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Disney Theme Parks Are Serving Mac n’ Cheese Cones


We are feeling our arteries clog as we write this post, not because we had any of these delicious looking concoctions, but just because we’re looking at them. Yes, that’s a gigantic bread cone containing macaroni and cheese. And while the cones themselves are not new (they might’ve been around since 2012), the fact that they’re at Disney is. To be precise, this particular cone was sold at the concession stand at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Fantasmic!. Wendy from the DisneyFoodBlog took the picture, and she chose to have her cone with bacon sprinkled on top. Good for you, Wendy! They’re about $10 each, and come in Mac n’ Cheese and Chilli Cheese variations. Each one is served with Lays, and probably 5 times your recommended daily intake of carbs and fats. Enjoy!

[ DisneyFoodBlog ] VIA [ ThatsNerdALicious ]

Even Princesses Have Facial Fuzz: Disney’s Princesses with Beards

Disney Princesses with Beards

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems like a lot of people are hung up on beards lately (remember the Super Beards that Braun used in their ads?) It’s not limited to human beards either, because cat beards are pretty hot, too. And while only men have beards in real life, BuzzFeed’s  decided that women can rock them, too, and came up with a gallery featuring Disney’s princesses sporting flowing manes on their scalps and on their chins. [Let’s not forget it’s Movember! -Ed.]

Meet the Bearded Mermaid, the Sleeping Beardy, Beardahontas, and more in his amusing gallery, which you can check out after the break.

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If Disney Princesses Had Regular-Sized Eyes, They’d Look Like This

Disney Princesses with Regular Eyes

Normal is relative, and when it comes to Disney’s princesses, the feature that varies the most is the size of their eyes. Ariel has noticeably large peepers, while Cinderella looks like she’s got closer-to-normal sized eyes. But what about the rest of the princesses? Well, Jen Lewis took it upon herself to edit their eyes so that each pair would be proportional to the face of the princess they belong to.

The result is what you see above and in the gallery after the break. Needless to say, most of them look odd, but maybe that’s because we’re used to seeing them with their larger-than-life eyes.

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Très Magnifique: Disney Princesses Decked Out in Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

Disney Princesses in Costume

As someone who grew up watching Disney movies and wishing for princessy stuff to happen in real life, I think this gallery of Disney princesses dressed in pop culture-themed Halloween costumes is nothing short of awesome. Most of the princesses stick to one persona. Some are damsels in distress, a couple are rebellious and angst-filled, while most are just too kind and have their toes stepped on by others most of the time.

So it’s definitely interesting to see another side of them, even though it wasn’t done by Disney. This gallery was created by Isaiah Stephens, who gave each princess a Halloween makeover by dressing them up in costumes that somehow reflect their character a bit. There’s Aurora as Daenerys Targaryen, Pocahontas as Katniss Everdeen, Snow White as Wonder Woman (she looks super!), Jasmine as Chun-Li, and more.

Check out more from the series in the gallery after the break.

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Unhappily Ever Afterlife: Zombie Disney Princess Dolls

Zombie Disney Doll1

Disney’s princesses don’t always have it all. Like the rest of us, they die, and some of them even come back as the undead, completely changed but still bearing a resemblance to their old selves. You can see this clearly in the unique set of dolls by Wow Wee. They’ve created zombified versions of Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, Rapunzel, and Snow White that still look cute despite their ghastly appearance and tattered clothing.

Each Zombie Princess doll is priced at $33. Hit the break to check it out the rest of the dolls in the series.

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Disney Princesses Dressed In Their Princes’ Threads

Disney Princesses in Prince0

Maybe this gallery by Haruki Godo will inspire Disney to produce spin-offs and spoofs of some of their biggest movies. Or maybe it won’t, but it’s still pretty awesome either way. Instead of dressing up the princesses in their usual gowns and frilly dresses, Haruko decided to suit them up in their partner’s threads.

Belle ditches the yellow ball gown for the Beast’s dashing uniform. Ariel does the same and looks pretty good in Eric’s suit. But I think Jasmine steals the scene in Aladdin’s garb that looks like it was made for her. Hit the jump to check out the full gallery of the princesses dressed in their princes’ clothes!

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What If Disney’s Princesses Used Instagram?

Disney Princess Instagram

If Disney’s princesses had Instagram, what do you think they’ll post? B for Bel did the thinking for you and came up with this fun gallery featuring IG posts that the princesses you love (or hate?) the most would post if they really existed–and if they also had Instagram accounts, too.

From food to fashion and selfies, this gallery almost has it all. Check it out after the break!

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The Great Disney x Nicolas Cage Crossover

Disney Nic Cage

Nicolas Cage is so popular, he’s even got his own meme. Disagree all you want, but he’s one of the most widely-visible actors on the web–although not it’s not all good or positive sometimes. Somewhere in the middle though, are these Nic Cage x Disney Princesses crossovers where the head of each Disney princess has been replaced by Nic’s.

Who knew he’d make such a pretty mermaid?

Hit the break for the rest of these hilarious GIFs by Jen Lewis.

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Childhood Ruined: Honest Titles for Disney Movies

Disney Honest Titles

Most kids my generation grew up watching Disney movies and just taking the whole fairytale scenario in. But once you transition into adulthood, you eventually see that not everything is at it seems, and that people who get married after seeing each other just once or twice eventually get divorced.

Too honest? Well, prepare for more brutal honesty with these series of posters by TheFW portraying some of the most well-known and much-loved movies by Disney. Hit the break for the rest of the series.

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