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Deal Of The Day: 62% Off On Bluetooth Sport Earbuds


A set of wireless Bluetooth Sport Earbuds for $19? Yeah, that’s exactly what you’re getting with this deal.

Don’t you hate knocking your headphone wire out of the way while you’re on a run or in the gym? Or having to untangle a mess of wires whenever you want to just put your headphones on? These Bluetooth Sport Earbuds solve the pesky problems of wires, streaming pure, high quality sound to your ears without the wires.

High ambient noise reduction offers a unique listening experience
Sweat proof durability makes them perfect for the gym
Volume control & battery indicator keep you in complete control

Normally these are $60, but with today’s deal you see that price drop down to $19. That’s very cheap, and it’s shipped for free!


[ Get the Bluetooth Sport Earbuds ]

Deal Of The Day: 97% Off On The Complete Adobe Suite Mastery Package


Adobe makes so many amazing programs for designers that if you’re able to use them all, you can be pretty much assured of gainful employment somewhere. But you have to learn first. The Complete Adobe Suite Mastery Package will give you access to 135 courses that will get you up to speed with software like Dreamweaver, After Effects, Photoshop and more.

The Adobe Suite is one of the most important web and graphic design tools in existence, and one that any aspiring designer will need to master. Fortunately, this 135-course bundle will help you do just that. Over this comprehensive bundle, you’ll learn how to use the Adobe Suite to create stunning illustrations, magazines, websites, and much more. You’ll dive into features that range from beginner to advanced as you get familiar with this incredibly useful tool.

– Access 135 courses 24/7
– Learn beginner, intermediate, & advanced features of the Adobe suite
– Discover how to become a designer & develop mobile apps
– Master the Pen Tool & working w/ typography
– Develop a design & web workflow
– Learn important animation techniques
– Understand how to edit & optimize photos

You can imagine that this much data would normally cost quite a bit, and you’d be right. The regular price is $4,029! But with today’s deal you can access all of this for $99.

[ Get The Complete Adobe Suite Mastery Package ]

Deal Of The Day: 80% Off On, Lifetime Subscription


Listening to music while trying to get work done can be hit or miss. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it distracts. The Lifetime Subscription featured in today’s deal should theoretically help you get the exact music stream for your needs.

Distractions are everywhere, even in your ears when you’re trying to shut the world out with music. You just can’t always trust yourself or your favorite apps to deliver the most productive audio options, and that’s why was created. uses AI and a wealth of neurological research to stream the best background music for studying, sleeping, or relaxation. Give yourself a productivity boost and outmatch your to-do list with

Top 50 Most Up-voted on Product Hunt

– Choose whether you’re trying to work, relax, or sleep, & experience an original composition specially generated for that scenario
– Adjust the stream to play for 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or indefinitely until you turn it off
– Explore different recordings & audio tracks for each category on your own
– Access premium-only content & track your work progress

Normally $199, you can get a lifetime of for $39 with today’s deal.

[ Get The Lifetime Subscription ]

Deal Of the Day: RA4W VPN Lifetime Subscription For $15


Look, if all you want is a VPN with not too many bells and whistles, the RA4W VPN: Lifetime Subscription might be just the thing for you.

Browsing online without a VPN is like stepping into a minefield: with all the digital vagrants waiting to steal your data, you’re asking for trouble. Take no chances when it comes to your online privacy, and get yourself this lifetime subscription to RA4W VPN. You’ll route your traffic through RA4W’s servers, hide your IP address and location, and breathe much easier at night with this veritable digital fortress safeguarding your private data.

– Browse anonymously & safeguard your private data
– Access servers in 20+ countries across 5 different continents
– Utilize servers that guarantee the securest connections possible
– Enjoy lightning-fast browsing speeds
– Unlock geoblocked sites including Netflix, Spotify & more
– Connect either using RA4W VPN’s custom client or OpenVPN
– Rest assured knowing your data is encrypted & isn’t being logged
– Troubleshoot issues w/ a support team available 24/7

The best thing about this is the price. While many other lifetime subscriptions will want to charge you $30, $40, even $90, this one is yours for $15. That’s right, pay $15 once and never have to worry about getting a VPN again.

[ Get The RA4W VPN Lifetime Subscription ]

Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable For $19


Look, I have the Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable, and I think it’s awesome. I even did a review. And while today’s deal isn’t a deal in the sense that you won’t save anything from the MSRP of $19, if you get yourself one through the link at the bottom, you’ll be supporting this site in the process.

