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Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On Hover X – Ultimate Gamer’s Lapdesk


You can get yourself a fancy, powerful gaming laptop, but when you actually start playing games with it, it’s pretty rare you’ll actually do it on your lap. Like, where will you put your mouse? Well, the Hover X – Ultimate Gamer’s Lapdesk is meant to make it possible to do just that.

Sit back and place the Hover X in your lap for the ultimate gaming setup. The extra-large mouse pad facilitates long movements, and built-in vents keep your laptop from overheating at the absolute worst moment. Grip pads help your laptop stay put even with all the action, and the slot for your tablet is angled for easy viewing.

– Extra-large mouse pad is perfect for your gaming mouse
– Clean design includes bamboo surface
– Cable slot keeps your cords organized
– Mobile dock fits nearly any phone or tablet
– Vents release continual heat
– Grip pads keep your laptop from slipping

Normally $140, it’s down to $99.99 with today’s deal. Shipped for free, as always.


[ Get The Hover X – Ultimate Gamer’s Lapdesk ]

Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On HoverDock for Apple Watch


You got all excited when the Apple Watch came out and went and got one. Well, we’ll try not to judge that decision, and instead point out that now that you have it, you may as well charge it in style. The HoverDock for Apple Watch is sleek and minimalist, and gets the watch topped up in style.

This HoverDock is the minimalist answer to your Apple Watch charging needs. With a strong aluminum base and an upright stance, it displays your watch beautifully and even doubles as a bedside alarm clock. The modern design keeps the cords cleanly out of the way and safe from pulls, spills, bumps, and any other unforeseen accidents.

– Rubber bottom won’t slip or slide
– Sturdy aluminum base
– Retractable cable storage
– Nightstand mode compatible

Normally $35, it’s $27.95 after today’s deal. Shipped for free, as usual.


[ Get The HoverDock for Apple Watch ]

Deal Of The Day: 73% Off On AtmosRX Combo Vaporizer Bundle


Vaporizers are getting increasingly popular, and there is an almost endless variety on the market. The AtmosRX Combo Vaporizer Bundle is one of the more full-featured ones, and it’s on special today.

The discrete and stylish AtmosRx Dry Herb Vaporizer heats your preferred dry herbs or waxy oils in a wick-less ceramic heating chamber, for the freshest vapor with minimum aroma. With the included e-liquid adapter and two different e-liquid flavors, you can enjoy massive clouds and relaxing vapors even if dry herbs aren’t your thing.

The AtmosRx Vaporizer is one of the best pen-style vaporizers on the market, thanks to its durability and long battery life,

– E-liquid adapter with a measuring scale
– Vaporizer works with dry herbs, waxy oils and e-liquids
– Durable and built to last
– Ready to use straight out of the box
– A wick-less ceramic heating chamber for an optimal vaping experience
– Fast heat up time
– Over 72 hrs of continual vaping per single charge
– 2 flavors of e-liquid

Normally $230, it’s $59.99 with today’s deal.

[ Get the AtmostRX Combo Vaporizer Bundle ]

Deal Of The Day: It’s A Giveaway! The Phantom 4 by DJI


Not every deal post is a deal post. Sometimes it’s a giveaway, like today. And we’re pretty pumped about this one. The DJI Phantom 4 is the king of drones, as far as we’re concerned. It’s a $1,400 masterpiece. And you could win it by entering this giveaway!

This exquisite piece of machinery is redefining what it means to fly a drone. With photo quality unheard of for a flying camera, and technology that gives NASA a run for its money, Phantom 4 will fly harder, better, and faster than you ever imagined possible.

Enter now for your chance to win!

What do you have to do? Follow the link below, and just enter. It’s free to try!

[ Enter the DJI Phantom 4 Giveaway ]

Deal Of The Day: 22% Off On SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller & Smartphone Holder


My generation has reached an age where it’s getting nostalgic about retro gaming. It’s been long enough that SNES controllers are no longer seen as dated and archaic, but cool and efficient instead. Well, with the SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller & Smartphone Holder you can bring back some of that retro glory.

Remember the glory days of playing Super Nintendo on that classic gray controller with its signature purple push buttons? 8Bitdo is bringing it back again with the SNES30, a 1:1 original design that supports both Bluetooth and USB connections. Connect with your favorite device or computer to play any modern game, and easily mount your phone with the expandable clipping phone mount.

– Play all the latest games w/ an old school controller
– Connect via Bluetooth or the included USB cable
– Use w/ your PC, Mac, iPad, Android & more
– Play multiplayer games using the dual-keyboard code system for iOS
– Play w/ up to four players on Wii w/ Wiimote emulation support
– Play touchscreen-only games w/ touchscreen simulation
– Mount your phone at the perfect angle

Normally $45, it’s $34.95 with today’s deal. Shipped for free, as always.


