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Deal Of The Day: 78% Off On MMOVE Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds


78% off is quite a chunk of change off this item. The MMOVE Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds are cool-looking earbuds that require no wires from your smartphone or tablet. Simply pop them in your ears, connect through Bluetooth, and listen on-the-go for up to 6 hours without a charge.

The MMOVE Earbuds deliver the latest in premium audio technology and superior comfort, at a price point that wows. The wireless connectivity gives you the freedom of unplugging, with quality that’s sure to surpass your expectations. Fuel your next stroll around the neighborhood, bike ride, workout or marathon— with these lightweight, noise-canceling earbuds pumping your soundtrack, anything is possible.

– Wear them while you workout thanks to the sweatproof, durable design
– Keep track of the battery status w/ the on-screen indicator
– Get maximum comfort w/ a choice of sizes & types of hooks
– Enjoy clear, isolated sound w/ CVC® 6.0 Noise Reduction
– Listen for up to 6 hours without recharging
– Control volume & song choice, take or reject calls & more w/ on-ear controls
– Connect 2 devices simultaneously, like your MP3 player for music & phone to take calls!

What’s especially attractive about these though is the price: $31.99! That’s down from its $149 price.


[ Get The MMOVE Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds ]

Deal Of The Day: The Master Chief Edition Xbox One Giveaway


We don’t always feature deals, you know? Every now and then it’s a giveaway, and today you’re looking at The Master Chief Edition Xbox One Giveaway.

Few video game series have managed to captivate audiences and garner loyalty in the way that Halo has since the first title was released back in 2001.

This Special Master Chief Collection Edition Xbox One offers fans of the series a ‘Definitive Halo Experience,’ and includes Halo Combat Evolved: Anniversary, the newly remastered Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo 4 + access to Halo: Nightfall.

And because we know that gaming with friends is always more fun, we’re going to throw in 3 extra controllers and a Kinect…for the kids.

Do your duty as a Spartan and…

It’s a sweet package, a $650 value, and all you have to do is enter to have a chance a winning. Link is below!

[ Enter The Master Chief Edition Xbox One Giveaway ]

Deal Of The Day: 47% Off On HTC Desire & 1-Yr Unlimited Talk-and-Text from FreedomPop


HTC Desire, along with 1 year of Unlimited Talk-And-Text service from FreedomPop, for $249? That sounds like a pretty decent deal!

Save up to $1500 each year and enjoy blazing-fast connection speeds with this premium 4G LTE smartphone with service from FreedomPop. With the brand-new HTC Desire, you’ll reap the benefits of Android’s top-notch technology, browse your apps with ease, and stream videos and games to your heart’s content. For a limited time, you can score this quality smartphone and a year of wireless service, including 500MB 4G LTE data, without the hassle of lengthy contracts and cancellation fees.

Unlimited text & talk, plus 500MB 4G/3G LTE data per month for 1 year ($131.88 value)
1 year of visual voicemail – $30 value
1 year of tethering – $47.88 value
1 year of usage alerts – $23.88 value
No contracts or early termination fees
Sleek, durable design
Free international calling
Dependable performance

Normally $475, it’s $249 with today’s deal.

[ Get The HTC Desire & 1-Yr Unlimited Talk-and-Text from FreedomPop ]

Deal Of The Day: 50% Off On M535 Wireless Optical Mouse


Sometimes you’re just looking for a decent mouse that does just what it’s supposed to do at a reasonable price. The M535 Wireless Optical Mouse seems to fit that bill just right.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or just spend most of your life at a computer (as most of us do), the M535 Wireless Optical Mouse is guaranteed to enhance your experience. The flexible design allows you to adjust the clicker to your particular hand size for ergonomic perfection. It’s fully programmable and easy to use—so you can finally use a mouse that works on your terms and not visa versa.

– Freely control the 3 grades of the thumb-adjustable button on the side to fit your hand
– Utilize the unique cursor positioning technology to easily find your cursor
– Quickly send the mouse cursor back to the screen center
– Customize your mouse via an easy-to-use control panel
– Assign functions to 7 different buttons to suit both ordinary & gaming needs
– Use the intelligent power functionality to prolong the battery life (goes into power-saving mode when the mouse stops moving)
– Browse your computer endlessly without fatigue

All cool features aside, the attractive thing about this mouse is that it’s $29.99, instead of the usual $60.


[ Get the M535 Wireless Optical Mouse ]

Deal of The Day: 40% Off On ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery


The ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10000mAh Battery is one of our bestsellers. Think about it: 10,000mAh external battery that recharges with the sun and costs $30! It’s a ridiculously good deal.

Power up your gadgets in the most unexpected places with the extremely compact SolarJuice battery pack. SolarJuice charges up at home like your average battery pack, but also lets you add extra juice on-the-go using its built-in solar panel—so you’ll never be left unplugged from the digital world.

