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Cliphit From Korg Turns Any Surface Into A Drum Kit


If you can’t take your drums with you ehwever you go, Korg now gives you the ability to turn just about any surface into a drunk kit. With the Cliphit, you attach up to three sensor clips onto surfaces like tables, cardboard boxes, notebooks, empty buckets, and just start playing. The attached control box will interpret the vibrations and start belting out sampled sounds, which you can control through a foot pedal. A 3-inch speaker with 2W output and a bass-reflex design ensures that your playing is amplified, at least enough for passersby to hear you and maybe toss a couple of dollars your way. Or maybe just for you to hear, since usage of the Korg Cliphit isn’t limited to street performing.

There’s no price or availability information at the moment.

[ Product Page ]

Custom Super Mario Drum Set is Awesome

Super Mario Drum Set

This Super Mario Brothers-themed drum set was made by Josh Fry and it’s all kinds of awesome. It features everyone’s favorite characters from the Mario franchise, including Mario himself, Luigi, the Princess, and even the Toad. I also see the Fire Flower power up and several question mark blocks that are just ripe for the hitting.

VIA [ Geekologie ]

DrumPants Are Exactly What They Seem To Be


You’re looking at a set of flexible, velcro-attached strips with three touch sensitive zones. Each one of these zones can be assigned one of 100+ sounds so that you end up with a 6-instrument percussion set right on your thighs (or any other body part you feel like using). The strips are connected to a control box, which in turn connects either to an external speaker with wires, or (with the upgraded version of the kit) through Bluetooth 4.0 to your smartphone for added functionality. DrumPants are slim and unobtrusive and will allow you to jam pretty much anywhere, without having to lug real instruments around. Anyone that’s ever tapped a rhythm out on a steering wheel, or a table or any other surface will likely have thought about how cool it would be if those taps made “real” sounds. Well, yeah… now you can. $99 will buy you the basic kit, and $129 the upgraded kit with Bluetooth. It’s on Kickstarter so don’t expect immediate delivery, but the project is fully funded.


[ Project Page ] VIA [ TheAwesomer ]

‘Drop The Beat’ is a Vest With a Built-In Electronic Drum Kit

Drum Kit Vest

This isn’t the first time someone decided to create a wearable drum set, but this is the first time they actually did it right. Those so-called ‘drum’ shirts are usually novelty items that crank out drum-like sound effects that you usually hear from kids’ toys. Industrial design student Wesley Chau noticed this and set out to create a true musical piece of clothing in the form of ‘Drop the Beat.’

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