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Amazon Announces The 9.7-inch Kindle DX


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve been watching the Kindle for a little while now, and have been tempted to pick one up. There are a few reasons that I haven’t, one of which being the size of the screen. If I’m going to buy an e-reader, I’d like to have more than six inches worth of screen to stare at. That’s not even enough for a single page of a paperback novel. Rumors have been flying around for a few days about a new larger Kindle that is designed with textbooks and magazines in mind.

The new Kindle DX sports a whopping 9.7-inch screen, which is about as large as two full pages in a paperback book. A bigger screen isn’t the only thing the DX has to offer. An accelerometer allows you to rotate the orientation of the page by rotating the device (the same principle is used on many iPhone apps), a built-in 3G card and 3.3GB of storage are also welcome upgrades. Native PDF support is probably one of the best new features, as it eliminates the need to pay Amazon to convert the documents to their proprietary file type.

Amazon has teamed up with three of the top textbook publishers to get schoolbooks onto the Kindle. These are Pearson, Wiley and Cengage which together dominate 60% of the textbook market. This partnership has allowed them to launch trial programs at several universities which will virtually replace the need for students to carry around most of their books. Finally, they’ve struck deals to get The New York Times, The Boston Globe and The Washington Post onto your Kindle at a reduced price.

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DIY E-Reader Won’t Save You Any Cash


By Luke Anderson

Ever since the original Kindle was released I’ve been thinking more and more about getting myself an e-reader. I actually do quite a bit of reading, but I hate lugging around big books everywhere. The simple solution seems to be in a handy electronic e-ink reader. Sure, the Kindle has some pretty cool features, but wouldn’t it be cooler to just make your own?

This cool e-Ink AM200 Electronic Book Reader Kit has everything you need to construct your own e-reader. The picture above is what you could construct with the kit, which is about 7mm thick and weighs just 150 grams. You can load content via the MMC card slot. The catch? Oh, there’s just that tiny little $3,000 price tag. I think I’ll pass.

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Polymer Vision CEO Claims Readius Will Be Ready For Fall 2008 Launch

Polymer Vision Readius (Images courtesy Polymer Vision)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve been dragging my feet on the whole e-reader thing since I haven’t quite found the perfect device for my needs just yet, and at the moment there are only a handful of readers on the market to choose from. Thankfully more are on the way, including the Readius which quite frankly I thought would never actually see the light of day. The device features the first foldable 5-inch electronic paper display that’s also capable of producing 16 levels of gray. The foldable design makes it a lot easier to carry in your pocket and also serves to protect the display when not in use. Polymer Vision, the company responsible for the Readius, recently launched a corporate blog and the first post by CEO Karl McGoldrick claims their e-reader will launch in Autumn of this year.

Our exclusive rollable display technology is the core around which we build our plans, and in the Autumn of this year we will launch Readius, the first pocket eReader. Readius offers the advantages of eReaders as known today – but now all neatly wrapped into a pocket sized device.

Readius is very much a data centered mobile product, designed around eBooks, eNews, RSS feeds, and receiving email messages. It is optimised for mobility by allowing instant access to hundreds of books from your pocket, while the integrated 3.5G data connection ensures high speed downloads of pre-ordered content and instant news updates on the go.

They also announced the launch of which will serve as a portal for the Readius where users can select and manage content whether it be free or subscription based. Unfortunately though specific pricing information for content or the reader itself still hasn’t been announced.

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