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Wood Veneer Cover For Your PS4


Wood is the new black. Maybe. We’re not sure how cool wood is to be honest, but we can tell you we’re not hating on Balolo’s Wooden Cover for the Playstation 4. It’s made from a 0.7mm thin layer of actual wood, and you have the option of buying the cover and applying it yourself, or ordering a PS4 from the company with the cover already applied. You have a choice between walnut, bamboo, ‘zebra’, and cherry wood, and the cover only will set you back a hefty €149, or $205. Adding a PS4 along with that brings the price up to €599, or $826, which means there’s a roughly $200 bump for the cover’s installation. Maybe you can figure it out yourself?

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Go For Some Warmth And Get A Wooden iPhone Back

By David Ponce

The list of textures you can get for the back of your iPhone is just as long as the one of cases you can purchase for it. In that sea of choice, every now and then we come across something that stands out, and we think this is certainly the case with these Material 6 wooden backs. These have been around for a couple of years so don’t go knocking on us for the tardiness, but we’re still certain some of you might enjoy knowing about Swirly Walnut, or Lacewood or even Figueroa back covers that this company makes. Now, they are complete back cover replacements, not stick on, which might help explain the $90 to $100 prices.

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