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Deal of The Day: 47% Off On SelectTV, 1-Yr Subscription


Like fax machines, cable service is a technology from another era. You have to sit there and be told what you’re going to watch, and when. Your only control involves watching something else altogether by switching channels, and if there’s nothing on, well, tough luck. Cord cutters realized this a long time ago, and to help you take that plunge, services like SelectTV exist.

More and more people are cutting the cable cord and looking to alternative TV and movie viewing methods. Netflix and Hulu are cool, but only one service offers all the perks of both cable and web-based streaming–while simultaneously dwarfing any other library. That’s SelectTV, where you can access over 300,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, 50,000 radio stations, and 5,000 live channels all from the same, simple browser interface. There are many reasons to cut the cord, but none are as convincing as SelectTV.

Featured in USA Today, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc., Yahoo! Finance, and Digital Trends

– Access a massive library of TV shows, movies, live channels, radio stations & more from over 150 countries
– Watch unlimited video on demand from any device
– Enjoy over 1,000 curated channels, w/ latest episodes from top networks, as well as classic TV from the last 50 years
– Steam over 50,000 world radio stations
– Get the latest TV & box office hits w/ Select TV Pay Per View
– Broaden your horizons w/ thousands of on-demand TV shows
– Access a full calendar of live events, sports, concerts & more, all streamed live via the web
– Connect to your home TV via Google Chromecast or HDMI cable

Normally $36 for the year, you can have it for $19. That’s what?… 2 months of Netflix?


[ Get SelectTV, 1-Yr Subscription ]

Deal Of The Day: 97% Off On SaferVPN Basic, Lifetime Subscription


The VPN wars continue, and it seems every week sees a new, even more promising entrant at a competitive price. Today we’re looking at SaferVPN Basic, A Lifetime Subscription. It’s got a few decent features:

You wouldn’t trust your personal data, logins and bank details with just anyone would you? Get the ultimate protection against hackers and snoopers with SaferVPN, the fastest, simplest and most reliable VPN service on the market. The highest levels of encryption and super simple single-click applications for every device ensure you are 100% protected online and on-the-go. Plus, you can instantly enjoy limitless access to your favorite content worldwide with high-speed global servers and unlimited location-switching.

– Connect to over 400 dedicated, anonymous servers in 30 countries worldwide
– Access apps on all your devices thanks to compatibility w/ Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Chrome
– Get help fast w/ 24/7 customer support via live chat, email or right inside the app
– Browse w/ the fastest connections w/ unlimited bandwidth, data & server switching
– Protect your browsing data w/ the bank-level 256-bit encryption

The company figures it would cost you $1,800 to stay with them “for life”. With this deal however, you’ll only pay $49.


[ Get The SaferVPN Basic, A Lifetime Subscription ]

Deal Of The Day: 24% Off On LG G Pad II 10.1FHD Android Tablet


Are you in the anything-but-Apple camp? Then you might be interested in the LG G Pad II 10.1FHD Android Tablet, given its pretty substantial 24% price drop on today’s deal.

Frequent traveler? Always working on the go? Laptops are great, but tablets offer the same functionality in a more portable and cost-effective package. Specifically, this LG Android tablet is equipped with powerful performance, and a perfectly-sized, 10.1″ full HD display to complement your life and work styles, from the coffee shop to the airport.

4/5 Stars,

– 2.26 GHz Quad-Core CPU delivers fast & efficient surfing, streaming & cross-tasking
– Reader mode allows you to enjoy e-books, browsing & more w/ less eyestrain
– Dual window splits screen in two for the ultimate multitasking experience
– Tablet is extendable w/ a wide variety of mobile accessories & add-ons available

Normally costing $329, it’s $249.99 after today’s deal, shipped for free as always.

[ Get the LG G Pad II 10.1FHD Android Tablet ]

Deal Of the Day: 61% Off On Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cable, 3-Pack


Yeah, yeah, we know: Apple cables suck and break. So it stands to reason you’d want to prepare for that inevitable eventuality by buying them up at a discounted price. The Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cable: 3-Pack you see today features cables by Apple itself, for a fraction of the regular price.

