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Deal Of The Day: 95% Off On Getflix, A Lifetime Subscription


Last time we wrote about the Getflix Lifetime Subscription at 95% off, you guys just bought a ton… and have been buying since. So, first: thanks! Getflix is great because it allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds: the speed of a non-VPN connection for all safe traffic, and the security you want only on the traffic that needs it.

Watching Hulu or other streaming services can unfortunately be difficult while traveling outside the US. Rather than bypass these restrictions with the help of a complex and slow VPN, choose a faster and simpler solution with Getflix. Instead of rerouting all your Internet traffic through a different server, this handy service only routes the traffic needed so you can still enjoy top Internet speeds. Getflix unblocks more than 100 streaming channels around the world so you can watch movies, TV, sports, and more wherever life may take you.

– Access popular global streaming services from anywhere around the world, including American Netflix
– Access over 50+ VPN nodes
– Enjoy a fast & reliable solution for watching TV, listening to online radio & more
– Benefit from easy-to-use Smart DNS technology
– Get a free, optional VPN & SmartVPN account to encrypt all your traffic with 256Bit SSL encryption
– Use w/ all of your favorite devices
– Utilize the services without needing to install any software
– Please note: Getflix doesn’t replace the need for a subscription streaming service

So how much does a lifetime subscription to this service cost? $855 apparently. But not with our deal, oh no, with that, you’ll pay $39.

[ Get The Getflix Lifetime Subscription ]

Deal Of The Day: 61% Off On Runway Solar LED Lights Set


Ever come home at night and it’s so dark out that you wish you had little lights lining your driveway, you know, just so you don’t drive up the flowerbed instead? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. The Runway Solar LED Lights Set can make that happen more easily than you think, since they require no wiring.

This set of three solar lights can make all the difference in your garden, backyard or outdoor patio. Easily install them into a planter or the grass thanks to the spike located on the bottom of each light, and they’ll naturally soak up the sun throughout the day. Plus, they’re completely waterproof and shockproof, so they’re ready to withstand rain and sprinklers. These solar lights are the perfect way to light up your space without the nuisance of power cords.

– Easily install into the ground w/ spikes
– Use w/ indoor pots & outdoor plants
– Light your walkway by lining the edges of your walkway
– Keep them out all day to recharge via the built-in solar panel
– Rest easy that they won’t break with the sprinklers on (waterproof & shock proof)

Normally $89.95 for a set of 3, it’s now only $34.98, shipped for free as always.


[ Get The Runway Solar LED Lights Set ]

Deal Of The Day: 45% Off On Five Four Club, a 3-Month Membership


Look, I hate shopping for clothes. I don’t mind spending a stupid amount of money on food, but buying clothes is painful. So that’s why I’m finding the Five Four Club: 3-Month Membership kind of cool. It lets other people take care of making those decisions.

Five Four knows men’s fashion. The LA-based clothing brand curates custom clothing options for their members every month that complement their individual sense of style. Membership begins with a quiz to understand your style preference and fit, ensuring the delivery of seasonal styles that will build your wardrobe with key pieces every month.

– Receive 3 months of Five Four clothing based on your style profile & the season
– Get up to 3 items per shipment, totaling a $360 value in 3 months
– Receive up to 80% off & early access to designer collections in the online store as a Five Four Member
– Receive special discounts on exclusive collections & merchandise
– Get free shipping & size exchanges
– Receive personalized style advice & ‘how to’ wear guides

So this is a service where you’ll be receiving outfits, so we totally dig the normal $180 price tag. At $99 bucks, for three months, well that’s a deal.


[ Get The Five Four Club, e-Month Membership ]

Deal of The Day: 45% Off On Bastron B9 Glass Bluetooth Keyboard


If you wanna look like you come from the future, you might want to consider getting the Bastron B9 Glass Bluetooth Keyboard. It looks amazing, and seems to have a couple cool features.

The future of computing is here and it looks like smooth glass floating above glowing blue lights. The Glass Keyboard by Bastron eliminates the infamous broken keyboard button and ergonomic mouse clicking catastrophe we all face more than we’d like to admit. Use the Bastron as a mouse as well as a keyboard with its touch sensitive key and gesture controls, so you can swipe, scroll, click, and type with ease. It’s as smart as it is attractive, and its intuitive functionality is sure to help you be more productive with every word typed.

– Cool blue backlight
– Bluetooth wireless functionality
– Gesture control functionality
– Touch-sensitive key controls
– Extremely high-quality craftsmanship
– Ultra-slim 0.094″ thick glass
– Simple micro USB connection & universal compatibility
– Durable aluminum frame

Well, it’s a glass keyboard, so it’s normally pretty expensive. But with today’s deal, the price drops to $129.99. Shipped, as always, free of charge.


[ Get The Bastion B9 Glass Bluetooth Keyboard ]

Deal Of The Day: 59% Off On FresheTech Splash Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Do you ever get a song going on your phone, place it on the sink and listen to it while you shower? Yeah, it works but it’s not ideal. If you had something like the FresheTech Splash Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker, you could listen directly in the shower, skip and pause songs, and even take calls! And hey, it’s $20!

Nothing makes a shower or bath experience complete like your favorite podcast or playlist. With this waterproof speaker, you can hit play, skip songs, adjust the volume, and more. Just suction cup it to any surface and you’ll always have your tunes within arm’s reach.

