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Oh, Sweet Wisdom: Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds

Fortune Cakes Cupcake Molds

Not that you need any, but here’s some extra motivation to get to the bottom of your cupcake: these Fortune Cakes cupcake molds that have a snippets of wisdom printed at the very bottom. They’re silicone molds, so you can spread the love and some wise words, again and again, whenever you get the itch to bake.

If you don’t make, then they’ll make an awesome present for someone who does–and hopefully, someone who’ll share those baked goodies with you.Continue Reading

Can You Stomach This? Maggot Cupcake with Mango-Flavored Pus


So this is a particularly disgusting cupcake that would be perfect for Halloween. I think few would have the stomach to actually eat it, given how it’s presented–but then, isn’t that the entire point?

It’s a plain-looking cupcake at first sight, since it’s topped with a simple flesh-colored fondant with not much extra decor. But when you spot the protruding, off-white thing in the middle and look at it more closely, the tweezers they handed you earlier suddenly makes sense and you find yourself pulling that little maggot out, unplugging a pus-filled hole in the process. Ewww!

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Muffin Top Molds Give Your Cupcakes Some Love Handles

Muffin Top Cupcake Molds

Tell a girl she makes some delicious muffin tops and she’ll probably give you a slap or two for good measure. Tell a guy the same and he’ll probably just look at you silly or punch you for being a smart-alecky jerk. Fact of the matter is, most people are prone to developing muffin tops if they don’t watch what they eat or exercise regularly. Some people decided to find some humor in this and gave the term a new, literal meaning: Muffin top cupcake molds.

The molds look like teeny tiny pairs of jeans. Essentially, all you have to do is pour some batter in and bake ’em. When you open your oven, you’ll be greeted by a batch of muffin top cupcakes with the yummiest love handles you’ll ever see or feel on an actual cake.

The Muffin Top Cupcake Molds come in sets of four and are available online for $12.99.

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It’s Rainbow-rrific: Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker Adds Magic to Every Cupcake

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

It’s interesting how just a little bit of color adds so much life to whatever dessert you’ve got, from ice cream and cupcakes to brownies and fudge. And what better way to add rainbow-colored sprinkles and life to your sweet treats than with an equally festive sprinkles shaker in the form of a unicorn?

Quirky salt and pepper shakers like the Switch and logic-defying Vortex shakers have had their share of the spotlight for years. It’s about time sprinkle shakers took center stage, starting with this one.

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