It’s pretty simple: you need to charge or sync your iPhone. This 3-pack of USB 2.0 cables, courtesy of Apple itself, gives you three ways to do just that. Just connect your Apple device to any USB port, and go to town. As icing on the cake, these babies are MFi-certified, meaning they have Apple’s stamp of approval and are guaranteed to safely charge or sync your device each time.

– Charge or sync your iPhone, iPad, or iPod via any USB port
– Connect your device to your computer or the Apple USB Power Adapter
– Ensure your connected device stays safe thanks to MFi certification
– Enjoy optimal convenience with the unique reversible design

Three of these cables would normally set you back $57, but it’s $21.99 for the three-pack, shipped for free.


[ Get The Apple MFi-Certified Lightning Cable ]

Deal Of The Day: 69% Off On Mophie Powerstation XL External Battery (Manufacturer-Refurbished)


External batteries are nothing new, but it’s nice to come across a deal on one from a known and trusted brand. The Mophie Powerstation XL External Battery (Manufacturer-Refurbished) features 12,000mAh of capacity, more than enough to charge your mobile devices a few times over.

Going to be away from an outlet for awhile? No problem! Keep all your devices powered up and on the grid with this handy manufacturer-refurbished external charger. Portable, tough, and providing up to 8 complete charges for most smartphones, the Mophie Powerstation XL is the ideal companion for trips, hikes, nights on the town, or any time you’ll be away from an outlet.

– 12,000mAh provides a high output for fast charging
– 3 levels of charging–500mAh, 1A, & 2.1A–give you control over how fast you want to charge
– Provides up to 8 complete battery charges for most smartphones
– Capable of charging 2 tablets simultaneously
– Compatible w/ any USB-outfitted cable to charge virtually any device

Normally $129, it’s $39.95 after today’s deal.

[ Get The Mophie Powerstation XL External Battery ]

Deal Of The Day: 58% Off On Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets


Your phone or tablet can take surprisingly great pictures, but with the Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets, it can get even better.

Phone cameras these days are certainly impressive, but what’s more impressive, is how easily augmented they are. With this Universal 3-in-1 Clip-On Lens Kit, you can dramatically improve the quality and capabilities of your phone’s camera in just seconds. It’s as simple as clipping either a 180 degree fish eye, wide-angle, or macro lens on to your device and snapping away!

– Choose between a 180 degree fish eye lens, wide-angle lens, or macro lens & watch your camera’s possibilities grow
– Bring the kit w/ you anywhere w/ the included carrying pouch
– Clip on & remove from your phone confidently–no damage is done

Normally $29, it’s a measly $11.99 after today’s deal.


[ Get The Universal 3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones & Tablets ]

Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On Zus Smart Car Charger & Locator


I own a Zus Smart Car Charger & Locator and reviewed it here. I love it. Two ports, fast charging, solid construction, and a car locator feature? It’s pretty great, and now it’s on special.

This little gadget truly works double duty. It charges any device on-the-go using an ultra-fast USB that juices batteries at two-times normal speed. Then, using its smartphone app, Zus acts as a homing device for finding your car where you last left it. No more searching parking lots for hours, and no more running out of phone battery when you get there. You are totally, technically covered.

– Utilizes low-energy Bluetooth
– Navigates you right to your car w/ the easy-to-use app interface
– Continues to work when it’s plugged into the socket w/ or without the ignition on
– Provides durability w/ military grade titanium coating
– Features top-quality lighting for visibility in dark environments
– Charges 2x normal charging speeds
– Doesn’t require any data plan
– Works in high temperatures w/ built-in cooling system
– Designed in Germany & made with German materials

Normally $49.99, it’s $29.99 with today’s deal. Shipped for free as always.