– Play music or any other audio right through the high powered built-in speaker
– Connect almost any smartphone to the device via Bluetooth
– Use the Skip & Back buttons to change songs
– Answer calls & have conversations through the Bluetooth microphone
– Easily stick to any surface via suction cup
– Made w/ a floating & durable design

Normally $49.95, it’s $19.99 after today’s deal, and it’s shipped for free, as always.


[ Get The FresheTech Splash Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker ]

Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On Soundjump Bluetooth Speaker


You’re looking at the Soundjump Bluetooth Speaker. It comes with a removable 6,000 mAh power bank and lets you sneeze tunes out for up to 20 hours.

Next time you take a trip or go for a hike, make room in your bag for the Soundjump Bluetooth Speaker. This powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker is equipped with dual custom 45mm full range drivers to deliver incredible sound, wherever you are. Better yet, with a removable battery to use as an on-the-go powerbank, you can listen for longer without recharging.

– Listen on the move for longer w/ Bluetooth technology, plus a removable, rechargeable battery
– Enjoy your music for up to 20 hours
– Charge your other devices w/ the removable battery when not hooked up w/ the Soundjump
– Answer calls w/ the built-in speakerphone

Normally $149.99, it’s $104.99 after today’s deal. Shipped, of course, for free.


[ Get The Soundjump Bluetooth Speaker ]

Deal Of The Day: Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable For $19.99


I own the Zus Kevlar Charging Cable, and did a review on it right here. It’s honestly the nicest Lightning charging cable I’ve ever owned, and after a half-dozen frayed Apple cables, I feel like this one’s going to last a lifetime… or at least until Apple changes their standard again. It’s honestly just a really cool cable.

Stop re-upping on low quality charging cables that tear after just a few months. The ZUS Cable can bend over 15,000 times, 50% more than the nearest competitor, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident ZUS is in their cables. These cables are built with the same aramid fiber technology used in aerospace and military applications so normal wear and tear just won’t affect them.

– Cables are tangle-free thanks to the nylon braiding
– Each cable comes w/ a complimentary velcro tie to keep the cable further organized
– 90 degree plug provides a slim fit in narrow spaces
– MFi Certification means your iPhone is perfectly safe to charge

The cable is $19.99, and is shipped for free. That’s less than a new Apple Lightning cable for a product that’s vastly superior.


[ Get The Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable ]

Deal of The Day: 47% Off On SelectTV, 1-Yr Subscription


Like fax machines, cable service is a technology from another era. You have to sit there and be told what you’re going to watch, and when. Your only control involves watching something else altogether by switching channels, and if there’s nothing on, well, tough luck. Cord cutters realized this a long time ago, and to help you take that plunge, services like SelectTV exist.

More and more people are cutting the cable cord and looking to alternative TV and movie viewing methods. Netflix and Hulu are cool, but only one service offers all the perks of both cable and web-based streaming–while simultaneously dwarfing any other library. That’s SelectTV, where you can access over 300,000 TV episodes, 200,000 movies, 50,000 radio stations, and 5,000 live channels all from the same, simple browser interface. There are many reasons to cut the cord, but none are as convincing as SelectTV.

Featured in USA Today, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc., Yahoo! Finance, and Digital Trends

– Access a massive library of TV shows, movies, live channels, radio stations & more from over 150 countries
– Watch unlimited video on demand from any device
– Enjoy over 1,000 curated channels, w/ latest episodes from top networks, as well as classic TV from the last 50 years
– Steam over 50,000 world radio stations
– Get the latest TV & box office hits w/ Select TV Pay Per View
– Broaden your horizons w/ thousands of on-demand TV shows
– Access a full calendar of live events, sports, concerts & more, all streamed live via the web
– Connect to your home TV via Google Chromecast or HDMI cable

Normally $36 for the year, you can have it for $19. That’s what?… 2 months of Netflix?


[ Get SelectTV, 1-Yr Subscription ]

Deal Of The Day: 97% Off On SaferVPN Basic, Lifetime Subscription


The VPN wars continue, and it seems every week sees a new, even more promising entrant at a competitive price. Today we’re looking at SaferVPN Basic, A Lifetime Subscription. It’s got a few decent features:

You wouldn’t trust your personal data, logins and bank details with just anyone would you? Get the ultimate protection against hackers and snoopers with SaferVPN, the fastest, simplest and most reliable VPN service on the market. The highest levels of encryption and super simple single-click applications for every device ensure you are 100% protected online and on-the-go. Plus, you can instantly enjoy limitless access to your favorite content worldwide with high-speed global servers and unlimited location-switching.

– Connect to over 400 dedicated, anonymous servers in 30 countries worldwide
– Access apps on all your devices thanks to compatibility w/ Windows, Mac, Android, iOS & Chrome
– Get help fast w/ 24/7 customer support via live chat, email or right inside the app
– Browse w/ the fastest connections w/ unlimited bandwidth, data & server switching
– Protect your browsing data w/ the bank-level 256-bit encryption

The company figures it would cost you $1,800 to stay with them “for life”. With this deal however, you’ll only pay $49.


[ Get The SaferVPN Basic, A Lifetime Subscription ]