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Deal of The Day: 16% Off On Wocket Smart Wallet


Don’t want to use Apple Pay, but still like the idea of being able to consolidate all your cards in one spot and use only that to process payments at different retailers? The Wocket Smart Wallet should do the trick.

Paper and plastic are the past. A slim, wireless square that holds all your payment info in one place? That’s the future. Swipe all your cards, even gift cards and membership cards, on the Wocket reader, and replace your entire wallet with a single card. Then simply use the touchscreen to choose your preferred account when you’re ready to pay. Thanks to the biometric security technology, only you can unlock Wocket with your voice and a personal pin. So say hello to Wocket.

“Described as a “smart wallet,” it’s designed to securely store electronic versions of your various cards, plus it features a swipe-able physical card that can be programmed for single uses.” Gizmag

– Only carry one universal card, you choose which card or account to use
– Unlock it w/ your pin & voice recognition technology
– Store it in the leather cover’s slide pocket
– View & select from all your card info directly on the screen
– Securely store all your passwords & create new ones
– Attach & carry cash w/ the extra accessory
– Use it without needing a smartphone or Internet access

It’s a great product that totally justifies its $149 asking price, down from the usual $179.


[ Get The Wocket Smart Wallet ]

Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On 1byone Car Mount & 4-Port Smart Charger Bundle


When you’re in your car, you’re not going to keep your phone in your pocket, let’s face it. But you shouldn’t be holding it in your hands either, that’s against the law in most places. So here’s what you do: with today’s 1byone Car Mount & 4-Port Smart Charger Bundle, you place the phone somewhere convenient with the Car Mount, and you get it charged with the 4-port Smart Charger. Hands-free, power-topping convenience. Here is the description for the Car Mount.

The days of dangerously holding your phone while Google Maps does it’s thing are finally over. This universal car mount will keep your phone safely mounted with its super powerful magnetic holding system, and at a glance thanks to the 360-degree view functionality. Equipped with super sticky suction to keep your phone in place without harming your car’s surface, 1byone’s road trip-ready accessory makes mounting your device easier than ever.

– 360-degree adjustments for an uninhibited view from any direction
– Magnetic mounting for quick & easy one-handed operation
– Super sticky pad w/ double grip suction keeps your device stable
– Sleek black surface compliments any vehicle’s interior
– Universal compatibility works w/ most smartphones, tablets, etc.

And here is the description for the Smart Car Charger

There’s nothing worse than losing all your phone’s juice while stuck in traffic. Keep your gadgets and your passengers’ gadgets covered with this four-port smart USB charger. Not only will you simultaneously power four devices, but you’ll do it with optimal charging efficiency thanks to the advanced smart technology.

– Four smart USB ports for charging safely & quickly
– Super small design for easy portability
– Powerful smart technology identifies device type to provide optimal charging efficiency
– Premium construction & circuitry
– High power: input, DC12-18V; output, DC5V/2.4A (real verified output)

It’s a good combination of products, and what you’d normally be asked to pay $47, you only have to pay $27.98 today.

[ Get The 1byone Car Mount & 4-Port Smart Charger Bundle ]

Deal of The Day: 22% Off On Man Card Bottle Opener: 2-Pack


Wallets tend to get crushed and curved, sometimes beyond recognition, in our hipster-loving skinny-jean pockets. The Man Card aims to add some spine to your wallet, protecting your cards, and giving you a bottle opener at the same time.

What’s manlier than steel? Steel that protects your wallet and opens your beer at the same time. That’s about as manly as it gets, and it goes by the name, Man Card. This stainless steel piece slides into your wallet to straighten out your cards and its inlaid mustache can crack open any beverage. That’s right, you’ve just been handed your Man Card for life.

– Made of durable stainless steel to outlast wear & tear
– Prevents bending of credit cards
– Easily portable, fits in any regular sized wallet
– Features an epic mustache that opens any bottle

It’s normally $26, but with today’s rebate, you’re looking at $19.99.


[ Get the Man Card Bottle Opener 2-pack ]

Deal Of The Day: 16% Off On TAGS Wireless Earbuds (Multiple Colors)


Another day, another deal on wireless earbuds. The TAGS Wireless Earbuds are designed to look like dog tags, so when you haven’t popped them in your ears, you can hang them around your neck and they look like dog tags.

The TAGS Wireless Earbuds are designed to look like dog tags, offering perfectly calibrated acoustics in an effortlessly sleek package. They look great any way you wear them, whether plugged into your ears as you jam away, or hung around your neck until you’re ready to rock out again. Perfect for audiophiles and tastemakers alike, these premium earbuds are your ticket to a world of rich sound and incomparable style.