4.5 Stars on Amazon!

– Simultaneously charges 2 devices at once
– Rain-resistant, shockproof & environmentally friendly
– Anti-explosion, lightweight, compact & reliable
– Includes a top grade-A cell, built-in 10000mAh lithium polymer battery
– Comprised of 2 total outputs: 2A fast-charging for mobile devices + 1A charging for smartphones
– Allows casual solar charging via a powerful 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel
– Boasts an ultra-long battery life; recharge the SolarJuice 1000+ times
– Use in the dark w/ built-in LED flashlight

Normally this battery would be $50, but with today’s deal it’s down to $29.99!


[ Get the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 10,000mAh Battery ]

Deal of The Day: 85% Off On Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle


Making things with an Arduino board is a lot of fun, but it does require at least a little bit of know how. You can unleash the device’s full potential by following the four following courses, bundled in today’s Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle.

ARDX Arduino Starter Kit
Tackle 13 Different Projects w/ This Fully-Stocked Beginner’s Toolkit

Arduino Step-by-Step ‘Your Guide to the Internet of Things’ Course
Explore the World’s Friendliest Electronics Prototyping Platform

Arduino ‘Make a Remote-Controlled Car’ Course
Advance Your Skills & Build a Full-Featured Remote-Controlled Car

Beginning Arduino ‘Make Your Own Environment Monitor System’ Course
Create a Gadget That Posts Your Environment Data to a Web Logging Service

Normally you would have to pay $575 for these four courses, but with today’s deal it’s just $75.99.

[ Get The Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle ]

Deal of the Day: 36% Off On Hubsan H111 Drone


It’s one thing for drone prices to drop. It’s another for them to drop to the point where they’re starting to cost about so little you have to ask yourself not whether to buy, but rather how many to get. The Hubsan H111 Drone is an inexpensive drone that seems to do just about everything you’d expect from a flying quadcopter.

Get ready for some uninhibited summer fun with this outside-friendly, ultra-stable nano drone. The Hubsan H111 is a sleek, bright quadcopter that’s ready to fly out of the box, and full of awesome functionality like 360 degree flips and rolls. It’s time to put down the PS4 controller, get outside, and get flying, because as they say: life’s short, fly a drone.

– 4-channel 2.4Ghz radio system
– Extremely lightweight & easy to maneuver
– 360-degree roll & flip functionality
– Ready-to-fly out of the box
– Outdoor & indoor flight ready
– Integrated gyro technology for stability
– LED lights for night flight

So the real kicker comes in at the point where we tell you the price: $31.99, instead of the usual $50!

[ Get The Husban H111 Drone ]

Deal Of The Day: 49% Off On HUSKK Quickdraw Phone Case & Wallet


While women tend to have the problem of being able to carry too much stuff around in their purses, we men tend to have the opposite issue. That’s why we’re always seeing “new, slim, revolutionary wallets” on Kickstarter. The HUSKK Quickdraw Phone Case & Wallet however seems to offer an interesting solution because it combines phone case with wallet. If you’re able to pare down your belongings to the bare essentials, you could get away with carrying everything you need in one pocket!

It’s time to lighten your load with HUSKK’s hybrid wallet and phone case. Italian leather meets classic British craftsmanship in this minimalist wallet that helps you get rid of the bulk and conveniently carry the essentials cards.

HUSKK is taking efficient everyday carry to the next level with then new Quickdraw iPhone wallet case,” GQ

– Comfortably fits up to 7 cards & cash in its slim design
– Easily slips into your pocket
– Includes a hidden magnetic closure for ease of use
– Contains a convenient “quick-access” slot for cash & card
– Provides ultimate screen protection w/ Face Down screen guard
– Feel secure that your wallet is always anywhere your phone is (you can even call it!)

Normally you’d have to pay $49 for this, but with today’s deal it’s 24.99.


[ Get The HUSKK Quickdraw Case & Wallet ]

Deal Of The Day: 13% Off On Smashbox Pro Portable Speaker


The Smashbox Pro Portable Speaker is an interesting device. It’s partway case, partway speaker, and sort of a little bit of both. You put your phone in there, plug the 3.5mm jack in, and close the case. The external speakers will blast your music, while the whole thing protects your phone.

Keep the music flowing, the adventures rolling, and your phone pristine along the way with this portable speaker case. Safely slip your phone inside and use the handy external controls to take calls and play tunes. SmashBox conveniently clips to your belt, backpack, bike, etc., and will protect your device through rain or shine.

– Built-in microphone for hands-free speakerphone capability
– High-quality stereo
– Convenient external controls (power, play/pause & volume)
– Secure zipper closure to safely enclose your smartphone
– Portable design including hanging clip, carabiner & Velcro straps

The best part is the price. It’s pretty inexpensive to start with, at $15. But with today’s deal you only have to pay $12.99!


[ Get The Smashbox Pro Portable Speaker ]