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Peppermint Shot Glasses Are Perfect For Christmas

Sometimes it’s sort of important that we describe a product, because hey, you don’t necessarily know what it does. Other times, a headline and picture is enough. That’s what we have here: peppermint shot glasses. They took the candy cane while it was still hot, and made it into a shot glass that you can eat after you’ve downed a couple of shots from it. Christmas fun!

It’s $11 for a set of 3.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ LikeCool ]

This Is A Brandy Pipe

A drinking post. Again. It’s the Holidays, innit? That’s enough of an excuse to justify talking about alkeehol, at least it is to me. So what you have here is a Brandy Pipe. Fancy, right?

To help you fully experience and appreciate the flavours of your favourite liqueur, the Brandy Pipe offers a long sipping stem that is gently warmed by your hand as you hold this delicate glass to help release hidden aromas and flavours. Presented in a foam lined gift box, this unique liqueur glass makes an ideal gift for anyone that appreciates a stronger drink. Based on the original sipper glasses from the 17th century, the Brandy Pipe follows traditional glass making techniques to help drinkers get the most from their drink and experience new flavours that were previously hidden.

I like it. I like it because I’ve started to suspect the part of my brain that deals with detecting flavours is slowly dying. It’s hard to know for sure, but anything that “brings flavours out” is A-ok by me. And at £12 (~$20), it makes a pretty easy gift.

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The Shot Flask Features Shot Glass In Body

Second post on drinking today. No, this has nothing to do with our recently self-imposed dry period. Nope. Not one thing…

But while we’re on the topic, might as well tell you about the Shot Flask. It’s pretty obvious what it is, and it’s genius. It’s a simple flask that contains a collapsible shot glass. No longer do you have to swig your liquor straight from the flask like an alcoholic; you can pretend to be upscale and just shoot it like a regular bar patron. Except you’re in a movie theatre and fooling no one, but hey, we don’t judge.

The Shot Flask holds 8 oz, and costs $25.

[ The Shot Flask ]

Das Horn: For When You Just Have To Drink Like A Viking

Men don’t drink beer from mugs, men drink beer from a hollowed-out animal tusk held in their right hand, while nonchalantly fighting a raging boar with the left. It’s just how it’s done, or at the very least it’s how it would be done in an Old Spice commercial. Except that, well… hollowing out an animal tusk might have been just fine in the time of Leif Eriksson but it’s not such an accepted practice nowadays. Enter the Das Horn, a BPS-free ABS plastic cup with a stainless steel rim. A metal stand allows you to set it down on a table, or you can hang it around your neck for some hands-free drinking. We think it looks pretty slick.

The Das Horn contains 24 oz. of liquid, and is dishwasher safe. Currently a project on Kickstarter, a $35 pledge will get you yours.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Beer/Shot Glass Encourages Stomach Party

By David Ponce

It’s well known that mixing your liquors is the best way to have a happening shindig in the confines of your stomach. It’s the kind of shindig that might have its partygoers leave suddenly… but you knew what we meant, so we’re not sure why that explanation was necessary. Anyway, the Beer/Shot glass is both smart and stupid at the same time. In one direction it holds 16 ounces of malted beverage. Turned the other way, it holds 2 ounces of whatever distillate you have on hand. It’s smart because, hey… good design. But, well, you can see where this is going. Still, if you insist on flogging your stomach, you can get yours for $19 for a set of two.

[ Product Page ] VIA [GearHungry ]

Roller Rock Glass Is The Boss Way Of Drinking Whisky

By David Ponce

There’s a right and a wrong way to drink certain drinks, like fine scotch or whisky. At the very least that’s what you’ll hear in some circles. You shouldn’t mix them with Coke, for one; if you’re paying top dollar for this stuff you want to taste the liquor. And you shouldn’t cool them down with tiny ice cubes, because these melt very quickly and they dilute your expensive distillate. The best shape for an ice cube is a perfect sphere, because it exposes the least amount of surface to the liquid. That’s why we think the above Roller Rock Glass makes drinking right much easier. It comes with a mold to make the ball-shaped ice in the first place, but most importantly features a conical protrusion at the bottom so that you may swirl your ice around, cooling and aerating your drink at the same time. Take these out along with the good bottle of Glenfidditch when your boss is visiting, and you’ll be on your way to that promotion in no time. It’s $20.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearHungry ]

Clink! Glass Is A Field Sobriety Test

By David Ponce

You’re at a shindig, a mixer, a hoe-down… you’re having fun and chasing your Jack with some Jamie. Life is great but next thing you know, you’re hugging the toilet and wish you were dead. You should have stopped some time ago, friend. While most of us know where that limit is, the Clink! glass is there to give an amusing little aid to the ones of us who don’t. It contains a tiny maze that lives in the bottom of the glass; should you find yourself unable to complete it for lack of finer motor skills, that should be a sign you should switch your bourbon for some water.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ CoolMaterial ]

Tovolo Ice Spere Molds Are Cheaper Than Other Solutions

By David Ponce

Back in August of last year, we reported on this device that made spherical ice for proper whisky consumption. It worked… but cost $800. Today we present you the Tovolo Ice Sphere Mold. Instead of taking a large chunk of ice and pressing it into a ball, why not simply freeze it into that shape to start with? And save, oh, $785? Yeah, see, for $15 you can get this here mold and chill your beverage in the most efficient manner that doesn’t involve whisky rocks.

Granted, this won’t work in a bar setting, where you’ll likely need to keep making several spheres throughout the night. That was the target market for that other press. But for the home, this right here will do. Incidentally, it’ll give you 2.5 inch ice balls.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gear Hungry ]