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Deal Of The Day: 39% Off On MondoHub, A 28-port USB Hub


We suppose that USB-ports are a little bit like cup holders: you can never have enough. With the MondoHub, we’d be frankly shocked if you ended up running out of ports, since it features a whopping 28 of them! That’s 24 USB 2.0 ports, and 4 blazing fast USB 3.0. Also, there “automatic overcurrent protection and hot-swapping Plug and Play technology for each port so you can disconnect your devices without having to worry about data loss.

Each port also has a power switch so you have complete control over which devices are charging or using valuable system resources.” That’s a pretty full-featured device, and it costs all of $59 today, after a 39% rebate.

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Deal of The Day: 30% Off On Retro Classics Nintendo & Gameboy iPhone 6/6+ Cases


If you’re over 25, there’s a good chance you feel pretty nostalgic about the GameBoy and the Nintendo Entertainment System. These were staples of our childhood, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to pay homage to our past in any way we can. How about these cool iPhone 6/6+ cases that mimic the GameBoy and Nintendo look? They’re not like the cheap silicone cases you’ve seen already for previous generation phones. These are tight fitting plastic cases that will protect your phone from scratches, while preserving all the phone’s functionality thanks to strategically placed cutouts. Better yet, they’re at $14 after today’s deal.

[ Get The Retro Gaming iPhone 6 Cases ]

Deal Of The Day: 60% Off on Camera Lens Mug


You could drink your gallon of coffee like a regular person and let it get cold as the day goes by. Or you could show the world you’re a fan of photography, while at the same time keeping your beverage hot (or cold) for longer thanks to this Camera Lens Mug’s insulated walls. It’s shaped to look like a 24-105mm lens, but instead just contains liquids. It’s normally $50, but today is a much more reasonable $20.

[ Get The Camera Lens Mug ]

Deal Of The Day: 14% Off On 3-Month Loot Crate


If you’re a geek and a gamer, chances are you’re heard of the Loot Crate. If not, you need to get on it. It’s a monthly mystery box that’s packed with gear that you’ll love, from strategy guides, to stickers, figurines, T-shirts, and even “dragon jerky”. It’s been described as “nerd Christmas once a month”, and at $16 a month, it’s a steal. Today’s deal costs $48 for 3 months, with is 14% off it’s regular $56 pricing.

[ Get The 3-Month Loot Crate ]

Deal Of The Day: 12% Off On ilumi LED Smart Lightbulb


The Hue isn’t the only smart lightbulb on the market. ilumi has a few features of its own that make it worth a second look. After your Bluetooth pairing, a smartphone application then sets out to control its bevy of features, which include:

Music Sync – Pulse your light to the beat of the music
Rise & Shine – Wake up naturally with a scheduled sunrise to start your day
Scene Snapshot – Create, save, and replay your favorite lighting scenes with one touch
Vacation – Let your light make it look like someone’s home, even if you’re not
Torch – Let your light guide you, turning on & off as you move from room to room (coming soon!)
Individual Or Group Control – Control your ilumi Smartbulbs individually or as a group with built in Bluetooth LE wireless meshing
Extremely energy efficient – These bulbs lasts up to 20 years

It’s normally $90 for a bulb, but they’re going for $79 after today’s deal.

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Deal of the Day: 53% Off On The Limited Edition Code Black Drone

Black Hawk Drone

If you’ve been looking for a drone with a bad-ass design that’s packed with tons of features at a price that won’t break the bank, then you might want to check out The Limited Edition Code Black Drone. With its matte-black finish and handy size, the Code Black Drone is capable of going all four directions (left, right, forward, and backward) with ease.

It’s ready to fly once it’s out of the box and has two options for the flight mode to match your skill: beginner or expertise.
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Deal Of The Day: Last Chance On 33% Off On Karma Go LTE Hotspot


Whether it’s your laptop, your tablet, your cellphone or yet another of a slew of mobile devices, one thing is constant: they need an Internet connection. You can pay through the nose with your cellular contract, and even then you’ll leave some devices stranded, like your laptop. Or, you can get the Karma Go LTE Hotspot. This is a tiny (2.6″ wide x 2.6″ high x 0.5″ deep, weighing in at 2.1 oz), portable WiFi Hotspot that works with a pay-as-you-go data plan. There’s no contract, you simply pay for the data you need, at rates varying between $9.90-$14/GB. You’re looking at nationwide coverage, “6-8 Mbps downloads, with peaks up to 25 Mbps” speeds, and a battery life of 220 hours (stand by) and 5 hours (in use).

Normally, $150, it’s $99 for the next few hours. Hurry!

[ Get The Karma Go LTE Hotspot ]

Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On iRest For iPad


The iPad is the kind of digital content consumption. Whether it’s a website, videos or an eBook, you’re likely to spend a good number of hours staring at its screen, and unfortunately this will not always be done in the most optimal position. If you’re sitting down and want to angle the tablet just right, you might want to take a look at the iRest, pictured above. It’s a stand that places your iPad at a comfortable, but adjustable, 60 degree angle. Made from a brushed aluminum finish, the iRest looks like it could have been made by Apple and fits perfectly with your tablet. And most importantly, it’s fairly cheap at $36, down from $50.


[ Get the iRest iPad Stand! ]

Deal Of The Day: Last Chance For 27% Off On LithiumCard, The Wallet Sized HyperCharging Power Bank


You’re looking at 1,200 mAh in a device the size of 5 stacked credit cards. It’s the LithiumCard, and it’s awesome. See, not only are 1,200 mAh enough to charge an iPhone back up to about 70%, but the LithiumCard cranks out an amazing 2Amps of power! That means you can charge fast. It’ll charge your device as fast as 1% per minute! Your phone is dead, you can get back up to 15% in the time it takes to have a coffee. And it comes with a special Nanostick pad to keep the charger stuck to your phone in case you don’t want to fit it in your wallet. It comes in Lightning and MicroUSB versions, and costs next to nothing.

No really, it’s super cheap. Normally $55, with this deal it’s $39. That’s barely $40 for that extra bit of power in a slim and light form factor that you’ll be happy to carry around, for once. This deal is good until 10/8 at midnight PT, so get it now!


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