[ Get The Zus Smart Car Charger & Locator ]

Deal Of The Day: 61% Off On Dashlane Premium & Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, a 3-Yr Subscription Bundle


When it comes to protecting your identity online, we often talk about VPNs. Just yesterday we were writing about the RA4W VPN Lifetime Subscription for $9. But while that product took the inexpensive approach, today’s Dashlane Premium & Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, a 3-Yr Subscription Bundle takes the ultra-secure route by giving you a combo of apps that give you two lines of defence.
Dashlane Premium

You may have dozens of online accounts, each with unique passwords, but they are likely stored insecurely in browsers, or in a document on your computer. Dashlane allows you to import passwords from browsers to an extremely secure, intuitive interface. As you browse your favorite sites, Dashlane automates the process of capturing login credentials as you type, allowing you to automatically log in when you revisit a site. Dashlane even scans your passwords for weak links, and provides you with a password generator to create new, stronger ones to keep your digital identity safe.

5/5 Stars, “It’s hard to believe, but Dashlane 4 is even slicker and easier to use than its predecessor.” PC Mag

– Secure all of your passwords in Dashlane’s military-grade encrypted password vault
– Log into your accounts automatically so you’ll never forget a password
– Save time filling out forms online w/ Autofill
– Enable two-factor authentication for added security, & register multiple U2F keys
– Store your credit cards & automatically fill in checkout fields when shopping online
– Create strong, unique passwords w/ a single click & automatically update them
– Sync your account information across all of your devices
– Safely encrypt & backup your account to the Cloud
– Share unlimited passwords & secure notes w/ colleagues, friends, or family
– Set up an emergency contact to inherit your passwords in the event of an accident

Hotspot Shield Elite VPN

When you browse the Internet, you’re leaving behind a trail of personal data that can make you vulnerable to cyber attacks. With Hotspot Shield, you’ll dramatically reduce that probability as all of your data is encrypted and secured on a private network. With Hotspot Shield Elite, you’ll be able to hide your data from hackers and safely browse on public Wi-Fi, while still maintaining fast Internet speeds.

“It’s easy to use, affordable, and will secure all the traffic from your computer.” PC Mag, 4/5 Stars
4/5 Stars on 745,000 reviews on Google Play

– Browse anonymously w/ mobile or desktop devices on public hotspots w/ just one-click
– Bypass Internet censorship to access geographically blocked content
– Connect to any of 20 virtual locations in the USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, China, India & Germany
– Get complete Wi-Fi security to protect your identity, location & IP address
– Avoid hackers, government agencies, identity thieves & more
– Receive complete cloud-based malware protection
– Know when you’ve landed on a known or suspected malicious or phishing website via AnchorFree’s database of more than 3.5 million malicious sites

Now this is some serious protection, which would normally set you back $179. But with today’s deal it’s just $69.99.

[ Get The Dashlane Premium & Hotspot Shield Elite VPN, a 3-Yr Subscription Bundle ]

Deal Of The Day: RA4W VPN, Lifetime Subscription For $9


In the seemingly never-ending quest to find the best VPN, there’s many factors to take into consideration. The RA4W VPN Lifetime Subscription wants you to consider a very important one: price. You can make use of its services for life, for $9. At that price, even if the company goes bust after a couple years, you won’t have lost much.

Browsing online without a VPN is like stepping into a minefield: with all the digital vagrants waiting to steal your data, you’re asking for trouble. Take no chances when it comes to your online privacy, and get yourself this lifetime subscription to RA4W VPN. You’ll route your traffic through RA4W’s servers, hide your IP address and location, and breathe much easier at night with this veritable digital fortress safeguarding your private data.

– Browse anonymously & safeguard your private data
– Access servers in 20+ countries across 5 different continents
– Utilize servers that guarantee the securest connections possible
– Enjoy lightning-fast browsing speeds
– Unlock geoblocked sites including Netflix, Spotify & more
– Connect either using RA4W VPN’s custom client or OpenVPN
– Rest assured knowing your data is encrypted & isn’t being logged
– Troubleshoot issues w/ a support team available 24/7

That lifetime deal is pretty inexpensive normally, at $22.50. But at $9, it’s ridiculously cheap.

[ Get The RA4R VPN Lifetime Subscription ]