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4 Deal Black Friday Roundup!


It’s Black Friday! That means it’s time to shop, and what’s better than a roundup of our 4 best deals?

Let’s start with:

FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds at 75% off. They’re $29.95 instead of $119.95.

The hit FRESHeBUDS earbuds are back and better than ever with the new Pro model. Even more water and sweat resistant to stand up to any outdoor activity, these new buds have enhanced battery life, and automatically pair to your phone when pulled apart so you don’t have to go through any setup. With a smoother fit and better sound quality as well, these are the earbuds of the future.

– Designed to be sweat & water resistant
– Features unrivaled sound quality for compact size
– Includes a battery that lasts for up to 10 hours of playtime
– Fully charges up in just 90 minutes
– Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth as soon as you pull apart the earbuds
– Allows you to answer calls straight from the earbuds w/ a built-in microphone
– Designed to be comfortably lightweight & secure in your ears
– Turn off when placed together, turn on when pulled apart

Next up, we have:
PureVPN: Lifetime Subscription 90% off, so it’s $59 instead of $597.

Make sure your personal data and Internet activity are never exposed with the extremely reliable VPN trusted by over a million users. PureVPN’s self-managed VPN network has a wider reach (550+ servers nodes in 141 countries) and allows more simultaneous device connections (five) than pretty much any other VPN out there.

“Bottom line: Solid performer giving nice mix of advanced and newbie features. Just enough features to stand out from the rest of the VPN service crowd.” PC Mag

– Connect w/ up to 5 devices at once at top speeds
– Access a gigantic 550+ servers in 141 countries across 6 continents
– Use w/ your routers, gaming consoles & smartTVs
– Use on nearly any device w/ an Internet connection
– Receive live support 24/7
– Encrypt data w/ proprietary software, a self-engineered network & absolutely no third-parties
– Secure your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots
– Utilize unlimited bandwidth & one-click functionality

Then there is:
Code Black Drone with HD CameraThis one is 77% off, down to $44.99 from $199.95.

The Code Black is our top-selling drone of all time–and for good reason. This powerful, palm-size drone is not only insanely fun to fly, but can capture some serious video footage from up above. With a flight time of about 10 minutes and an ultra-smooth ride, it’s a great introductory drone for anyone looking to dominate the sky. This exclusive offer can’t be found anywhere else on the web, so be sure to snag this great price before it flies away!

– Ready-to-fly out of the box
– 6-axis flight control system for an extremely stable flight
– 4-way flip (left, right, forward, backward) capabilities
– Beginner & expert flight modes
– Built-in quality HD camera

And finally:
Lytro Illum Camera Bundle Normally an eye watering $1,499.96, it’s discounted 80%, down to $299!

The Lytro Illum dares to be different, boasting even more robust features than its 1st Gen predecessor and a sleek design reminiscent of professional DSLRs. How? Most cameras capture the position of light rays, producing your average static 2D image. But the Illum’s cutting-edge technology records the direction of these rays, generating images you can later refocus, change perspective within, or view in 3D. You can essentially revisit the scene of the photo–meaning you’ll never miss snapping the perfect shot again.

– Take “living pictures” you can adjust afterwards
– Refocus your shots, change their perspective & view them in 3D, even in post-production
– Use familiar digital camera features: auto focus, exposure mode, etc.
– Capture the angle of every light ray in a scene
– Easily carry it anywhere: design is compact, durable & lightweight
– Utilize the included neck strap for max convenience
– Repower as fast as possible anywhere in the world w/ included quick charger & global power adapters
– Access an array of tools including photo filters & uploading software

When You’re Looking For A Deal, You Don’t Have To Go Much Further Than eBay


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of eBay for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


Over the last couple of years, we’ve been bringing your attention to a good number of deals on the gadgets you love.  We know the feeling: here’s this awesome item you want to buy, no, you need to buy… but if only it wasn’t that expensive.  Well, one of the most obvious places to find items at a discount is eBay; this much we think you already knew.  What you might not have known is that eBay has a special section where they highlight some of the best ones they have, and it’s called eBay Deals.  That section is relatively general and populated with all kinds of stuff, so if you’re looking for more tech specific deals, you can head on over to eBay Tech Deals. Some examples of what you’ll find there include 25% off on an Apple iPad Air 2 9.7″ with Retina Display, down to $49 from its usual $599! Or the Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT GPS Navigation Assistant for $99, down from its usual $189.

