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The Holiday Spirit? Nope


We’ve entered that period called “The Holidays.” It stretches between the end of Halloween and December 26th… or maybe January 1st… but the Christmas-y stuff ends on the 26th. That means you have to prepare to hear the jingles everywhere you go, on every radio station, ever TV ad. It’s omnipresent and drives some people nuts. Why not express your discontent by co-opting everyone’s favorite grumpy feline’s image? Start your day right (or wrong) with a cup of joe, and a pretty clear statement about the commercialization of what some people still see as a religious occasion.

It’s $10.

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+4.5 Paper Cup is a Cup and Stirrer in One

Paper Cup with Stirrer

While there are an assortment of portable canteens and cups available that let you have a drink or sip your Joe on the go, none can provide you with the dual functionality of the +4.5 Paper Cup. At first glance, it looks just like a typical paper cup with a handle attached to it. But look closer and you’ll see that there’s more to that handle than meets the eye.

Aside from functioning as a handle, it also has a stiff tearable portion that functions as a stirrer. This way, you’ll be able to prepare drinks with the added convenience of having almost everything you need in one paper cup.

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Cookie Cup Lets You Drink Your Coffee–And Eat It Too

Cookie Cup

When stuff like burger wrappers become edible, you kind of get the feeling that more things are bound to follow suit. After all, who’d have thunk it? I’m still iffy over the whole edible wrapper thing though, although I am kind of curious.

Hot on its heels, though, are these edible cookie cups that aren’t that much unusual since they are just basically cookies. They’re still extremely creative and will probably be very appealing to coffee drinkers who love to chew on some cookies while they sip their joe.

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