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DoubleTap .45 Caliber Pistol Is World’s Smallest

By David Ponce

Usually when you think of a .45 caliber pistol, you think of something meaty and large, like a Glock or the classic Colt .45. But Heizer Defense’s DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol does away with big, opting instead for an almost cute 5/8 of an inch wide, 12 ounce double action gun. Double action meaning that one pull of the 10lbs trigger will eject both rounds simultaneously. Unfortunately, there’s no traditional magazine, so you’re stuck having to reload manually, although the butt contains two more rounds that are held together by a speed strip “so you can do a tactical reload.” It’s still only 4 rounds on the gun itself which may be a deal breaker for some. But considering the kind of firepower you’re looking at, and especially given that it’s two bullets being fired at once… you should be just fine, as long as you can hit a target. The DoubleTap also features interchangeable barrels so that you can use 9mm rounds as well.

The aluminum version is $500 and for $750, you can get a titanium DoubleTap.

Hit the jump for another picture and a demo video (no shooting, unfortunately).

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Smartguard iPhone Case Packs Some Pepperspray

By David Ponce

Leaving the home with your keys, your wallet and your phone is usually all you need. But what if you worry about your own safety. Muggings happen, and they’re not usually as entertaining as when it happened to that girl in that TV show with the city and all the fashion and stuff. Packing some pepperspray is never a bad idea, and the SmartGuard case for the iPhone features a special compartment to do just that. A specially shaped can of Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) fits right in there, and a special plastic tab prevents accidental discharge. As soon as you take the can out of the case, it’s ready to shoot 6 half second bursts of OC, at up to 5 feet away.

This unfortunately appears to be available in Germany, Switzerland and Austria only. It’s €37.50 for the case, and additional pepperspray bottles are €20.

[ Product Page ] VIA All Over Teh Intertubes

Shark Eats Anti-Shark Device In Test (Oops)


By Evan Ackerman

As you might expect, that headline doesn’t tell anything close to the whole story, but it’s essentially true and dripping with irony. And I like the picture. In a test off the coast of South Australia, a Shark Shield device (which is supposed to repel sharks with a conductive field that causes them to experience uncomfortable muscle spasms if they get too close) was chomped on by a 12 foot long Great White shark. The device was attached to a float at the time, instead of a surfer. The company says that the test failure was due to a problem with the electrode generating the field, and not with the way the thing works, but I’m not sure that would make me feel much better.

Shark ShieldThe company says on their website that “the testing conducted to date proves conclusively (100% of the time) that sharks detest the effect the field has on them, and will keep a safe distance between themselves and the Shark Shield”, but a spokesman has modified that to “nobody wearing a Shark Shield has ever been attacked by a shark.” My guess is that you’re probably better off with one of these things on than not, but keep in mind that your odds of being bitten by a shark are astronomically low. If you’re still worried, a personal Shark Shield for surfers or divers will cost you about $645.

[ Shark Shield ] VIA [ The Australian ]

QinetiQ Sentry – Unmanned Jet Skis For The Military

QinetiQ Sentry (Image courtesy QinetiQ) By Andrew Liszewski

QinetiQ, a defense contractor from the UK with poor spelling has developed an unmanned maritime reconnaissance vehicle that’s about the size of an average jet-ski. The small craft is designed for multiple military or security-based roles including harbor patrol, battlefield reconnaissance, intruder investigation and even damage assessment all without risking the lives of any sailors.

And even though it’s only about 3.5 meters in length the Sentry still has an advanced stealth design, is capable of speeds up to 50 knots and can run for about 6 hours at a time. It can also be configured to operate by remote using a simple PC-based console or it can be programmed to autonomously carry out pre-planned missions like patrolling a particular body of water.

The Sentry is yet another step in the military’s slow transition to unmanned vehicles. Not only do the remotely operated craft remove the military personnel from any danger but it also means the vehicles can be smaller and more fuel-efficient since they don’t need to accommodate a human pilot or any of the life-support and emergency systems that are required.