The company is making an effort to raise awareness that there’s more going on in their platform than simple auctions.  For example, I’ve been given the opportunity to write a Buying Guide.  I chose to do it about the Top 4 Gadgets To Help You Train Your Dog.  It’s a list of items you might want to consider having if you’ve embarked on the potentially difficult road to having a properly trained puppy.

So that’s it, you should take a few minutes and explore the other things eBay has to offer, like great deals and buying guides.  It’s all just a few clicks away.

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Interested in a new phone? How About The ASUS ZenFone 2?


Sponsored post. -Ed.

ASUS has outdone itself again with their newest smartphone release. The ZenFone 2 features top of the line specifications for a middle-end price, making it a top competitor on the current smartphone market. Its display is based upon a 5.5” Gorilla Glass 3-protected screen with a 1080 x 1920 resolution. It is backed with Intel’s own 64-bit Atom Z3560 mobile processor that packs 4 cores clocked at 1.8ghz each. This is paired with a PowerVR G6430 GPU that is sure to be able to drive any mobile game or application smoothly. ASUS is releasing two models that have difference in the RAM including a 2GB model and a 4GB model. Due to these high-class specs, ASUS is claiming seven times better gaming performance as compared to the original ZenFone. Most smartphone users want a good camera to match their superior internal specifications, of course. The ZenFone 2 supports a 13-megapixel camera with 5 element f/2.0 aperture lens and a 5-megapixel front facing camera. All of these components are powered by a 3000mAh battery that is sure to last for the whole day.

This phone is unlocked and is available on service providers all around by supporting GSM, WCDMA, and LTE-FDD. It ships with Android 5.0 Lollipop, providing the optimal software for the phone. This ensures a smooth interface that is sure to fit any user’s needs.

An enormous benefit of this phone is a newly released coupon code. is offering a hugely decreased price of over $30. After making an account on and adding either the 2GB or the 4GB model of the ASUS ZenFone, users can specify the coupon code of “ASUSZ2”, which will then apply the promotion. Originally the 4GB model is priced at $367.20 and then is reduced to $330.74 (308.44 Euro) and the 2GB model is normally $288.30 and is slashed to $244.98 (228.46 Euro).

Overall, the ASUS ZenFine 2 is one of the best smartphones on the market and is to satisfy the needs of even the most powerhungry user with the top-notch Intel Atom Processor and the large 3000maH battery. Paired with the low cost due to the promotion, this phone is a steal for the performance it will bring.

The ASUS ZenFone 2 can be purchased through GearBest with the promotion code ASUSZ2 at

We’re Launching A Store! (And Giving Stuff Away)

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 7.46.50 PM

Hey guys, I wanted to let you all know that we’ve partnered with StackSocial to give you guys an OhGizmo-branded store. That’s right, you can now not only find out about quirky and innovative gadgets on our front page daily, you can also jump straight to shopping for exclusive deals on trending gadgets, consumer tech, software, and e-learning every day. The store is right here!

We’re proud to partner up with Stack Social, who also work with some juggernauts like Gizmodo, The Verge, and Mashable. This way you guys know you’re in good hands and all your transactions are safe. And to get things started, we’re also having a giveaway! Read on for the deets on this entire venture.

Some of you may remember our Deal Of The Day column. While that’s over, I still feel like there was value there for many of you, and I’m hoping to set things up with a similar format. That means I’ll be writing about one deal daily, though I promise these will actually be exciting (unlike the previous ones). Have any of you seen their Mac Bundles?! You’re free to wait for the articles, or go and shop anytime! At the same time, I’m hoping to improve on the old format by asking for your feedback. I’ll regularly be quizzing you on what you want to see more of, what products interest you, and what I could we be doing to make this better for you.

Finally, as promised, there’s a giveaway. To get things started on the right foot, StackSocial and OhGizmo! are giving away a Doxie Go (a portable scanner), a SOUNDFREAQ Sound Step (a cool Bluetooth speaker dock), and an Ouya console (an open source gaming console). That’s a $400 value, and you can enter to win right here!. You’ll find all the details there, and it’s super easy to enter.

So that’s it, that’s the big news. Now’s as good a time as any to let the team know what you think. I’m going to try to be careful and not overwhelm you with too many deals, and we’ll try to fine tune the experience as we go, based on your feedback. But I do think this is going to add value to the site, and I feel like you guys will dig it. Let me know if I’m wrong!

