detailed course.

– Build web & mobile games w/ over 278 lectures & 49 hours of content
– Master C# (including Test Driven Development), a powerful modern language used for game coding & beyond
– Gain an excellent general knowledge of game creation
– Learn how object-oriented programming works in practice
– Transfer your knowledge to .NET, other languages & more

Normally you’d pay $197 for this course, but after today’s regular deal it’s $35. And then you can add another 25% off to that!

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Deal Of The Day: 93% Off On Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle


The Raspberry Pi is a great little computing platform. The things you can do with it are practically limitless, and the cost is minimal. The only obstacle to creating stuff is knowing how to use it and program for it. Today’s deal, the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle, will teach you how to do that in a series of courses normally valued at $625. Courses include:

Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Enter the World of Coding & Hardware with This Miniature Computer
Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi
Utilize Raspberry Pi as a Tool for Learning Physical Computing
Python Programming for Beginners
Conquer This Beginner-Friendly Programming Language
Real World Guide to Hardware Design
Get Expert Tips & Tricks for Designing Hardware with Ease
PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot
Experiment with Raspberry Pi & Bring a Small, Mobile Robot to Life

eLearning is big business now, and thousands of people are taking advantage. Don’t pay full price! For $39 you’ll have access to the above courses, and with a bit of dedication and time, you’ll be coding with the best of them.

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Deal of The Day: 85% Off On Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle


Making things with an Arduino board is a lot of fun, but it does require at least a little bit of know how. You can unleash the device’s full potential by following the four following courses, bundled in today’s Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle.

ARDX Arduino Starter Kit
Tackle 13 Different Projects w/ This Fully-Stocked Beginner’s Toolkit

Arduino Step-by-Step ‘Your Guide to the Internet of Things’ Course
Explore the World’s Friendliest Electronics Prototyping Platform

Arduino ‘Make a Remote-Controlled Car’ Course
Advance Your Skills & Build a Full-Featured Remote-Controlled Car

Beginning Arduino ‘Make Your Own Environment Monitor System’ Course
Create a Gadget That Posts Your Environment Data to a Web Logging Service

Normally you would have to pay $575 for these four courses, but with today’s deal it’s just $75.99.

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