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Deal Of The Day: 96% Off On StreamJack TV SmartDNS, Lifetime Subscription


Looks like the competition is heating up in the VPN scene. The StreamJack TV SmartDNS seems to do what most VPNs do, and additionally, it doesn’t log your IP at all so there’s less worry about your potentially less-than-legal pirating activities being tracked back to you (not that we’d condone piracy).

Every device connected to the Internet is using a ‘DNS’—even your device, right now. By using StreamJack’s DNS, your IP address will be routed through their custom global DNS network. As a result, you’ll shield your IP from prying eyes, and even unblock geo-restricted content. That’s right, watch Netflix USA anywhere in the world.

– Bypass internet censorship
– Enjoy a fast & reliable solution for watching TV, listening to online radio & more
– Rest assured that your activity will not be logged
– Use hand-picked dedicated servers
– Keep your IP address anonymous
– Unblock streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, BBC, Amazon Prime, etc..)
– Set up on any device (click here for more details)

Well, you’re getting a lifetime subscription so that would normally be pretty expensive. Like, $750. But you can have it for $29 with today’s deal.

[ Get The StreamJack TV SmartDNS, Lifetime Subscription ]

Deal Of The Day: 67% Off Lugulake Portable Bluetooth Speaker Dock


It’s nice to have options, even when they’re options on product categories that have been written about to death. The Lugulake Portable Bluetooth Speaker Dock may seem like just another bluetooth speaker, but it’s a heavily discounted Bluetooth Speaker.

This speaker set doesn’t just sit next to your tablet or smartphone, it’s right there behind it. It props your device up for you to see the screen at the perfect angle, and syncs wirelessly to stream your audio with the highest quality.

– Use Bluetooth to connect wirelessly from up to 33 feet away
– Plug non-Bluetooth devices into the 3.5mm audio port
– Enjoy premium audio: bass enhance technology, dual 3-watts drivers & high definition sound
– Hold up your mobile device at the perfect viewing angle (even w/ a protective case on)
– Play for up to 10 hours without recharging
– Connect the included charging cable to your computer’s USB port to recharge

Normally $90, it’s $29 after today’s deal, always shipped free of charge.


[ Get The Lugulake Portable Bluetooth Speaker Dock ]

Deal Of The Day: 25% Off On iRig Mic Cast, Voice Recorder


Finals are just around the corner, and some of you might decide to record your lectures for later review. That’s all fine until you come home and realize you can’t understand half the stuff the professor said because of the quality of your phone’s mic. You should have gotten the iRig Mic Cast: Voice Recorder.

Want to record a speech worth remembering? Or an academic lecture for later review? Get in on the iRig Mic Cast, and replay your audio in nothing less than crystal-clear quality. This handy voice recording microphone spans under 2-square inches, making it a breeze to carry around. When you want to capture audio, simply whip it out, plug it into your device’s headphone jack, and start recording away.

Records high-quality audio on your mobile device or computer
Offers a mini-switch providing 2 different sensitivity settings for close-up or faraway sound
Fits most iPhone/iPod touch cases
Boasts ultra-compact profile allowing for maximum portability
Works w/ 2 free apps enabling voice recording/editing & multi-effects processing
Works w/ all regular phone calls & any VOIP app

Now, do you think we’d be recommending this thing to students if it was expensive? It’s $29.99, down from $40, after today’s deal. Shipped for free, as always.


[ Get The iRig Mic Cast, Voice Recorder ]

Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On Pebble Time Smartwatch


The Pebble is arguably the first smartwatch, or at the very least, the first one that anyone paid attention to. It raised over $10 million on Kickstarter and launched the smartwatch craze. In 2015, the company released the Pebble Time, pictured above. It brought color to its display, but still boasted of a 7-day battery life, considerably more than its now more famous competitor, the Apple Watch.

Pebble packs everything you want out of a smartwatch into a sleek, modern package. With its unique timeline interface, Pebble displays everything you care about (notifications, calendar events, weather, sports scores, news & more) in any easy-to-view timeline. Track your activity and sleep, wear it in the shower—and be left wondering….what can’t the Pebble do?

“Pebble Time is fun. It’s warm and inviting in a way the other watches aren’t.” Gizmodo

– Get notifications at a glance: calendar events, texts, emails, incoming calls & more
– Track you activity & sleep w/ daily reports and weekly insights
– Use near water w/ resistance up to 30 meters
– Speak into the built-in microphone for voice notes & quick replies
– Always view the e-paper screen (even in bright daylight)
– Wear the thin, ergonomic design all the time
– Wear for 7 days straight w/o charging

Normally $150, it’s $119.99 with today’s deal, shipped for free as usual.


[ Get The Pebble Time Smartwatch ]

Deal Of The Day: 63% Off On Private Internet Access VPN, 2-Yr Subscription


Yes, it’s another deal for a VPN. But that’s ok, because it’s for Private Internet Access, one of the best on the market. I’ve personally used them for the last couple of years, and I’ve always been satisfied. Top speeds, tons of servers, and it just works.