– Look stylish rocking out w/ these earbuds
– Enjoy hi-fi sound no matter what audio you’re streaming
– Hang the earbuds like dog tags around your neck when not in use
– Make & take hands-free calls w/ the built-in mic
– Use the removable over-ear clips to keep your earpieces in place
– Easily skip tracks & control volume w/ built-in controls

Normally they’d be $65, but with today’s deal it’s $53.95.


[ Get The TAGS Wireless Earbuds ]

Deal Of The Day: 30% Off On Titan Cable & Titan Loop Lightning Charger Bundle


The cable that comes with your iPhone or iPad pretty much sucks. It’s fragile, needs replacing periodically, and doesn’t do half the things that the Titan Cable & Titan Loop Lightning Charger Bundle do.

Titan’s top-selling, MFi-certified, tangle-free charging cables now come in a pack, so you can conveniently charge anywhere life may take you. Titan’s original 3.25 foot cable is wrapped twice in industrial-grade, flexible steel and packs permanently-sealed USB and Lightning connectors that won’t be falling apart in this century, or the next. The Loop, its smaller sibling, features the same great strength, but also conveniently folds in half to attach to your keychain or belt loop. One for home, one for the road, it’s a match made in heaven.

– Wrapped in two layers of flexible, high-strength steel
– Includes sealed one-piece housing fused directly over the cable to keep the connectors in place
– Certified w/ Apple’s MFi program for safe charging
– Made to last for life
– Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Normally you’d have to pay $65 for the bundle, but today’s deal brings that down to $44.95.

[ Get The Titan Cable & Titan Loop Lightning Charger Bundle ]

Deal of The Day: 20% Off On Date Night In A Box from GQ and Spring Staples Box from Kevin Rose


Today we bring you two boxes that contain items you might like. The first is the Date Night In A Box from GQ which contains essential items to help you get ready for a date. The stuff is picked out by GQ staff, so you know it’s in good taste. The second one is the Spring Staples Box from Kevin Rose. Remember Kevin Rose, the guy who founded, and was on TV for some tech stuff back in the day?

First, the description for the Date Night Box.

When ‘Netflix & Chill’ won’t cut it, it’s time to take some tips from the gentlemen at GQ. They’ve assembled a foolproof box of goods that will impress any potential connection—significant others and one night stands alike. Everything from wipes to clear your teeth of wine stains to a coffee table book that screams “cultured”, this box’s got the moves you need to score big.

“Didn’t prep properly for your date night in? No sweat, there’s still time… ” GQ

– Lite + Cycle Urban Forrest Candle: inspired by LA’s Griffith Park to bring an all natural musk to the big city life
Surfing Photographs From The Seventies by Jeff Devine: takes a peak into 1960s surf subculture w/ rare, gorgeous images of life riding high
– Mast Brothers Chocolate Makers: wins over any heart w/ its handmade, artisanal sweetness—the perfect chocolate compliment to your go-to night cap
– Blind Barber’s Watermint Gin Facial Cleanser: leaves your skin fresh, clean, soft & kissable
– Pearly Wipes from Borracha: wipes embarrassing wine remnants off your teeth just in time to flash that undeniable smile

And now for Kevin Rose’s picks.

So you talk the talk, it’s about time you walk the walk. Get every entrepreneur and tech-lover’s essentials curated by Kevin Rose himself. From classic striped socks to an epic nano drone, these staples aren’t guaranteed to make you a millionaire, but they sure won’t hurt.

“A few of my spring staples and a new favorite toy.” Kevin Rose

– Socks from Richer/Poorer: limited edition classic striped socks to keep your feet looking top-notch
– Coldbrew Matcha from Breakaway Matcha in a UV blocking violet-black jar: refreshing, all natural energy to give you the boost you need
– Nano Drone from Morrison Innovations: the high-flying, nimble quadcopter to add some fun to your everyday
– Face Wipes from Ursa Major: bamboo face wipes infused w/ a tonic formula to cleanse on the road
– “Godfather” print by Adam Lister: a classic print of a cult favorite
– Redbeard Brew Bars (@RedbeardBrewBars): handmade soap made w/ craft beer & all natural ingredients

Normally either one of these boxes would set you back $100, but after today’s deal, it’s only $79.99.

[ Get The Date Night in a Box from GQ ] AND [ Get The Spring Staples Box from Kevin Rose ]

Deal Of The Day: The Tim Ferriss Round-the-World Giveaway


A deal on the weekend? Well, not quite. This is a giveaway, and a pretty interesting one to boot. It’s called the The Tim Ferriss Round-the-World Giveaway and if you enter, you run the chance of winning a bunch of stuff, not the least of which is a trip around the world and a 1 hours Q&A with Tim Ferriss.

