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SkyBell Doorbell: See Who’s At the Door Without Even Getting Up

SkyBell Doorbell

Sometimes, the doorbell rings at the worst moments– when you’re still in bed, in the shower, playing a video game, or watching a particularly interesting football match. It gets easier when you have Skybell, though. It’s a doorbell that functions as a virtual sentry of sorts by letting you see who’s at the door without even having to get up and open it.

Skybell hooks up to your WiFi connection so you can see who’s at the door by checking your phone. You’ll also be able to communicate with visitors through Skybell (and turn away salesmen) in the comforts of wherever you currently are when the bell rang. What’s more, you’ll get an alert on your mobile if it senses someone loitering by your door, even when they haven’t pressed the button.

It’s available online for $199.

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Super Mario Doorbell is a Huge Level Up From the Usual

You might want to get your tools ready, because you’ll probably never be satisfied with your current doorbell after you see the one programmer Joseph Thai has by his front door. It was created with a Super Mario Brothers theme in mind. The button is covered with an image of a coin, and there’s a counter that keeps track of how many times the doorbell has been pressed (or how many coins have already been collected. Get it?)

Every time a guest presses the coin button, the counter displayed will increment and the coin sound from Mario will be played. As a special bonus, every 10 coins will cause the life-up sound to be played, and every 100 coins will cause the mushroom upgrade sound to be played.

Want to make your own? Joseph was nice enough to post all the technical stuff on his website.

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DoorBot Shows You Who’s At the Door (and Lets You Tell Them to Buzz Off, If They’re Unwanted)


Fitting your home with an automated security system requires a huge investment. But if you currently don’t have the cash to get one installed, then  it’s a good thing that gadgets like the DoorBot exist to help you out a bit on that end.

The DoorBot is a WiFi-enabled doorknob with a camera cleverly built in it, so you can see who’s at the door without having to get up and actually check since the camera is automatically activated when they press the doorbell. It works in conjunction with an app, which flashes an alert on your smartphone whenever someone’s at the door. It then lets you access the video feed and either unlock the door or talk to whoever has come a-knocking (or rather, a-ringing.)

Check out a video of the DoorBot in action after the break.

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