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Sony To Launch Innovative Lens-Cameras


Another camera? Yawn, right? Well, not quite. We’re actually really intrigued by the rumored DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 from Sony. These are not cameras, at least not complete ones. They’re meant to be attached to a smartphone (iOS or Android), and operated through the on-screen buttons, but the “cameras” lack a display, even a shutter. What they do have is “a sensor, processor, zoom lens, WiFi connectivity and an SD card slot.” Not just any sensor and lens, mind you, but the vaunted 1 inch RX100 Mark II sensor and Carl Zeiss lens in the DSC-QX10. The QX100 will get a “larger 10x focal range and a 1/2.3-inch 18-megapixel CMOS sensor.” So yeah, you might be able to squeeze some pretty high quality shots from your phone… but really it’s not your phone anymore, now is it? Granted it’s not a full fledged dSLR either, so an argument could be made for portability. But these are crossover products and these can be hit or miss. The DSC-QX10 and QX100 are expected to be officially announced on September 4, for an as-yet-unknown price.

[ SonyAlphaRumors ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Big Shot Digicam Comes In Assemble-Yourself Kit


Watching hordes of American children fail at knowing that chips came from potatoes and that eggs came from chicken while watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was shocking and eye opening. Granted the kids were young and would eventually learn (hopefully), but it made you realize that you do have to put some effort into getting people to figure out that stuff can be made from… other stuff. The Big Shot digital camera you see above is the brainchild of Shree Naya who believes that the best way to get children and adults of all ages to learn how it works is to get them to assemble it before they can use it. It’s a fully functioning digicam, with a “3-megapixel sensor, a 1.4-inch LCD screen, plus three lenses for different shooting modes (normal, 3D and panorama).” We’re not convinced you’ll produce prize worthy captures with it, but you will at least be relatively smarter than you were before you got started. It’s $89.

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 1.08.44 PM

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Throwable Camera Prototype Takes Stunning Pictures Of Everything While In Flight


Boston-based inventor Steve Hollinger has been hard at work developing a throwable panoramic digital camera with image stabilization that produces awesome in-the-air images. The prototype is called Squito, and seems to be the size of a large baseball, or a small softball. Decked with several cameras on all sides, and packed with a bunch of sensors, the Squito knows which way it’s spinning, and where it is in the air at any given time, which allows it to reorient pictures and stitch them together into panoramas and 360 views, all on the fly. Captured images and videos are then sent wirelessly to a smartphone, for your enjoyment.

There is no detail concerning commercialization plans, other than to say that Steve is looking for funding to bring this to market. Why he hasn’t put together a Kickstarter, we’re not sure, but we feel he’d be quite successful. Check out the video below to get a sense of why.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

GIF-TY: Turn Short GIFs Into Actual Paper Flip-books


Remember flip-books? You know, that old school stack of papers that you flip through with your thumb to reveal an animation? The GIF-TY from designer Jiho Jang is a digital camera that integrates a Zero Ink printer and produces flip-books. Set it to record between 1 and 5 seconds, shoot your clip (burst-mode style), and print. Just like that the device will print a long strip of images (at what framerate, we’re not sure, but presumably not very high) that you will have to cut (or tear off) and stack into a pile. It’s a little time consuming, sure, and maybe irrelevant for some in an age of fullHD video capable smartphones. But if that’s your hangup, you clearly don’t get GIF-TY and that’s fine. But even if you’re already lusting to get your hands on one, you can’t. It looks like there’s only the one prototype at the moment, with no word on eventual availability.


If you want a video and links, keep reading.

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Leica M Is An $8,000 Monochrome Camera

By David Ponce

In the world of cameras, Leicas are the Ferraris. We don’t quite see why, as Ferraris have superior performance, and well… do Leica’s have superior performance? To be honest, we don’t know; we never tried one ourselves and don’t know enough about photography to weigh in either way. But we can assure you, they’re expensive, and the new Leica M is no exception. Clocking in at a chunky $8,000, it takes nothing but black and white pictures and has an 18-megapixel, full-frame CCD sensor, ISO range up to 10,000, SD-based storage, and a 2.5-inch display. They say a dedicated black and white sensor is better than it is to remove the colour after the fact; they argue that it will make for sharper, more detailed imaging. Maybe. There’s also news of a 50mm f2 Summicron lens to go along with this camera. Well, no… let’s put that another way. The lens is not included! And that particular lens? It’s $7,200.

Anyway, everything is up for pre-order and should be out later this year.

So… anyone out there ever buy a Leica? Was it… worth it? Or is this purely a status item?

[ Product page ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Clutching At Design Straws, Sony’s Latest Point And Shoot Features A Glass Case

By David Ponce

The main reason Kodak recently filed bankruptcy is that when they finally decided to try and be competitive in the digital camera market, that market itself started dissolving right before their feet; it was too little way too late. But how is this true? Well, it’s simple: smartphone cameras are quickly making standalone point and shoots obsolete. Many people consider these pictures “good enough”, so it’s becoming harder for new arrivals on the market to stand out. Sony’s idea with the Cyber-Shot DSC-TX200V? Make the case out of glass (to match your smartphone, perhaps?) and slap a half grand sticker price on it. Yeah, as in $500. Sure, it’s got lots of features, which are detailed after the jump. But… really, Sony? For a couple hundred more you can get into entry level dSLR territory…

In any case, we’re not judging if the point and shoot still has a place in your heart. If that’s the case, keep reading for a full list of specs.

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This Is Allegedly The World’s Smallest Camera

By David Ponce

Don’t sneeze when you take it out, it might just fly out of your hand and disappear it’s so darn small. Even though it’s been out for a couple of months now, we just recently came across this little thing from Hammacher Schlemmer. It claims to be the world’s smallest digital camera, and at 1 1/8″ L x 1″ W x 1 1/16″ in size, it might be. It weighs only half an ounce and yet is capable of taking pictures at a 2MP resolution (1600 x 1200), and video at 30 fps and 640 x 480. The camera comes with a 2 GB microSD card but supports up to 32 GB.

It’s $100.

[ Product Page ]

Polaroid Releases Z340 Instant Digital Camera

By David Ponce

Polaroid pictures have become somewhat of a relic, a nice reminder of simpler times when cameras had films and being able to hold your shot instantly was the pinnacle of technology. And while film has gone the way of the dodo, being able to hold on to a printed piece of paper immediately after taking a picture still can have some value. At least for those of us old enough to appreciate that value. Polaroid’s gone ahead and made the Z340 in the hopes you’ll agree. Combining ink free printing technology ZINK, the Z340 looks a lot like Lady Gaga’s yet-to-be-released GL30 but is available right now. 14 megapixels, it’s able to print 25 4″ X 3″ pictures in one battery charge.

It’s not the first time Polaroid tries its hand at this; let’s remember the Polaroid PoGo. The Z340 looks more like the cameras of old and the pictures it prints are somewhat bigger than the PoGo. For $300, you too can re-live a digitally remastered remake of your youth.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

Digimo Camera Concept Has A Split Personality

By David Ponce

Concepts are a love/hate sort of thing at OhGizmo. Mostly hate because we rarely get to buy and own them, although there have been exceptions. We wish the Digimo Camera becomes one such exception as it looks like a really cool way to take pictures. The device would essentially be two cameras joined together. When used in this way, you can capture pictures in 3D. The fun really begins when you split them. You can then position one camera somewhere and control it remotely via the other one. This can create picture taking opportunities that traditional cameras can’t give you, as people and animals tend to behave differently when they know they’re about to be shot. It goes without saying that the LCD on the remote camera would display what the picture-taking cam is seeing.

Check out the rest of the post for a bunch more pictures showing you the different types of scenarios the Digimo could enable. Again, this is just a concept right now, but here’s hoping that it somehow makes its way into a real product.

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