What’s your ultimate adventure? Bungee jumping in New Zealand? Learning Spanish with Costa Rican locals? Bottling vino in Tuscany? We want to take you on a trip of epic proportions—and handle the bill. But that’s not all…win a rare Q&A session with star of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, and author of #1 New York Times best seller The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss himself. Find out how a four-week trip to Europe changed his life forever, and how to keep your luggage under 10 pounds. We’re throwing in some of our favorite tech gadgets and gear, and for the first time ever, choosing three lucky winners!

Grand Prize: The Tim Ferriss Round-the-World Prize (worth $3,355.95)
– Trip Around the World from BootsnAll (worth $3,000)
– Sample route: San Francisco > Boston > Munich > Athens > Istanbul > Dubai > Bangkok > Saigon > Hong Kong > San Francisco
– Customize your route to hit your must-see sites
– Click here to map out your dream escape

– 1-Hour Q&A Session with Tim Ferriss—The Ultimate Productivity Guru & Best-Selling Author

7 Best-Selling Tech Essentials
– LithiumCard Wallet Battery with Smartphone Charger
– ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery
– Twist World Charging Station
– FYL Built-In Charger Bags
– Karma LTE Hotspot
– Keysmart 2.0
– Fixit Tech Tool Bundle

1st Runner Up: The High-Flying DJI Drone Prize (worth $1,034.95)
All hail the DJI Phantom 2–the king of the drones and a true aerial photography trailblazer. 1st Runner Up will take home a brand new DJI along with 7 or our top-selling tech essentials!
– DJI Phantom 2 Drone
– LithiumCard Wallet Battery with Smartphone Charger
– ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery
– Twist World Charging Station
– FYL Built-In Charger Bags
– Karma LTE Hotspot
– Keysmart 2.0
– Fixit Tech Tool Bundle

2nd Runner Up: The Tech-Savvy Tastemaker Prize (worth $355.95)
Score the 7 gadgets you need this fall–all made by top innovators, all best sellers. Power up outside with a solar battery pack, charge around the world with one plug, and carry it all in the stylish FYL Bag.
– LithiumCard Wallet Battery with Smartphone Charger
– ZeroLemon SolarJuice 20000mAh Battery
– Twist World Charging Station
– FYL Built-In Charger Bags
– Karma LTE Hotspot
– Keysmart 2.0
– Fixit Tech Tool Bundle

So that’s a lot of stuff, all of which is undeniably awesome. All you have to do is enter!

[ Get The The Tim Ferriss Round-the-World Giveaway ]

Deal Of The Day: 22% Off On Liquid Co. Essentialist Wallet


There are all kinds of wallets on the market, but it’s not every day you come across one made entirely of metal, with RFID protection and space for up to 6 cards as well as other stuff. The Liquid Co. Essentialist Wallet does all those things and more.

The philosophy behind this handsome aluminum wallet? Carry your essentials with pride. If the stellar aesthetics aren’t enough to boost your ego, the killer functionality will seal the deal. Store your cards, cash, a bottle opener, your keys, and more, and still easily slip it in your pocket bulge-free. Even when you hit the town with just a single card, the premium elastic strap will hold it safe until morning comes.

– Protect your credit card numbers & identity w/ RFID protection
– Attach up to 4 accessories or keys w/ attached posts
– Hold wallet contents securely w/ premium ribbed, non-roll elastic that won’t wear or loosen
– Comfortably hold up to 6 cards
– Carry key fobs or car remotes w/ stainless steel key ring attachment
– Easily access your cards w/ side thumb slot
– Change up the look w/ interchangeable black & gold screw sets

Normally you’d pay $84 for this, but with today’s deal it’s $64.99.


[ Get The Liquid Co. Essentialist Wallet ]

Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On Lyrix Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker


There are all kinds of things you can look at when shopping for a Bluetooth speaker, like sound quality, waterproofing, battery life… But sometimes you just want something fun, that does something others don’t do. The Lyrix Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker is exactly that, providing you with a lights and water show to go along with your tunes.

If you love colorful lights, water shows, and blasting tunes—all your dreams are about to come true. This epic dancing speaker is basically your personal Bellagio fountain show, and it won’t cost you a flight to Vegas. With rhythmic colorful lights and bouncing water, you can enjoy quality entertainment and your favorite tunes with the crystal clear sound they deserve. Utilize the top-notch Bluetooth functionality or plug in with an auxiliary cord to let the show commence!

Features crystal clear sound
Connects to your devices via Bluetooth, directly from a MicroSD card, or from an auxiliary source via the 3.5 mm input jack
Includes multiple-color lights for a gorgeous effect
Splashes & bounces water along w/ the music
Provides a multiple sense experience

It’s a fun item to keep in the home, if only to entertain yourself or your guests. It’s not something you should spend a fortune on, and you won’t, since they’re only asking for $35.95.

[ Get The Lyric Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker ]