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The Only Time Safe Driving is a Game is When ‘RoadWars’ is Fired Up

Road Wars

Driving isn’t a game. Not only will you be putting your life at stake, but you’ll also be risking the lives of your passengers, other drivers on the road, and pedestrians. Driving this point across is RoadWars, which turns driving into a game. It’s a passive game when you’re driving, since all you’re supposed to do is fire it up and put your phone down while you’re on the road. While it runs, the app keeps track of your driving behavior and doles out rewards for safe driving. It’ll also slap you with penalties if you speed, swerve, or use your phone while you’re driving.

RoadWars is a social game, since you’ll be playing among your friends. Eventually, you’ll be able to figure out who among your crew is the safest driver and who among them needs to pay more attention on the road when they’re driving. Coins are awarded for every ten minutes of “safe” driving. By driving safely on certain roads, you’ll also be able to “claim” them. This is where the social aspect comes in, as you’ll have the chance to “steal” roads that your friends have claimed when you’re not driving.

RoadWars is available for free for iOS devices.


Shadow of the Colossus External Hard Drive is Colossally Awesome

Shadow of Colossus Hard Drive

Shadow of the Colossus is one of the most amazing video games ever. And if the rumors are right, then it’s going to be turned into a hopefully awesome movie as well. Something else that has to do with the franchise is this modded external hard drive that was made by a creative fan of the game.

For the mod, user foxfoxwaltz took a regular, old hard drive and turned it into this colossally awesome figure of Quadratus using only cardboard, some plaster, a whole lot of spraypaint, and some moss and lichens. It sounds simple but it’s obviously not that easy. You can see more of the actual building process here.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]