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Get The V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Kit For Only $119 (DotD)


There are all kinds of vaporizers on the market, with new ones coming out almost daily. The V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Kit is one of the more full-featured options out there, and it’s seeing a 29% rebate on today’s deal.

Waiting on the optimal, flawless vaping experience? V2 Pro enlisted the latest technology to bring you a kit equipped with temperature and voltage controls, greater storage capacity, and extended battery life. Easily switch between three different mediums by simply dropping in a new cartridge via a magnetic connection. The V2 Pro will even automatically recognize the cartridge type or allow you to manually choose between three temperature or voltage adjustments to heat to the optimum temperature, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the vape.

– Receive everything you need: a vaporizer, magnetic USB charging cord, wall adapter, e-liquid cartridge, loose-leaf cartridge & the pick and brush for basic loose-leaf cartridge maintenance
– Personalize your vape w/ a choice of three colors: black, steel & blue
– Utilize smart technology & premium features
– Select your preferred voltage & temperature settings
– Enjoy the larger storage capacity & extended battery life
– Automatically heat your vape to the optimal temperature w/ built-in cartridge type recognition

Normally you would have to pay $170 for this full-featured ki, but with today’s rebate, it’s only $119.

[ Get The V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Kit ]

Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case & Night Stand For $22 (DotD)


You went and spent all that money on an Apple Watch. Good for you? But hey, it’s a lot of money and maybe you don’t want to just toss your watch on your night table. The Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case & Night Stand gives it a nice spot to spend the night and get a charge in the process.

Your Apple Watch is the pinnacle of tech perfection, so give it the royal treatment with this premium stand and case combo. Protect your watch from the elements with the Rugged Armor case, and lay it on the Night Stand to rest and recharge. Whether you’re on-the-go or in your home, you can be certain your watch is getting no less than everything it deserves.

– Stand design is simple & easy to use
– Bottom lip securely cradles watch to maximize stability
– Watch can rest w/ strap either open or closed
– Charger fits securely in cutout
– Nanotac pad at bottom keeps stand in place on flat surfaces
– Case features a flexible, sturdy & durable design
– Hardy TPU material protects against bumps & scratches
– Metalized button adds a classy & luxurious accent

It’s a cool looking stand, and best of all, it’s pretty cheap at $22. That’s down from its regular $35 price, so you’re facing a 37% rebate!

[ Get the Spigen Rugged Armor Apple Watch Case & Night Stand ]

Luxurious LithiumCard Wallet Battery Is Just $30 (DotD)


Most people dislike carrying an external battery even more than they dislike running out of power on their smartphones; it’s just so inconvenient most of the time. But the LithiumCard Wallet Battery with Smartphone Charger is different. It fits in a wallet, is made from aluminum and just seems like a premium product.

The LithiumCard Wallet Battery is an engineering marvel, packing tons of power in a package no wider than 5 credit cards. Beautifully crafted from a luxurious billet aluminum housing, it charges devices at up to a lightning-fast 1% of battery life per minute. Without question, this battery is the pinnacle of portable charging perfection—and it’s calling your name.

– Keep your iOS devices charged w/ the built-in Lightning connector
– Enjoy the premium design crafted from durable aluminum
– Charge your device quickly at up to 1% of battery life per minute
– Add charging power capacity to your device
– Simultaneously charge your device & LithiumCard w/ 2 flip-out charging cables
– Carry it everywhere: fits into almost any wallet
– Stick to your device w/ the NanoStik pad as an alternative to storing in your wallet

The best part is that with today’s deal you can own it for $29.99, down from its usual $60!


[ Get The LithiumCard Wallet Battery ]

FitApp Premium, A Running Tracker, Is Now Free (DotD)


There are lots of activity tracking apps, and the more full-featured ones normally charge you. FitApp Premium normally would cost $5, but with today’s deal, you’re looking at $0 instead!

FitApp Premium is a running app that doubles as an all-purpose physical activity tracker—and your digital secret weapon to getting in shape fast. With tons of awesome features, the app not only lets you time your average run speed, but also trace the total distance you’ve traveled throughout each day. There’s no question that FitApp Premium is just what you need to lose weight, build strength, and get into the best shape of your life.

– Track & optimize your runs, walks, and jogs
– Get an overview of your running speed, calories burned & other metrics
– Compare your numbers across different types of physical activity
– Use the built-in GPS to trace your runs & share them on Facebook
– Access useful metrics w/ a simple interface that delivers only the info you need
– Record your exercise routine in your diary
– Build muscle, burn fat & get stronger

Of course getting a fitness tracking app is just the first step to getting fit. Now you have to go out there and actually move your bum. But at least it won’t cost you a penny to get the app that’ll help you track your progress and motivate you.

[ Get The FitApp Premium ]

The SKEYE Mini Drone Shoots HD Video, Costs Just $65 (DotD)


You can get a cheap drone, and it’ll do all kinds of cool things like flips and hover and such. But when it’s cheap and it has a camera, it’s usually potato quality. Not so with the SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera, which shoots 720p video.