[ QinetiQ Sentry ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Super Soakers Now With Real Knockdown Power

Super Soaker

By Evan Ackerman

If you have kids, this is virtually guaranteed to be at the top of their birthday wish list: Special Materials (a Russian, uh, defense technology company) has developed a hand-held water cannon capable of delivering a 100 joule “bullet” of water to close range targets. You can do the math on what 100 joules equates to in terms of fists to the jaw, but Special Materials says that “such a jet will provide a damage effect at 5m [17 feet] distance.” The end product will be a portable, self-contained unit that weighs about 5 pounds and runs off of electricity and water, making it all too easy to reload. The appeal to law enforcement is that it’s actually much safer than a beanbag round while providing a similar effect. And of course, it’s much more fun to play with when it’s hot outside.

VIA [ Danger Room ]

Raytheon: Lasers All About Quantity, Not Quality


By Evan Ackerman

With everyone and their dog having personal laser pointers, why is it taking so long for the defense industry to produce a laser that’s actually capable of, you know, blowing stuff up? The problem is that most researchers are trying to pump up single beam generators into the range of 100 kilowatts, which is considered to be the minimum effective strength for a battlefield laser. Raytheon got fed up waiting, and built a fiber laser of only 20 kilowatts that was nonetheless able to detonate 60mm mortar rounds at a range of 500 yards. How? By having terrible beam quality.

While everyone else is trying to cram the most energy into the tightest beam, Raytheon just clumped a bunch of lower power lasers into a wider beam, which turned out to more effectively heat the mortar up causing it to explode, whereas a tight, high powered beam might punch a hole right through it. Next up: blowing up mortar rounds in flight by mounting the laser on a Phalanx platform.

Video goodness after the jump.

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MetalStorm: With Bullets, More = Better

By Evan Ackerman

MetalStorm has been pushing their military hardware for a while now (and without much tangible success), but since their weapon technology seems to be making the rounds again, here’s an admittedly cool video of one of their multi-barrel one million rounds per minute prototype guns destroying some defenseless stacks of plywood in slow-mo:

In a nutshell, MetalStorm achieves these ridiculously high rates of fire by stacking multiple bullets in multiple barrels and firing them all virtually at the same time with electronic triggers. The system is adaptable to a variety of ammunition (like grenades), and can be mounted on aircraft or vehicles or controlled remotely. So why no luck with the military? I can’t say for certain, but I would guess that you rarely need to fire 1,000,000 rounds a minute, and when you might, they’ve already got stuff that works pretty well.

[ MetalStorm ]

Two Exciting New Ways To Get Tasered

Shotgun Taser

By Evan Ackerman

If there’s one thing that a lot of tasers lack, it’s intimidation… see example. Taser International has completely, utterly destroyed this potential problem by developing a taser that can be fired out of a 12 gauge shotgun. The taser shell is fully self contained (no wires) and uses batteries to deliver 20 seconds worth of incapacitating spazz juice.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it takes more than a taser fired out of a shotgun to knock me down. Specifically to address my own personal badassness, Taser International has also developed a Claymore-style area affect taser module that fires not one, not two, but six individual tasers. I know what you’re thinking: six might not be enough to stop me… But you can mount additional units together, “like Legos,” for some serious electropwnage.


There’s nothing funnier than videos of people getting tasered, and Gizmodo has been graced with promotional vids of each system in action:

Shotgun Taser
Shockwave Array

Oh, and if you’ve got much in the way of personal experience with tasers, we’d love to hear how these two newcomers stack up against the only standbys. Especially on the receiving end. Have fun!

[ Taser International ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]

Intercontinental Ballistic UAVs

Predator Minuteman

By Evan Ackerman

DARPA, the defense department’s crazy-yet-plausible ideas office, is exploring the possibility of launching unmanned aerial surveillance aircraft with ballistic missiles. I completely understand the “strapping a huge rocket to it will make it better” philosophy in general, but the specific advantage that DARPA is pursuing is the potential to drop a surveillance UAV anywhere in the world in under an hour. Sounds like a great idea, and it is… The only problem is the launch platform: certain countries (I’m looking at you, Russia and China) get a little bit jumpy when they see the US launching intercontinental ballistic missiles, and these same certain countries have plenty of intercontinental ballistic missiles of their own, not necessarily armed with surveillance UAVs.

VIA [ Danger Room ]