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Smart Earbuds Pack A Ton Of Features In A Tiny Package


The Dash, a set of Wireless Smart In-Ear Headphones, pack so many sensors and features that it would take a pretty long article for us to cover them all. Consider this. There is a 3-axis accelerometer, a thermometer, a 5 field capacitive sensor, an ear bone mic, an ambient mic, and a red + IR LED & optical sensor crammed within two tiny buds that go inside your ear. Why? So you can “track your pace, steps, cadence, distance, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and energy spent, [while] relaying the information back to your devices via Bluetooth.” You can stream songs to them, or use the integrated 4GB of storage. You can block ambient sounds through passive sound isolation, or you can allow some sounds to filter in so you don’t get hit by a car. All these features are accessible via touch gestures on the outside of the buds themselves, by the way. The battery will last between 3 and 4 hours, which is pretty much the only blemish we see on an otherwise impressive package. And we’re just skimming the surface here. These buds have some serious tech in them, and for a $199 pledge, they seem to not be overpriced once bit.

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The CordCrunchers Help Manage Cable Tangle

By David Ponce

The day will come when cables, like floppy disks, become a relic of history. Until then we need to deal with them, and the CordCrunchers is yet another product making a stab at it, albeit a very creative one. It’s basically a set of earphones with an elastic sleeve for the cables, one end of which always remains within it. To insert the other end of cable into the sleeve, you just grab it at both ends and stretch it until you’ve got as much of the cable as you want inside. It then collapses right back to its original length, allowing you to wear your earphones around your neck or wrist, if that’s your thing. You can watch the video for a demonstration that does a much better job at explaining things than us.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to use this on your own earphones, so you’ll have to deal with whatever quality drivers are packaged in. At $20 however, you’re not going to be out of much money if it turns out they sound like garbage. It’s a fully funded Kickstarter project, and shipping should happen sometime in May.

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Super Mario Earphones

By David Ponce

You can choose to drop a few hundred dollars on a set of multi-driver earphones and run the risk of forgetting them someplace. Or you can spend an order of magnitude less and express your undying admiration for iconic game franchises. The Super Mario Earphones probably sound like crap, might break after a few uses and generally don’t scream “quality product”, but they do sport 8-bit images of your favourite plumber and related Mario paraphernalia. For $25, you won’t break the bank even as Mario goes about breaking blocks on your ears.

And that, my friends, was the terrible joke of the day.

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Ultimate Ears 700 Earphones Announced


By Shane McGlaun

I have tried lots of earphones over the years that are available in the aftermarket to go along with my iPhone. The earphones that came with my iPhone sucked. They were uncomfortable, lacked bass, and generally just irritated me when I tried to use them.

It didn’t take long for me to get myself a decent set of aftermarket headphones. I have used Ultimate Ears earphones before and so far found them to be very good. Logitech owned Ultimate Ears has announced its latest set of earphones called the Ultimate Ears 700 noise isolating earphones.

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