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Deal of The Day: 9% Off On Brik Book for MacBook


There are many ways to customize your laptop. The Brik Book for MacBook is one of the more creative ones.

Brik Book is a unique MacBook case that dares to be different. While it isn’t affiliated with LEGOs or K’NEX (or any other building blocks like them), it’s compatible with them! Take a break from work and play for a few minutes—it’ll help with your creativity and thinking out of the box, right?. Or, switch up your display whenever you feel like it, with sports team logos or a even a holder for your business cards. You’ll be the coolest kid on the (cubicle) block.

– Express your personality w/ a DIY laptop case
– Play w/ the bricks to take a breather from work
– Use plastic bricks from companies like LEGO, Mega Bloks, Pixel Blocks, KRE-O & K’NEX
– Make your laptop recognizable from across the room
– Create a business-ready laptop w/ a business-card holder & pen holder add-ons
– Entertain kids without too much screen time

Normally retailing for $50, it’s $44.99 after today’s deal.


[ Get The Brik Book for MacBook ]

Deal Of The Day: 24% Off On iSafe Drive Lite (32GB)


Storage space on your iOS devices is unfortunately limited, so any device that lets you expand on that is always something we enjoy looking at. The iSafe Drive Lite (32GB) does more than expand your storage, however:

iSafe Drive Lite is the first MFI-certified, ultra-high-speed drive to safely store 32GB of data and employ the same encryption used by the US federal government. It’s the fastest and easiest way to transfer between your computer (Mac or PC) and your iOS devices. Since it’s a two-way transfer device, you can swap out music and contacts between your phone and desktop. Better yet, you can stream movies and songs directly from the drive without eating up data. Making this gadget a road trip dream come true.

– Quickly transfer videos, music & more between your iOS devices and computers
– Back up your important files
– Keep your data private w/ AES 256 bit encryption
– Stream movies & music without using the internal storage of your laptop or iPhone
– Transfer data between your iOS device & computer at a rate of 8MB per second
– Forgo storing you data in the cloud
– Slip it in your pocket thanks to it’s small size
– Enjoy its environmentally-friendly recyclable aluminum shell

It’s a truly useful device that would normally fully justify its regular $91 asking price. But after this deal, you only have to pay $69.


[ Get The iSafe Drive Lite (32GB) ]

Deal of the Day: 23% Off On Star Wars Art


Did you see the movie? Did you? I did. It’s pretty good! I mean, I’m no hardcore fan, but it’s kind of hard going more than 5 minutes without stumbling across some Star Wars related something or other, these days. If you love the franchise enough to hang up a poster, this Star Wars Art could tickle your fancy.

The Star Wars fever is alive and well, and it’s time you joined in on the fun. This extremely high quality rebel fighter poster will elevate any room in your house to a true fandom tribute. The gorgeous artwork shows off the intricate details of the famed fighter so you can jog your spacecraft memory any time you pass it by. The materials are archival-quality with crisp colors that pop.

– Printed on 100 lb white polar paper for a professional touch
– 100 year archival quality
– Details parts of the rebel fighter ship
– Artwork designed by Devin Schoeffler

Normally the poster is $25, but of course with this deal it’s cheaper: $19 with free shipping!

[ Get The Star Wars Art ]

Deal Of The Day: 37% Off On The HuMn RFID Mini Wallet


I was just looking for a wallet this week. Mine is wearing out after 7 years of good use, but it’s hard to get my wallet needs just right. I’m particular. The HuMn RFID Mini Wallet however looks just right.

The popular sleek, minimalist HuMn wallet is now available in a miniature version; same great design, but just a touch larger than your average credit card, and with updated shock strap technology for extra-strength elasticity. The days of lugging around a clunky pocketbook are over, and this meticulously designed high-quality wallet is the perfect solution to carrying the essentials in an organized and stylish manner.

– Made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, then powder-coated with a durable matte black finish
– Redesigned straps are a polyurethane rubber, made to last and retain elasticity
– Aluminum plates protect against RFID skimming
– Ideal size for cards and cash

Nice thing about it of course is the price. I mean, this is a wallet after all and it shouldn’t break the bank. At $36.99 after today’s 37% rebate, with free shipping, I’d say it hits the mark.


[ Get The HuMn RFID Mini Wallet ]

Deal Of The Day: 50% Off On Keramikus Knife Set


Still looking for Holiday presents? If you’ve got anyone in your entourage who likes to cook, you might want to present them with the Keramikus Knife Set. Aside from looking awesome, it’s packed with great features.

Show those carrots who’s boss. The Keramikus ceramic knives are next-level strong and custom designed and built for a huge range of slicing and dicing. The black ceramic is furnace-hardened to make them incredibly strong and durable to the point that they simply don’t rust or spread any bacteria. That’s one awesome blade, any way you slice it.

