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Deal of The Day: $65 Off On Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0 w/ Camera


Drones, drones, drones. They’re all that anyone talks about these days, from the White House to the FAA. So, why not get in while it’s still cool? The Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0 w/ Camera is a small, easy to control quad copter drone that also happens to carry a camera. Granted, it’s not the most high-resolution camera, clocking in at 640 pixels. We’re not sure if that’s 640 X something, or 640 altogether, but it’s still better than nothing. Mind you, let us remind you that you’re looking at a drone that fits in the palm of your hand, flies up to 400 feet away for up to 8 minutes at a time, does flips and self-stabilizes, and costs less than $80. Actually with today’s deal, it’s $74.99, down from $139.

[ Get The Extreme Micro-Drone 2.0 w/ Camera ]

Deal Of The Day: $25 Off On 3DRobotics IRIS+ Super Drone


You’re looking at the Super Drone backed by none other than Richard Branson. It’s called the IRIS+ and is a serious drone meant for the serious enthusiast. Capable of payloads of up to 400 g (.8 lb), the IRIS+ features flight times of 16min to 22min depending on conditions, as well as a ton of other features:

- Ready to fly: spin on the props, charge the battery, and get flying
– Flight protection: lands itself automatically & returns to a home point if out of range or low on battery
– Follow Me technology allows it to follow and film you w/ any GPS enabled Android-device
– Auto mission planning: draw a flight path on any Android tablet or phone for hands-free flight control
– 16 -22 minute flight time based on weather conditions, load, and altitude
– Pairs w/ a GoPro camera (not included) using a stabilizing gimbal to get clear and steady video & 3D digital mapping

You’d normally have to pay $750 for this drone, but today it’s $725.


[ Get The IRIS+ Super Drone ]

Deal Of The Day: 22% Off On MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach


Most of the time we like to describe the items ourselves, but we feel like StackCommerce’s copy is just perfect as it is, so we’ll paste it here, if yawl don’t mind. You’re looking at a deal on the MOOV Wearable Fitness Coach. What’s that, you say?

Moov doesn’t just track your distance and calories, its intelligent motion detectors reconstruct your movements in 3D to give real-time performance insights. The Moov tells you what you’re doing wrong, and how to correct it while giving you the inspiration to get in in the best shape of your life.

– 9-axis precision motion sensors (used in aerospace technology) to capture exact athletic movement
– Scientifically-designed hyper-intelligent coaching programs
– Settings for specific workout variations such as: run, walk, cardio boxing, swimming, body weight, etc

There are lots of fitness trackers out there, but MOOV is priced to, well, move (see what we did there?) at $69, down from its usual $89.


[ Get The MOOV Fitness Tracker ]

Deal Of The Day: 25% Off On Sesame 2 Wireless Auto-Lock for Mac


Walking away from your laptop without locking your screen can have some unintended consequences, from the innocuous Facebook status hijack to the much more serious theft of personal information. It’s just good practice to lock it, but it’s easy to become distracted. With the Sesame 2 Wireless Auto-lock Keyfob for Mac, the minute you walk away the screen will lock and it will unlock as soon as you return. It uses Bluetooth 4.0 for low-power consumption, and you can set the distance at which it locks through a related application. Normally $39, it’s $29 with this deal.


[ Get The Sesame 2 Wireless Auto-Lock for Mac ]

Deal Of The Day: 31% Off On ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet


Have you ever tried charging your MacBook Air with an external battery? Yeah, it doesn’t work, because you can’t charge the thing through USB. So that’s why we’re intrigued by the ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet, which features a full AC outlet as well as a USB port for charging. That’s 12,000 mAh in a format that’s technically small enough to carry in your pockets. It’ll charge anything that requires less than 65W, and can power two devices simultaneously. Normally you’d pay $270 for this, but it’s $185 after today’s rebate.


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Deal Of The Day: 25% Off On ‘Prep Pad’ Smart Food Scale & Nutrition Tracker


If you’ve ever been on a diet, you’ll know that it’s important to keep track of what you eat. You don’t have to starve or eat dry chicken and broccoli all the time, but it is important to know how much of what goes inside you. A good way to do this is by weighing everything. A better way to do it is with the ‘Prep Pad’ Smart Food Scale & Nutrition Tracker, which not only weighs your foods, but interfaces with a smartphone app to break down in detail the nutritional content of the food you ingest. Simply place your item on the scale, select it from a list of 300,000+ items in the database, and you’re done. It’ll also track and log your meals, and help you achieve your goals. Normally you’d pay $$150 for this fancy scale, but you can have it for $112 today.

[ Get The ‘Prep Pad’ Smart Food Scale & Nutrition Tracker ]

Deal Of The Day: A PS4 Giveaway


You guys know the drill. You just follow the links below and enter to win, it’s easy! This time around we’re giving away a PS4. You can even get more entries into the giveaway by sharing on Twitter, and if your friends and followers enter too, you’ll get more entries.

[ Enter To Win A PS4 ]

Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On SMS Audio ‘STREET by 50′ Headphones


Celebrities designing headphones these days is the fashionable thing to do, it seems. A while ago it was perfumes, but now it’s headphones. Go figure. In any case, the SMS Audio ‘STREET by 50′ headphones from rapper 50 Cent are as fashionable and high-quality as they come. Made from shatterproof UFP™ plastic, the cans feature a detachable tangle-free cord (with three-click microphone), a professionally-tuned 40mm driver, enhanced bass, and a foldable headband. They normally would set you back $179, but today it’s $109 after the $70 rebate.

[ Get the SMS Audio ‘Street by 50′ Headphones ]

Deal Of The Day: 50% Off On ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery


External batteries just keep getting more interesting. The ZeroLemon Solarjuice 20,000mAh Battery comes as loaded with features as anything we’ve seen recently. More so, actually. Not only does it provide you with 20,000mAh in charging capacity through two USB ports, at 2.1A and 1A of output (that’s a lot, by the way), it also recharges itself through a 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel. So think about the usage scenario. You go out in the woods, camping, and you get to charge your electronics away from the grid. Then you leave your battery pack charging itself in the sun for the day, only to come back in the evening and be able to do it all over again. It’s brilliant, and more importantly, it’s also cheap. The ZeroLemon SolarJuice is $49.99 instead of the regular $100!

[ Get The ZeroLemon Solarjuice Battery Pack ]