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Woot-Off Underway

wootlogoBy Evan Ackerman

Recession? What recession? Now is the perfect time to buy more electronic crap that you kinda want but don’t really need! normally sells one heavily discounted gizmo-y item every 24 hours, but during a Woot-Off, a new item appears as soon as the current item sells out (sometimes after mere seconds). Nobody knows what’s coming up next, but whatever it is, it’s dirt cheap (with flat rate $5 shipping). Among the items you’ve missed so far have been a solar gadget charger for $10, an 8 gig 2nd gen iPod Touch for $170, a PowerSquid for $4, a 4.3″ GPS nav for $89, and a badass Roomba 565 for only $170.

If you’re too lazy to refresh the page to see when the item changes, here’s a list of automatic Woot-Off checkers that do it for you.

[ Woot! ]

SSDs Get Closer To Affordability


By Evan Ackerman.

Solid State Drives. They’re fast, they’re efficient, they’re durable, they’re sexy, and until recently they’ve been wicked expensive. Unless you’re loaded, you’re still not going to be using them to store all of your illegally downloaded media, but that’s fine, it’s not really what they’re for. Super Talent has come out with a line of UltraDrive SSDs that might just be cheap enough for you to stuff into a netbook, where you don’t really need tons of storage but you do need battery life and shock protection. Or stick in in your desktop and move your OS there to take advantage of the fast read/write speeds.

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of an affordable SSD, and the Super Talent UltraDrive series is just about there… A 2.5″ SATAII 32 gig drive costs $128. You can get 64 gigs for about $200, and the drives top out at 256 gigs for nearly $650. The UltraDrive ME series has read/write speeds of up to 200/160 MB/sec, and should be substantially more efficient when it comes to power consumption. They’re available now from NewEgg.

$128 for a 32 gig SSD still too much for you? How ’bout 30 gigs for $83 shipped? You can get an OCZ drive from NewEgg by clicking here, downloading this rebate form, and using coupon code EMCLPMX37.

[ Super Talent SSDs @ NewEgg ] VIA [ Hot Hardware ]

Woot-Off Underway

wootlogoBy Evan Ackerman normally sells one heavily discounted gizmo-y item every 24 hours, but during a Woot-Off, a new item appears as soon as the current item sells out (sometimes after mere seconds). Nobody knows what’s coming up next, but whatever it is, it’s dirt cheap (with flat rate $5 shipping). Among the items you’ve missed so far have been an 8″x6″ USB graphics tablet for $30, a Pentax K100D DSLR body for $240, and a Netgear wireless router and USB print server for $20.

If you’re too lazy to refresh the page to see when the item changes, here’s a list of automatic Woot-Off checkers.

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Woot-Off In Progress

By Evan Ackerman

Now’s the time to get your hands on bushels of underpriced electronics to fill all of those gaps in your holiday shopping list. is having a pre-holiday rapid fire blowout sale, and so far you’ve missed some cheapo MP3 players, a Roomba 565 for a scant $170, a portable iPod video player, and a bunch of other excellent crap at ridiculously low prices (even for the internet). Stay up all night to cash it, ’cause once it’s gone, it’s gone, and new items are popping up quicker than you can click the buy button. Get your automatic Woot-Off checkers here.

[ Woot ]

Wal-Mart May Sell $99 4GB iPhone As Of Dec 28

By Evan Ackerman

This is certainly not an, um, certainty, but rumor has it that Wal-Mart will being selling a 4 gig version of the Apple iPhone for a mere $99, starting December 28th. This sounds like a relatively good deal, but remember that you’ll be paying nearly that much every month (usually about $70) to use the thing. And you don’t even get all of that storage… Out of the box, the 8 gig iPhone has something like 7.08 gigs free (the OS eats up the rest), so it seems likely that an 4 gig iPhone will only give you a little bit over 3 gigs to play with. Furthermore, Wal-Mart (just like everywhere else) requires you to sign a new 2-year contract with AT&T, so even if you’re okay with 4 gigs right now, you should ask yourself how you’ll feel about that amount of storage a year or so down the road.