Stop re-upping on low quality charging cables that tear after just a few months. The ZUS Cable can bend over 15,000 times, 50% more than the nearest competitor, and is covered by a lifetime warranty. That’s how confident ZUS is in their cables. These cables are built with the same aramid fiber technology used in aerospace and military applications so normal wear and tear just won’t affect them.

– Cables are tangle-free thanks to the nylon braiding
– Each cable comes w/ a complimentary velcro tie to keep the cable further organized
– 90 degree plug provides a slim fit in narrow spaces
– MFi Certification means your iPhone is perfectly safe to charge

This is legitimately a great cable. It’s tough as nails and feels premium. At $19, which is cheaper than Apple’s own charging cable, it’s a no-brainer.


[ Get The Zus Kevlar MFi Certified Lightning Cable ]

Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On Drifter Phone-Free Smart Speaker


Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, and they all pretty much do the same thing. But the Drifter Phone-Free Smart Speaker has one feature we haven’t seen as often and it’s kind of cool: a built-in 16GB hard drive. This means you can take the Drifter with you and leave your phone behind, and not worry about getting it wet or damaged.

You’ve never met a speaker like Drifter. The world’s first smart speaker allows you to play music independent of your phone, so you can truly take it anywhere, regardless of an internet connection. Drifter’s customized operating system allows you to download music from your favorite apps directly to the speaker. With a 16GB hard drive, that’s up to 4,000 songs right at your disposal any time you want them.

– Listen at home on WiFi, on the road on Bluetooth, & w/ Outdoor Music System® when you’re off the grid
– Leave your smartphone out of any dangerous situations thanks to Drifter’s built-in hard drive
– Choose the music you want to hear right on the built-in touchscreen
– Bring Drifter into the pool or ocean w/ you, it floats & boasts an IPX7 completely waterproof rating
– Hang outside w/ the included carabiners or mount to any GoPro mount
– Carry it anywhere – it’s only 6″ long
– Record your life around the music w/ the built-in camera

It’s a cool product, and it’s seeing a decent price drop, from $299, to $239 with free shipping.


[ Get the Drifter Phone-Free Smart Speaker ]

Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2016 Bundle


Last Thursday we made the point that learning how to code wasn’t the only way to earn marketable skills online. But you know something, despite there being other skills to learn, the fact remains that being a solid coder will make it much easier for you to find gainful employment in an increasingly technocentric economy. The Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2016 Bundle gives you access to up to 9 different courses, featuring hours and hours of lectures and exercises, a $1,500+ value. Right now, getting access to all of them requires you to pay at least the average bundle price, currently $19.36. If you pay less, which you can, you’ll still get the two courses in the pictured list without a lock icon.

[ Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2016 Bundle ]

Deal Of The Day: 94% Off On Windscribe VPN, Lifetime Pro Subscription


The world of VPNs is vast, and Windscribe VPN is yet another player. But this one’s got a couple tricks up its sleeve that its competitors don’t.

Windscribe is much more than a VPN. It’s a desktop application and browser extension that work in conjunction to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove ads and trackers from your everyday browsing. With Windscribe, you’ll never mess with confusing settings and options menus again; just turn it on on your desktop once, and it’s good to go in the background forever.

– Mask your physical location from 3rd parties w/ an encrypted tunnel
– Access geo-locked content from anywhere
– Avoid most ads while you’re browsing
– Torrent securely & share files w/o worrying about your ISP snooping on you
– Use on all your devices simultaneously
– Get protected by the top-notch firewall that protects you in case of connectivity loss
– Leave no trace or logs while you browse

Normally $900, it’s $49.99 for a lifetime membership.

[ Get the Windscribe VPN Lifetime Pro Subscription ]

Deal Of The Day: Pay What You Want, White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle


We often talk about gaining knowledge online and learning how to code, but coding isn’t the only way you can earn marketable skills. White hat security is an increasingly in-demand field, and fortunately for you we have an awesome deal on: the Pay What You Want, White Hat Hacker 2017 Bundle. If you pay anything less than the average price ($13.10 as of this writing), you’ll get the two courses without a lock next to them. Pay anything more than that, and they’re all yours. Access dozens and dozens of hours of training for very little money, a deal that’s available to you for the next 7 days.

[ Get the Pay What You Want, White Hat Hacker Bundle ]