– Three different styles: Vegetus, Usubus, Shefus
– Each blade fitted w/ a faceted handle
– Made of material that does not oxidize
– Can be cleaned w/ any detergent
– Looks good in any kitchen w/ minimalist matte black color

Normally you’d have to pay $160 for this high-end set, but after today’s half-off deal, it’s only $79.99.


[ Get The ceramics Knife Set ]

Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On Flameless USB Travel Lighter


It’s 2015, and you’re still using fire to light your smokes? You realize that fire’s been used by man since before we could even write, so maybe it’s time to upgrade the frustrating experience through the use of technology? The Flameless USB Travel Lighter uses a metal element that heats up glowing red to light anything you want.

It turns out there’s a way to actually make fire work better. This gas-less, flameless lighter can ignite anything you need without that whole pesky elemental process. It juices up with a super convenient slide-out USB charger to give you up to 50 uses at a time. Because it’s flight-approved, you can travel anywhere around the earth, no matter how windy it gets, because it’s both windproof and eco friendly. Now that’s a gas.

– Flameless light without gas
– USB charger
– TSA-approved
– 15-second auto-safety shut off
– Charging indicator lets you know when it’s ready
– Windproof so it won’t blow out on you
– Sleek brushed metal casing
– Up to 50 uses per charge

The best part is how cheap it is. Normally it retails for just $20, but after today’s deal it’s a ridiculous $12!

[ Get The Flameless USB Travel Lighter ]

Deal Of The Day: 59% Off On Penguin Magic Starter Pack


You know what’s a great skill to have at parties and family gatherings? Magic skills. That’s exactly what the Penguin Magic Starter Pack teaches you how to do, and today it’s on special.

Penguin Magic lets you show off. With its long-form, in-depth hours of downloadable content you can watch and re-watch these videos until you’re pulling off tricks Houdini style. You’ll learn classic tricks like Pen through the finger, Stain Alive, Vuja De, Ghost Clip, and Drawn Again. And with this easy-to-follow practice set, you’ll have all these down pat in time to impress every party guest.

– 5 fantastic magic tricks
– Easy-to-follow 10-25 hours of instructional video content
– Tricks include: Pen Through Finger, Vuja De, Stain Alive, Ghost Clip, and Drawn Again Tricks
– Recommended by professional magicians, taught by magic professionals

Normally you’d have to pay $50 for this, but after our rebate, it’s just $19.99!


[ Get The Penguin Magic Starter Pack ]

Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On World’s Smallest Camera Drone + 2GB Micro SD Card


Normally when you see a palm-sized drone, it just does flips and flies around, but doesn’t carry a camera. The World’s Smallest Camera Drone pictured above however, does. It does everything the other tiny drones too, but will take videos while doing them.

This tiny flyer is the smallest drone of its kind to carry its own camera for taking epic shots in the smallest places. Four fast blades make this new quadcopter omni-directional, which in layman’s terms means it can dip, dash, zip, spin, and flip anywhere you tell it to via remote control. Plus its decked out with LED lights so you can embark on night flights and document it all the while. Tote it anywhere you go and let it rip.

– Includes a 2GB camera memory card
– Captures crystal-clear video & photography (rare for a drone of this size!)
– Includes LED lights for night flying
– Provides 3 speed flight modes
– Delivers superior flying stability
– Takes less than 30 minutes to fully charge up
– Moves up, down, left or right
– Includes side flight, hover, flip & hand launch capabilities

Best part is this is not an expensive toy to start with, at a regular $50 price. But after today’s deal, it’s $35!


[ Get The World’s Smallest Camera Drone + 2GB Micro SD Card ]

Deal Of The Day: 27% Off On Doxie Go Plus Portable Scanner


If you work on the road, you’ve likely needed to scan documents. There’s bunch of ways to do this, including taking a pic with your smartphone. But you probably know, the results are less than stellar. There is an alternative in the Doxie Go Plus Portable Scanner.

Tired of wasting space on piles of paperwork, old photos, and mementos? Doxie Go Plus makes it super easy to digitize all your paper, and create organized, easy-to-navigate catalogues. This compact model is perfect for taking anywhere, so you can get your scanning out of the way without a computer on hand. It’s small, it’s portable, it’s fast—it’s a welcome change of pace from the tedious flatbed scanners you’re used to.

LifeHacker’s Reader’s Choice

– Scan 300 pages per charge w/ the rechargeable battery
– Store up to 450 documents w/ no computer required (more w/ SD card)
– Scan a variety of page sizes – from business card up to legal sizes
– Speed through scanning tasks at 8 seconds per page
– Utilize the auto adjust function for smart cropping, contrast boosting & more
– Download the free app to organize, save & send scans to the cloud
– Use anywhere
– Scan at 300 or 600 dpi
– Sync scans via USB – so you can organize, create searchable multi-page PDFs (using ABBYY® OCR technology), save as JPEG/PDF/PNG to your favorite local apps & send to the cloud

Normally this cool scanner would set you back $179, but with today’s deal it’s $129. And always Free Shipping.


[ Get The Doxie Go Plus Portable Scanner ]