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Battery Powered Drill Features Gyro Sensor For Automated Drilling Direction

You’d think that setting the direction in which your drill bit rotates isn’t a particularly demanding task, but you’d be wrong. At least, it’s demanding enough that it strikes us as worth removing, especially if it can be done cheaply and elegantly. The Black & Decker Max Gyro features a “gyro sensor” that knows its own orientation and uses this information not only to determine whether you’re trying to screw in or out, but also to set the speed at which it does so. It’s very intuitive: turn the thing clockwise to screw in, with the speed increasing as you increase the angle of your hand. And of course, it works exactly the same way in reverse.

Now we’re not talking about a serious, industrial strength drill here. It’s a 4V model and will be perfect for light jobs but nothing more. Still, its Li-Ion battery will hold a charge up to 18 months, so you can just toss it in a drawer and forget it until you need to hang a painting or something. It’s $40 and will be available starting November 1st.

Hit the jump for a video of the thing in Japanese, as well as links.

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Purchase The World’s Tiniest Drill

tiny drill

By David Ponce

This drill is about the smallest we’ve ever seen. The word drill in this case is a bit of a hyperbole as it doesn’t actually do any drilling. It will however spin the drill bit upon pressing the trigger, and that’s close enough for us. Plus, who’s ever heard of a drill you can wear as a pendant? That’s pretty sweet!

It’s 85 euros for one, and we like how the guy who handmakes them and can take up to two weeks to ship them to you actually took the time to make a pretty straightforward FAQ:

what can it drill?


why did you make it?

because I like it

what’s in the price?

3 euro – PayPal charge

10 euro – materials

10 euro – worldwide shipment

14 euro – VAT tax

20 euro – income tax

28 euro – 2 hours of meticulous work

can I get the graphic file to make it myself?

sure, drop me a line

Hit the jump for a video of the drill in action.

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