[ Go here for the STORE ]
[ Go here to enter the GIVEAWAY ]

Google’s Nexus 4 Gets a Hundred Dollar Price Cut

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Nexus 4, then Google just made your decision easier. They’ve generously slashed $100 from the price of their flagship smartphone, bringing the price of the Nexus 4 down to $199 for the 8GB version and down to $249 for the 16GB version. Talk about a crazy deal!

Few smartphone companies make the moves that Google does, so when they do, you’ve got to pay attention so you don’t miss out. The Nexus 4 has specs that still hold up a year after its release, with its 4.7-inch 1280 x 768 resolution display, 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, and 2GB of RAM.

Not to be biased or anything, but I’ve been using this phone for the last four months and it hasn’t left me wanting for anything, to be honest. The Nexus 4 comes with features that offer the best of both worlds: it’s great for gaming, streaming videos, and listening to music, so it’s got leisure and entertainment covered.

For chronic workaholics–well, there’s a bevy of office and productivity apps that you can choose from in the Google Play store. Since it runs on Android, you can also have a custom interface made for enterprise-type applications.

Perhaps the best part about the Nexus 4 is the fact that it’s an unlocked device, so you can use it with the carrier of your choice. Given the price, the specs, and the fact that it’s unlocked, you won’t get a better deal on any phone anywhere else. You can find out more about the device on Google’s site.

VIA [ Dvice ]

Target Offers $200 Credit Towards iPhone 4 For Your Old 3GS

By Chris Scott Barr

The battle between Verizon and AT&T has heated up since the former managed to land the iPhone on their network. Both sides have their pros and cons, most of which boil down to which carrier has better coverage in your area. Well if you’re on the AT&T side of the fence, Target wants to help you out. How? By giving you some cash towards a shiny new iPhone 4.

Until this Saturday, February 12, you can get up to a $200 credit towards an iPhone 4 by trading in your old 3GS ($100 by trading in a 3G). Essentially, that means if you have a 3GS, you could land yourself the latest hardware for free. You’ll of course need to sign a new 2-year plan to get in on the deal.

[ Target ] VIA [ Gadgetsteria ]

Get A Blu-ray/VHS Combo Player On The Cheap

Blu-ray VHS combo

By Chris Scott Barr

If you haven’t hopped on the Blu-ray bandwagon, it’s becoming easier and easier. Heck, the last two Blu-ray movies I bought also came with a DVD copy as well. Blu-ray players themselves have long since broken the sub-$200 barrier, and now you can even get yourself one that plays your old-school VHS taps on the cheap.

Up for grabs over on Amazon Is a Panasonic DMP-BD70V which plays Blu-ray and VHS for $140. If you’ve got the cash and are thinking about upgrading to the new format, then this sounds like a solid buy. Barring the formats that died before they ever took off (Betamax, Laserdisc, HD-DVD) it’ll play pretty much any video you’ve purchased since the 70’s. There’s even an SD card slot, USB port and internet functionality to stream video from YouTube and Amazon VOD. The price was supposedly only good through yesterday, but it seems to be sticking around. I’d jump on this soon though.

[ Amazon ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Woot-Off Underway

wootlogo By Evan Ackerman
normally sells one heavily discounted gadgety item every 24 hours, but during a Woot-Off, a new item appears as soon as the current item sells out (sometimes after mere seconds). Nobody knows what’s coming up next, but whatever it is, it’s dirt cheap (with flat rate $5 shipping). Among the items you’ve missed so far have been MyVue iPod video goggles for $70, Candi the USB pole dancer for $10, a 4 port USB hub with an integrated rechargeable battery pack for $4, and the world’s crappiest projector for $50. And all the obligatory random weird crap, of course.

If you’re too lazy to refresh the page to see when the item changes, here’s a list of automatic Woot-Off checkers.

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Woot-Off Underway

wootlogo By Evan Ackerman normally sells one heavily discounted gadgety item every 24 hours, but during a Woot-Off, a new item appears as soon as the current item sells out (sometimes after mere seconds). Nobody knows what’s coming up next, but whatever it is, it’s dirt cheap (with flat rate $5 shipping). Among the items you’ve missed so far have been a Philips 1000 watt home theater system for $80, HDTV USB stick for $25, an Asus EEE 900 netbook for $140, and an 18 watt solar charger and charge controller for $80. And, of course, a whole bunch of random weird crap.

If you’re too lazy to refresh the page to see when the item changes, here’s a list of automatic Woot-Off checkers.

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