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The Cupsy Sofa Drink Organizer Is Indispensable


So you can’t afford a fancy La-Z-Boy with a fancy drink holder next to the seat? Well that’s fine, son, it doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of the convenience afforded by those elitist La-Z-Boy-sittin’ oligarchs: get the Cupsy Sofa and Couch Beverage Organizer. The folding legs means it can solidly be wedged between two sofa cushions, giving you easy and immediate access two cup holders, a center container for a TV remote, a cell phone, or anything else, as well as two fold-down arms for wine cups. It’s lightweight, repositionable, and the legs are removable so you can use it in even more situations, like on floaters in the pool. That’s a lot of convenience for $30.


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The Airhook Adds A Cupholder To Your Airline Seat


“Stow your tray tables and set your seat in the upright position, please.” You’ve heard the words before, and if you were in the middle of doing something, like drinking your coffee or watching something on your tablet, it means the fun is over. But the Airhook lets give you a cup holder, and a tablet/smartphone holder, which you can easily attach to the back of the seat in front of you. Just like that, you’ll be able to carry on your activities as the plane takes off or lands. And even when it’s in the air, you’ll free up some legroom. It’ll cost you a $22 pledge to get yours, which should be delivered by December.


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You Can Never Have Too Many Cupholders, Especially On Your Umbrella


Morella is a cupholder for your umbrella. Before you laugh… ok, no, after you’re done laughing, you’ll want to notice that it’s not such a ridiculous idea after all. First off, the killer feature of Morella is that your liquids remain upright thanks to a special hinge, no matter what you do with the umbrella that the device is attached to. This means you can more or less walk around normally while carrying your drink and umbrella in one hand, while still having the other one free to take calls or do whatever. Sure, it looks silly, but if you think of the number of times when you’d actually enjoy having this (rainy music festivals, walking to work with a hot coffee in the morning, etc.), it actually looks to be worth the $16 pledge on their Kickstarter campaign.

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