Block hackers and government spies, even when you’re connected to public Wi-Fi, thanks to Private Internet Access. High-level encryption ensures you’ll put an end to incessant digital advertising, while IP cloaking gives you access to the Internet uncensored from anywhere. With Private Internet Access, the only gateways to the outside Internet are the ones you open.

– Prevents data mining so you can browse anonymously
– Connects instantly w/ one-click installers
– Masks your location w/ IP cloaking
– Allows the use of 5 devices simultaneously w/ unlimited bandwidth
– Protects your identity w/ several layers of privacy
– Bypasses censorship filters so you are free from geographic restrictions
– Stops traffic w/ a kill switch if the VPN connection is unexpectedly terminated

I personally pay $8 per month for this, so two year’s worth for $59.95 is a steal.

[ Get The Private Internet Access VPN, 2-year Subscription ]

Deal Of The Day: 33% Off On FlexBot DIY Camera-Drone Kit


Drones, drones, drones. The fad doesn’t seem to die down, but it’s nice to see at least a little bit of variety in the various offerings hitting the market. The FlexBot DIY Camera-Drone Kit changes things up a bit by allowing you to custom build your own drone.

This DIY quadcopter kit comes with all of the essential drone components unassembled, so that you can build the custom drone of your dreams. You can even sketch and print your own shells to give it a true personal edge. Then, use your phone to pilot your creation, and record the epic footage to prove it.

– Build your own fully-operational drone from scratch
– Use your smartphone as a remote thanks to gravity sensors
– Control your quadcopter’s movement w/ your phone or tablet
– Mount 3D-printed shells directly to the circuit board
– Design & print your own shells
– Snaps pics from the air w/ the Wi-Fi cam
– Download the app to control gravity sensors, record video, take photos & more

Normally $149, it’s $99 after today’s deal, shipped for free.


[ Get The FlexBot DIY Camera Drone Kit ]

Deal Of The Day: 65% Off On Flexible Gooseneck MFi-Certified Lightning Cable


Look, the Flexible Gooseneck MFi-Certified Lightning Cable is a useful product any way you slice it, rebate or not. It’s not just a charging cable, but also sort of like a stand. There’s a bunch of stuff you can do with it.

You’ll want to use this charger even when you’re fully juiced. Not only does it charge up your iOS device, but its flexible, durable design molds into whatever form you choose. Since it keeps your iDevice sturdy and still, it also makes for a great tripod for capturing photos —Insta and print alike.

– Dock your iPhone or iPod at eye level
– Take photos & videos that aren’t blurry w/ the photo & video tripod
– Easily video chat from your phone
– Slip it in your bag thanks to its lightweight, durable design
– Charge & sync your iPhone anywhere
– Talk hands-free when you drive w/ the included phone mount
– Plug it into your car w/ the car adapter

They normally charge $40, and we’d still think it’s a decent price. But at $13? Yeah, get one, what’s there to lose?


[ Get The Flexible Gooseneck MFi-Certified Lightning Cable ]

Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On Hover X – Ultimate Gamer’s Lapdesk


You can get yourself a fancy, powerful gaming laptop, but when you actually start playing games with it, it’s pretty rare you’ll actually do it on your lap. Like, where will you put your mouse? Well, the Hover X – Ultimate Gamer’s Lapdesk is meant to make it possible to do just that.

Sit back and place the Hover X in your lap for the ultimate gaming setup. The extra-large mouse pad facilitates long movements, and built-in vents keep your laptop from overheating at the absolute worst moment. Grip pads help your laptop stay put even with all the action, and the slot for your tablet is angled for easy viewing.

– Extra-large mouse pad is perfect for your gaming mouse
– Clean design includes bamboo surface
– Cable slot keeps your cords organized
– Mobile dock fits nearly any phone or tablet
– Vents release continual heat
– Grip pads keep your laptop from slipping

Normally $140, it’s down to $99.99 with today’s deal. Shipped for free, as always.


[ Get The Hover X – Ultimate Gamer’s Lapdesk ]

Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On HoverDock for Apple Watch


You got all excited when the Apple Watch came out and went and got one. Well, we’ll try not to judge that decision, and instead point out that now that you have it, you may as well charge it in style. The HoverDock for Apple Watch is sleek and minimalist, and gets the watch topped up in style.

This HoverDock is the minimalist answer to your Apple Watch charging needs. With a strong aluminum base and an upright stance, it displays your watch beautifully and even doubles as a bedside alarm clock. The modern design keeps the cords cleanly out of the way and safe from pulls, spills, bumps, and any other unforeseen accidents.

– Rubber bottom won’t slip or slide
– Sturdy aluminum base
– Retractable cable storage
– Nightstand mode compatible

Normally $35, it’s $27.95 after today’s deal. Shipped for free, as usual.


[ Get The HoverDock for Apple Watch ]