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Tetris Cushions Feature The Entire Family, Even Straight Line

By David Ponce

It’s nice to see them all hanging out, bunched together as if there’s supposed to be no family feud. You know which feud we mean; the one where Straight Line shows up at the party so darn late that by the time he makes an appearance you already hate him. Judging by the above picture, you’d think he’s just another piece but if you purchase this set of cushions, you’ll be free to make things right. You can even set Straight Line on fire for having made you sweat so many times when playing the game! Although we don’t suggest you do, because the entire set of rather large (up to 2 ft. across and 6 inches deep) cotton/polyester cushions costs a hard to swallow $280. That works out to roughly $40 a piece and we can think of a couple better uses of a pair of Jacksons than fiery revenge.

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