VIA [ Macrumors ]

Fujitsu Laptop4Life Program Gives You A New Laptop Every 3 Years, Forever

By Evan Ackerman

Fujitsu computers is launching a program called Laptop4Life, that does just that: buy one of their Lifebook laptops, and then every 3 years, you’ll be able to get a brand new model, absolutely free. The only attached string seems to be that you need to buy the 3 year extended warranty (and you can only upgrade using Fujitsu parts), but otherwise, you’ll just need the original receipt and your old laptop in “good” condition. The new laptop you get will have the same value as the one you originally bought, plus 10% to cover inflation, but the big draw is of course the updated hardware and software that you’ll get with the new system. And you can keep on doing this until you die, although Fujitsu does stipulate that you can’t pass the Laptop4Life program on in your will.

I have no idea why why Fujitsu is doing this, but who am I to punch a gift horse in the mouth… They say that they’ll make money by selling you services and accessories, but I can’t see how that could possibly cover the cost of one new laptop, much less thirty (I plan to live a looooong time).

The smart thing to do (if you have faith that Fujitsu will last as long as you do) would be to buy their highest end system, which looks pretty decent. I personally have no experience with Fujitsu, but this program is making me seriously consider their stuff. Maybe I’ll buy three Lifebooks over three years, and then just keep on rotating ’em out for a new one every year…

[ Fujitsu Lifebook4Life ] VIA [ ITPro ]

Black Friday Websites To Watch

By Evan Ackerman

PC Magazine (which is now entirely digital, by the way) has put together a Top 10 list of Black Friday websites to check out if you want to know what’s going to be on sale at specific stores come Friday morning, or more usefully, where to go to get the lowest price on exactly what you want. Looking for a nice car GPS system for under $100 like I am? TGIBlackFriday lists 27 (!) of them, many of which are available online as well as in store. If you’d just like to find the best of the best, has a rundown of the top 5 best deals in a variety of categories… A Logitech cordless optical mouse for $5? I’ll take it.

Check out the full list over at PC Magazine, and plan out your Black Friday down to the last dirt cheap gadget.

[ PC Magazine ]

Sam’s Club Wii Bundle Isn’t So Great Of A Deal After All

This post is syndicated with permission from

You know that old saying about how if something sounds too good to be true, that it probably is? Well this also applies to Black Friday. I tend to keep my eyes out for the best deals in advance, then pick a store to camp out in front of for the night. This year I had decided upon Sam’s Club, due to their ridiculously priced Wii package. Unfortunately reality kicked in, and I’ll be spending a cold morning somewhere else.

Apparently whoever leaked the Black Friday circular for Sam’s Club decided to have a bit of fun at all of our expense. They seem to have photoshopped the price to be around $200 cheaper than it actually was. The price we’re seeing now (though it hasn’t been confirmed) is $425, which while it’s still a decent deal, doesn’t seem quite as grabbing. We’ll keep you posted and let you know when we have an actual circular in our hands (or an official announcement) for the exact price.

[ Walmart ] VIA [ GamerFront ]

Deals – Valve Complete Pack For $100 Includes Left 4 Dead

This post is syndicated with permission from

I’ve been impressed by Steam for a long time, and am always more than happy to purchase a new title via the service. I think Valve really found that balance between giving the customers the freedom to actually play their purchased games when and where they want, and still combating piracy. Honestly, in order for a service like this to work, it not only has to be something people don’t mind using, but something they actually enjoy using. Of course, having excellent package deals on your games doesn’t hurt things either. Every now and then you’ll find a huge bundle of games for a good price, and right now is one of those times.

The Valve Complete Pack was recently made available, which combines 22 different Valve titles. The $99.99 price tag does seem a bit steep, until you look at everything you’re getting. Sure, you’ll see all of the titles from The Orange Box, but even its value pales in comparison to what you’re getting here. Hit the jump for a complete listing of games.
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