[ Get The SNES30 Bluetooth Game Controller & Smartphone Holder ]

Deal Of The Day: 9% Off On GRID-IT!® Accessory Organizer Bundle


Look, a 9% discount isn’t exactly something to write home about. But the fact is, the GRID-IT!® Accessory Organizer Bundle is actually a really cool product, so it’s better to get some discount rather than none. It slides into your laptop bag and keeps your accessories and loose bits organized.

With so many cables, gadgets, and gizmos in addition to our usual wallet, keys, and sunglasses—it’s easy to make a mess. Contain it all with GRID-IT!®. Its numerous elastic holders keep all of your gear in check, and it slides into your bag to keep it neat and organized. You’ll get a small size, a medium size, and a GRID-IT!® with a slot for your tablet—so you’ll always have the right organizer for the right moment.

Get rid of the clutter in your bag
Organize your chargers, cords, headphones & gadgets w/ elastic holders
Receive a Small, Medium & Tablet Holder GRID-IT!®
Use the GRID-IT!® w/ storage pocket to safely transport your tablet
Customize how you want to store your stuff
Keep your belongings in place w/ rubberized elastics

Normally $75, it’s $67.99 after discount.


[ Get The GRID-IT!® Accessory Organizer Bundle ]

Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On MicFlip Fully-Reversible Micro USB Cable


Reversible USB cables are great. It’s the little annoyances that this type of “innovation” gets us rid of that make us smile. The MicFlip Fully-Reversible Micro USB Cable will make juicing up your non-Lightning Plug device just a little bit easier.

No more fumbling to plug in your micro USB devices. The MicFlip is the world’s first reversible micro USB cable, and it has an incredibly durable nylon braided cord that’ll stand the test of time. Its cord is also tangle-free, so there won’t be a huge crisscrossed mess in your bag or pocket when you pull it out to charge up.

– Gold-coated, corrosion-resistant plugs
– Strong braided nylon cable
– Aluminum housing
– 6-foot long cord
– Rubber protector on connector
– Versatile reversible micro USB design

Now, why they wouldn’t make the USB part reversible as well is beyond me, but it’s ok, since that part normally stays plugged in while the Micro-USB is the one that keeps going in and out of your mobile device. Normally $20, the cable is now $13.99.


[ Get The MicFlip Fully-Reversible Micro USB Cable ]

Deal of The Day: 30% Off On inCharge Keyring Cable: 2-Pack (Lightning & Micro USB)


There are times when you need to charge your phone, and you’re just screwed because of course you don’t just walk around with your cable, right? Well, with the inCharge Keyring Cable: 2-Pack (Lightning & Micro USB) you can. It’s tiny enough to tie to your keychain and be by your side at all times.

The small but mighty inCharge will allow you to power up your mobile device wherever there’s a USB port. Clocking in at only 3 inches long, this ultra-compact cable features a magnetic snapping mechanism that secures it to your keyring for optimal portability. And this handy 2-pack features one Lightning and one Micro-USB cable to help you cover all your bases.

“There have been countless keychain-friendly solutions for charging your smartphone, but none as perfectly tiny as the InCharge.” Gizmodo

– Offers a portable charging solution for your Lightning & micro-USB devices
– Plugs into any USB port to charge your device
– Snaps securely onto your keyring, backpack & more
– Features magnets at the ends that adhere strongly together
– Boasts an anti-tangling design
– Serves as alternative to bulky battery cases

Normally $28, it’s $19 after today’s deal.


[ Get The anchorage Keyring Cable 2-Pack ]

Deal Of The Day: 64% Off On Go Green 50,000mAh Solar Power Bank


Look, 50,000 mAh is a lot of capacity. For reference, an iPhone 6 Plus is rated at 2,915 mAh. So that means that with the Go Green 50,000mAh Solar Power Bank, you could charge that device 17 times over before the power bank itself need to be topped off! The best part about it, is that it can itself be recharged with the power of the sun.

Eliminate your chances of a dead phone for good with this handy solar power bank. Just power it up anywhere under the sun (literally), and plug your phone or other USB device into it for a quick recharge. And with a whopping 50,000mAh in charge capacity, you’ll never find yourself waiting on extra juice again.

– Serves as portable, convenient charging solution for USB devices
– Quickly powers up using solar energy
– Calibrates specific voltage & current amounts to different devices for efficient charging
– Charges devices up to 1,000 times

I remember a time when a device like this would have cost a fortune, but now with our deal, you can have it for only $34.99, down from $99!

[ Get The Go Green 50,000 mAh Solar Power Bank ]