Explore the skies and take the footage to prove it with the SKEYE Mini Drone. From mastering smooth landings to pulling off impressive flips and rolls, you choose the adventure and the SKEYE Mini Drone will take you there. This perfectly-sized drone packs both a beginner and veteran pilot mode for a guaranteed good time no matter your experience.

– Embarks on night flights w/ included LED lights
– Flies w/ precision-controlled steering
– Performs flips, barrel rolls & aerobatic tricks
– Pulls off smooth maneuvers thanks to its high thrust & low weight
– Boasts outstanding stability w/ 6-axis stabilization
– Captures quality HD photos & video footage from high in the sky
– Features 4 coreless motors
– Includes beginner & advanced flight modes

Normally you’d have to pay $99 for something like this and you’d probably feel like you came out with a good deal. But at $65, it’s a steal.


[ Get The SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera ]

Deal Of The Day: 28% Off On REMXD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones


On-ear Bluetooth headphones for $36? Yes, it’s possible, and that’s exactly what our REMXD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones deal offers.

Tuck your smartphone or MP3 device away safely, and go about your business to the beat of your own playlist with 33 expansive feet of Bluetooth connectivity. These high-quality, well-designed headphones support hands-free calls and uninterrupted audio for up to 15 hours of straight playtime on one charge. Enjoy a wire-free, tangle-free, listening experience with the one and only REMXD On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones.

– Enjoy the 33-ft Bluetooth range capability
– Answer calls, adjust volume or switch songs w/ controls located on the headset
– Customize the fit w/ the adjustable headset
– Utilize the simple controls right on the headphones to easily change tracks & set your volume
– Get 15 hours of listening time or 160 hours of standby time on one charge

15 hours of listening time? $35.99, instead of the usual $50? What’s not to like?


[ Get The REMXD On_ear Bluetooth Headphones ]

Deal Of The Day: 63% Off On 1byone Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna


When broadcasters made the switch from analogue to a digital signal, every household in America ended up having to get a converter. Some of you may not have done so yet, so it might be a good idea to take a look at the 1byone Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna. Why? Because it’s cheap!

Thanks to the nationwide switch from analogue to digital TV, great-quality HD television can be accessed without committing to a lengthy cable or satellite contract. Connect up to 25 miles away from your closest broadcast tower and start watching news, weather, local stations, and more. A #1 Best Seller on Amazon, 1byone’s Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna has purchasers raving about the fantastic quality and unbeatable value.

– Place the antenna anywhere (high on the wall, flat on a table, etc.) w/ no power required
– Connect from up to 25 miles away from the closest tower
– Easily & quickly set up in three steps: unwrap, plug in, and scan channels
– Watch crystal clear digital & HD shows
– Never pay for TV again & avoid contracts
– Use even if your TV is far from a window thanks to the ultra-long included cable
– Receive free broadcast HDTV signals (such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS & Fox)

You might have an old CRT TV in your basement somewhere, and it hasn’t been turned on in ages. Well, for $12.99 instead of the regular $36, you’ll be able to watch some shows on it again!


[ Get The 1byone Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna

Deal Of The Day: 20% Off On PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane 2-Pack


Man, they didn’t have toys this cool when I was a kid! The PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane 2-Pack is a tiny remote controlled paper airplane that you fly with your smartphone.

Get ready for less folding and more flying. This is a paper airplane like you’ve never flown before: crash-resistant, ultra-responsive to quick maneuvers, and controlled right from your smartphone or tablet. Looking for a great gift or just something to liven up your weekends? Look no further than this extremely flexible, and extremely fun paper aircraft.

– Easily control from your phone or tablet by tilting it to the right or left
– Ascend & descend w/ the throttle lever
– Fly freely within an 180-foot range of your device
– Quickly maneuver around objects w/ its precision turning
– Enjoy extremely flexible flight control

You’re of course looking at a paper airplane so you might think it’ll cost peanuts: it doesn’t. There’s a good amount of tech, after all. But instead of the normal $100, you’ll have to pay $79.99 after today’s rebate. Yes, that’s still a good chunk of change, but just think about how cool of a gift this would make for someone. And don’t forget that at this price, you’re getting two planes.


[ Get The PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane 2-Pack ]

Deal Of The Day: 93% Off On Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle


The Raspberry Pi is a great little computing platform. The things you can do with it are practically limitless, and the cost is minimal. The only obstacle to creating stuff is knowing how to use it and program for it. Today’s deal, the Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle, will teach you how to do that in a series of courses normally valued at $625. Courses include:

Introduction to Raspberry Pi
Enter the World of Coding & Hardware with This Miniature Computer
Hardware Projects Using Raspberry Pi
Utilize Raspberry Pi as a Tool for Learning Physical Computing
Python Programming for Beginners
Conquer This Beginner-Friendly Programming Language
Real World Guide to Hardware Design
Get Expert Tips & Tricks for Designing Hardware with Ease
PiBot: Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Robot
Experiment with Raspberry Pi & Bring a Small, Mobile Robot to Life

eLearning is big business now, and thousands of people are taking advantage. Don’t pay full price! For $39 you’ll have access to the above courses, and with a bit of dedication and time, you’ll be coding with the best of them.

[ Get The Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle ]