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Now You Can Own a 3D-Printed Stormtrooper With Your Face On It

3D Printed Stormtroopers

Disney owns the Star Wars franchise now and they can do whatever they want with it, including adding themed attractions to their parks that will let you have a Stormtrooper 3D-printed with your face on it. It’s called the Star Wars D-Tech Me experience and it’ll be available at Disney’s parks starting this summer.

The whole scanning process will take all but ten minutes, but you’ll have to wait around 8 weeks for the delivery of your customized Stormtrooper. The entire thing will set you back $99.95 plus taxes and shipping charges.

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These Shoes Are Literally Bad-Ass: Disney Villainess High Heels

Disney Villain High Heels

Think your heels are bad? Then you obviously haven’t seen designer Kobi Levi‘s series of handmade high heels featuring none other than the villains from some of Disney’s most popular franchises, starting with Snow White. I’m sure you’ve recognized the Evil Queen’s face painted on the peep-toe high heels in the image above by now.

Check out a side-view of the shoes after the jump to see just how fierce they are. We’ve also got Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Ursula from The Little Mermaid after that view to tickle your fancy further.

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Better Than I Imagined: If Disney Made ‘Game of Thrones’…

A lot of people were up in arms when news broke that Disney had acquired LucasFilm and was planning to make another Star Wars movie. I guess the decision made sense since the series was made to be relatively child-friendly. But can you imagine what would happen if HBO gave the reigns of Game of Thrones to Disney?

Some people did more than just imagine, and the result is this video–and it’s surprisingly good. But maybe that’s because I grew up with Disney and princesses always have a soft spot in my heart. Watch the clip and judge for yourself.

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Disney And Apple Team Up To Create A New Video Distribution Model


By Chris Scott Barr

Technology is both a wonderful and frustrating thing. On one hand, it is always evolving and bringing us new features in a better, smaller package. Unfortunately as the new comes out, the old becomes obsolete. The easiest example of this would be movies. When the DVD came out it had far superior quality to the older VHS. Now it’s difficult to even find a VCR to play those old tapes. Thankfully Blu-ray players are backwards-compatible, but what about the next leap in technology? Well Disney and Apple think they have a solution.

Eventually we are going to get to a point where media is almost completely distributed digitally. Music is slowly getting there, and movies will begin catching up. But when you start distributing movies digitally, there becomes an issue of licensing and DRM. Apple and Disney have teamed up to create “Keychest.”

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Disneyland’s Latest High Tech Ride

By Jonathan Kimak

June 17th was the day of days at Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park. They officially opened Toy Story Mania, the newest and most technologically advanced ride in all of Disney.

The ride consists of you getting into a little two-seater vehicle, donning 3-D glasses and playing virtual carnival games with Toy Story characters. The games also have a 4-D element in that some things that you do, like popping balloons with darts, can result in you getting air blown in your face or water shot at you (if you hit a virtual water balloon). The vehicle keeps track of your score, but of course just like real carnival games, you don’t actually win anything.

It takes 150 computers to run all the aspects of the ride, including 56 computers running Windows XP to control the 56 game screens on the ride. So at least Disney is smart enough to not use Vista. Ride time is about 6 minutes and the wait time for a new ride during the peak of summer is around sometime next wednesday if you get in line today.

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