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ZAP Cane Packs A Hidden Punch

By Chris Scott Barr

Whenever you see someone with a cane, you think that they are likely injured or have a disability. With this not-so-innocent-looking ZAP cane, you better make sure you don’t upset whoever owns it or you will be in some serious trouble.  It has a carrying case to make it look ominous (if that’s possible), and a charger to keep it juiced up. This handy ZAP cane let’s its holder pack a bit more punch than necessary…about 1 million volts to be exact.

Though it can be illegal in some states, this is an awesome cane to have on hand. It’ll set you back about 90 bucks and it even has a flashlight so you can see who you’re roasting if it’s dark.

[ BudK ] VIA [ Awesomer ]

The X-Net Improves On The Stop Sticks


By David Ponce

Part of the fun in watching cop shows on TV is seeing the “bad guy” run over spike strips (or stop sticks, if you prefer), only to see him keep on driving with tires disintegrating, and sparks flying and smoke billowing. But all that hilarity might end if this X-Net is ever embraced by law enforcement agencies.

See, the problem with the spike strips… is the fact that they’re strips. They bust a tire, but that’s it. The X-Net, as you might have guessed, is, well, a net. It’s covered in spikes and when run over by a car, wraps itself around the tire and wedges itself in. Once this happens, the wheels won’t turn anymore, and the vehicle comes to a stop. It can handle vehicles in excess of 10,000 pounds, and if used with the X-Tendâ„¢ deployment system, can be on the ground in about 3 seconds.

Of course, there are drawbacks; with withdrawal for instance: if the fugitive avoids the X-Net, trailing police cars might not be so lucky.

We don’t know how much it is, but it does seem to be available now.

[ X-Net ] VIA [ SciFi Tech ]